The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep.9 – And Then There Was One

This is it folks!  It’s finale night!  As always I’m your host Chris Harrison and this is The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  It’s been a full season of tears, drama, tension and of course love.  We’ve shared in Gaston’s journey to find true love and tonight we will find out if it was successful.  Will it be everyone’s favorite redhead Ariel?  She and Gaston have had a connection right from the start but is that enough for her to win it all?  Or will the dark horse of the competition, Mulan take the prize.  She started off slow but certainly surprised us all, even Gaston.  Finally will it be Elsa our late comer.  She may have started later then everyone but she certainly outlasted most.  We will soon find out who Gaston’s perfect match is, but before that let’s take a quick look back at this great season.

A lot has happened this season and we thank you for being there with us for it all.  But that was all in the past, it’s time for us to find out if Gaston found love.  Tonight, after one girl is eliminated, Gaston will be in totally control!  I know, we’re scared too.  Once we are down to two girls, Gaston will be the one deciding who he potentially wants to spend the rest of his life with. That’s right there’s no final painting elimination challenge.  The girl who has the strongest connection with Gaston is the girl who owns his heart.  But we still have three girls, it’s time to make that number one less with our final painting elimination challenge.  By now you all know the drill and so do the girls so let’s get this started.

gaston 11

“All the overnight dates this week were, not to sound totally corny, but magical.  However one didn’t quite put a spell on me like the others.  If this elimination doesn’t go the way I’m hoping I may have to be breaking a few more rules and send a different girl home.”

We will find out soon if Gaston gets what he wants.  This competition is under way.


“I’ve never painted so quick in my entire life.  To think my whole future was riding on a few brushstrokes.”


“I’ve gone into almost all these elimination challenges pretty confident but this last one had me #@$&ing myself!”

elsa 6

“I’d be happy to never see another llama or daisy painting again.”

It looks like we have our last eliminated girl.  Unfortunately she’s quite familiar with being eliminated, with a repeat of last week the girl leaving right now is…


elsa 2

“Being eliminated once would have been bearable but twice in a row is humiliating.”

gaston 12

“I hate to admit it but this is exactly what I was hoping for.  I thought I was falling in love with Elsa but after all the overnights I realized what Elsa and I had wasn’t love.  That’s not to say I didn’t care about her and that this is easy.  Knowing that she’s leaving with a broken heart because of me kills me.”


“You know what the hardest part of this is, knowing that the guy I loved didn’t feel the same way back.  If Gaston had really loved me he would have fought for me.  I wouldn’t be walking out those doors right now.”

Unfortunately no one said this would be easy.  It’s hard to play this game and not get hurt.  With Elsa gone we finally had our final two.  The challenges were over, there would be no more dates.  All that was left was for Gaston to make a decision.  We decided it be best to sequester Gaston in his room until the big reveal.  This would give him the time and privacy he needed to make sure he made the right decision.  Surprisingly Gaston did not put up a fight.

gaston 7

“I needed that time to myself.  It really allowed me to process what was about to happen.  My life would never be the same once I opened those doors.  And for the first time I knew exactly who I wanted to be waiting for me on the other side.”

It had been a long day and the girls were exhausted.  Both knew what tomorrow was.  It was the day that one of their dreams would come true while the others would be crushed.  Despite knowing that each girl was able to get some beauty rest.  You have to look your best on the day you could potentially be proposed to.


“I don’t know how I could get any sleep that night.  Every time I closed my eyes I would see Gaston down on one knee.  Only he wasn’t proposing to me, he was proposing to Ariel.”

ariel 4

“Knowing that this would all be over tomorrow and that my life with Gaston could possibly start was all I thought about.  It’s how I was able to actually fall asleep.  I refused to let myself think of the other alternative.”

It was the day we’ve all been waiting for.  Someone was going to have their dream come true and someone was going to have their heart broken.  Gaston was up early.  He couldn’t wait to stand in front of the girl of his dreams and tell her she was the one.  However he knew that he also had to tell someone they weren’t the one.  The thought of hurting either girl tore him apart.  He may only truly love one of them, but he had been in love with both these girls.  He couldn’t stand the idea of breaking her heart.

gaston 18

“Maybe it would be better if I just never left this room.  If I never left I can’t hurt her.  I don’t want hurt her, she doesn’t deserve it.”

