The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep.8 – It’s Gettin Hot In Here

Welcome back to the Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  As you all know I’m your host Chris Harrison.  We have a busy night ahead of us folks.  We last left off with Ariel finally winning the solo date and farther cemented her relationship with Gaston.  Elsa joined the ladies in the basement but it was short lived as we found out that the competition for one girl to return was about to take place.  Gaston alerted both the final 2 and the eliminated girls that someone would get another chance at true love.

What girl will return and will she have enough time to win Gastons heart.  Now that the solo dates are over how will the girls get enough alone time with Gaston.  Get ready to find all this out plus much much more.

It was competition day, not a comp for a solo date, those days are over.  Today we would find which eliminated lady was coming back in the game.  We mentioned last time that Gaston would love the competition we picked for the girls to compete in.  The reason for that was because it was an idea he had had for a previous competition.  Gaston was about to get wet and wild with all five eliminated girls in a comp we like to call “It’s Gettin Hot In Here”.  The girls will have to sit in the hot tub with Gaston.  That’s it!  That’s all they have to do.  The girl who can stand the heat and listening to Gaston speak for the longest will be our winner.  They will join Ariel and Mulan for our final week in the house.  Time to get wet!

gaston 1

“So since I came up with competition does that mean I’m like a producer for the show?  I should probably get some sort of bonus or something, it’s only fair.”

elsa 1

“I normally shy away from all things hot.  I’ve always been a more cold weather type of girl, but for a chance with Gaston again I will soldier through.”


The competition was starting to heat up.  This may look like an easy comp but we had that water scorching.  Not to mention Gaston was going on and on about how he’s everyones favorite guy.  That everyone back home is awed and inspired by him.


gaston 2

“You know I’m not one to toot my own horn, I’m just that modest, but back home I’m what you may call a big deal.”

Gaston I don’t think anyone, anywhere has ever called you modest.  The comp continued on.  The girls were all holding in there.  Then like a domino effect they all started dropping.


snow 1

“I thought I wanted Gaston more then anything, but when I saw him again after all this time I realized he was never my prince. I mean what was I thinking, me and Gaston ha!”

jasmine 1

“Gaston or Rapunzel…hmmm that’s really not a hard decision now is it.”

What do they say about absence making the heart grow fonder, well I guess that isn’t always the case.  With most of the girls realizing Gaston wasn’t worth the time only one still felt a connection with him.  Our winner and the girl returning to the house was Elsa.

02-05-16_1-21-29 AM02-05-16_11-45-44 PM

elsa 2

“There was no doubt in my mind that I’d be winning that comp.  Let’s face it those girls never stood a chance.”

With the comp being over there was no reason to keep the girls locked in the basement.  That would just be cruel.  We may be saying goodbye to the girls right now but we will be seeing them very soon.  For now let’s let each lady have one more chance in the spotlight.

rapunzel 1

“I wasn’t in this game long but I’ve had the best time.  No way I’m letting my mother lock me up in that tower again.”

jasmine 2

“Will I miss being here?  No I’ve had enough female bonding to last a lifetime.  I will miss seeing Rapunzel everyday.  She sure was shining light in this whole place.”

briar 1

“I’m glad I did this.  Dating Gaston has shown me all the things I don’t want in a husband.  I almost feel sorry for the final three girls.”

snow 2

“Gaston could have been the love of my life.  I hope not.  I’d hate to think this was my one shot at true love.”

The last girl has left and we’ve locked the basement door one last time.  Now we really were going to be storing our excess camera equipment down there.  Elsa had reentered the house and the other remaining girls were making sure to lay stake to what was their’s.

02-05-16_11-46-05 PM

ariel 1

“Last week with Gaston was perfect.  I’m not letting the fact that Elsa is back ruin our momentum.  This