Ariel’s positive thinking was starting to wear off.  The other alternative she was refusing to consider was creeping in and she couldn’t help but think about it.

ariel 4

“I don’t know what I would do if Gaston didn’t pick me.  I honestly can’t…imagine…him…..I can’t breathe, I CAN’T BREATHE!!”

Mulan’s long night of bad dreams had left her pretty tired this morning.  She decided a giant bowl of the sugariest cereal she could find might help keep her awake.

mulan 4

“Maybe the luck in these Lucky Charms will rub off on me today…sorry that was incredibly corny…I didn’t have much sleep last night.”

It was almost time for Gaston to make his choice.  But in order for that to happen he needed to look his best. He spend the better part of an hour trying to figure out what looked the best.


“Many will be surprised to know all this doesn’t just happen overnight. I mean don’t get me wrong I could be dressed as a french maid and I’d still be the hottest guy in the room.  But I believe a man should look his best for his lady.  I know, I know, I look my best in everything.”

After trying on just about everything he had brought with him Gaston made his final decision.  Thank goodness he’s already made up his mind about the girls because based on how long that took we could have been here a whole other season waiting for his choice.


“I hope you guys turned off the fire sprinklers otherwise I’m gonna make it rain with all this hotness.”

The girls were also busy downstairs getting ready.  They were able to get ready in a more reasonable time frame.  Both girls were rocking their dresses.  At least whoever loses will look good.

mulan 4

“Of course I bought a dress with me that I hoped I’d get to wear at the end.  Honestly I thought I be wearing this to the reunion show never as the final two!”


“Green is kind of my color don’t you think?”

Everyone was dressed, there was nothing left to do but find out the answer to the question we’ve been asking all season…who will Gaston pick?  There was only one place we felt we could have this special moment.  It’s the place in the house we saw tears, and some kisses.  Where we had to say goodbye and where some got saved.  Of course we are talking about the gallery.  We removed the easels and dressed up the room to fit the occasion.  The candles were lit, Gaston’s suit was pressed and one rose was ready to be given out.


“This is it.  This is when my life changes.”

Our first girl was ready to meet her destiny.  If Mulan was nervous she hid it well.  The girl walked in with all the composure of the toughest solider.

mulan 6

“My heart stopped when I saw Gaston standing there.  I wanted to run to him, to be swept up in those strong arms.  I just knew in that moment he was going to choose me.  That he would get down on his knee and our happily ever after would begin.”

Gaston began to unload his feelings.  He told Mulan how much she surprised him.  He never expected to fall for her so hard, so fast.  She was a beautiful strong woman that any guy would be lucky to have.

Unfortunately he wouldn’t be that guy.

gaston 18

“I do love Mulan but not enough.  Not the way she deserves to be loved.  I really wish there was a way to do this that didn’t involve hurting Mulan.  Believe me that’s the last thing I want to do.”

It seems Mulan’s instincts weren’t correct.  You can almost see her heart breaking.  We said this wasn’t going to be easy for the girls, but we never thought it be so hard on us as well.

mulan 7

“……I thought…we were…..Why wasn’t I enough for him?  What else could I have done?”

gaston 2

“I’m sorry.  Please make sure she knows that.”

We gave Gaston a moment to compose himself.

The hard part was over now.  All Gaston had to worry about was Ariel turning him down.  Something tells us that won’t be a problem.

Ariel was a vision in green.  Gaston lit up the moment his eyes locked onto hers.  There stood the love of his life.  His heart started to beat faster with every step she took towards him.  Was it possible that she didn’t feel the same?  Gaston was about to find out.

gaston 4

“When I saw Ariel she took my breath away just like she had the first day here.  I guess deep down I’ve always known Ariel was the one.  I just needed this process to convince myself.”

Gaston started to tell Ariel everything he was feeling.  He told her how when he was with her nothing else mattered.  That he couldn’t imagine a world where they two of them weren’t together.  She had his heart.


“Am I dreaming, please say tell me this is real.  I was trying to keep it together.  I couldn’t react until I knew for sure that Gaston was choosing me.  Until he gave me that rose.”

Well it looks like you’re getting what you wished for Ariel.  Gaston had finally made his decision.  He pulled the rose from behind his back and asked Ariel an important question.

Would she accept this rose?


“Yes yes so much yes!!”

gaston 6

“So yeah I’m in love and she loves me back.  Sorry I can’t stop smiling.”

Smiling wasn’t the only thing Gaston couldn’t stop doing.  Now that Ariel was his he was never letting go.  She was the perfect fit for his arms and his lips.

Oh yeah there was one more matter we needed to attend to.  Actually it was more like a question.

gaston 13

“There was no doubt in my mind, once I chose Ariel I was going to make her my wife.  I would have been on my knee the moment she walked into the room if I could have.  The producers wanted more of a build up…oh was I not supposed to say that.”

ariel 7

“I’m going to be Mrs. Gaston…ugh…ummm.  I’m sure I’m just blanking because of all the excitement.  Of course I know his last name…just wait it will come to me.”

It looks like the beginning of a happily ever after.

gaston 2

“It looks like this whole thing works.  I guess I owe you guys a thank you, even though I did do all the work.”

It seems it did work Gaston, for you.  There are seven other girls who it didn’t work for.  That doesn’t mean they are crying their eyes out at home.  Let’s quickly check in with those girls and see how life after Gaston is for them.



After leaving the house Rapunzel went back to her tower.  She wanted to try and work things out with her mother.  That didn’t go to well.  Instead she wound up escaping her tower with the help of a handsome stranger named Flynn Rider.  When we asked about her and Jasmine she just said things didn’t work out but they were still friends.

01-30-16_11-18-01 PM


Rapunzel wasn’t the only one who met a handsome stranger when she got home.  Jasmine was out in the market and ran into what they call a street rat.  She didn’t catch his name but there was an instant connection.  Unfortunately her father is still trying to arrange her marriage.  In fact she had to cut our visit short because she was meeting one of those men…I think his name was Prince Ali something.

02-01-16_12-24-10 AM


She went home and took the longest nap she has ever taken.  She said this house wore her out. The dream she had of a mystery man in the forest had returned.  Only this time she decided to reenact her dream and take a walk in the forest in her kingdom.  Guess who she ran into…her mystery man.

01-30-16_9-37-14 PM


Tiana returned home to New Orleans and did what she does best, work.  Her best friend Lottie is keeping an eye on her though, making sure she doesn’t work too hard. There’s news of a prince rolling into town.  Lottie has her sights on the prince but hopes that maybe he’ll have a brother for Tiana.

01-31-16_10-59-05 PM


As we all know from the reunion show Snow was engaged and expecting her first baby.  We are happy to report that she is now married and had a beautiful baby girl.. She’s currently pregnant with her second child.

02-02-16_11-10-04 PM


Elsa returned to her kingdom in Arendelle.  She’s is currently planning her coronation as queen.  After some time to reflect on her time in the house she realized she enjoyed solitude.  She’s grown distant, even from her sister Anna.  Anna has been trying to get her to let it go.

02-02-16_8-41-06 PM


After having her heartbroken on national television Mulan returned home to China.  She decided to enlist in the Chinese army.  She was purely there to serve her country and bring honor to her family.  She never expected to fall for her commanding officer.  Needless to say her heart is beginning to heal.

The journey was long and bumpy but it was a hell of a trip.  We wish our happy couple all the best and hopefully we’ll get an invite to the wedding.


“I can’t wait to show off my hot fiance to my friends, especially my buddy Eric.  He’s away on some cruise ship, that guy loves the ocean.  He’s going to love Ariel.”

On second thought maybe we won’t hold our breath on that invite.  Hey Gaston if things don’t work out there’s always next season.

Thanks for taking the ride with us everyone.  We hope you had fun and don’t forget to join us in a few weeks for season 2!

13 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep.9 – And Then There Was One

  1. Well, it wasn’t Mulan. But Ariel was my second favourite! 😀 I have really loved this show, and it has been an amazing ride. I might not always understand what Gaston says, but I really have loved this story. Congratulations on completing it, it has been awesome, you deserve to be super proud. Thank you for inspiring me to do my ‘The Bachelorette Challenge,’ I have loved this story and will be counting down till Season 2 starts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Biggest congratulations to you!
    And to the happy couple, too. I was rooting for Mulan from the beginning, so I was a little sad, but Ariel seems to be a better match for Gaston.
    Also that last line about his friend Eric… how evil of you to suggest such things, haahaha!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congrats and good luck to Ariel…and Gaston. But Ariel especially. She may need it with him. lol

    I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming until after this last painting challenge. Maybe it’s because of the structure of the challenge or the way you told the story. But it had me guessing all the way through.

    Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so sad about Rapunzel and Jasmine, but I can see why you did it. I like that you set them all up for their films/your legacy, though 🙂 I hope it does work out between Gaston and Ariel, actually. He really does care for her!


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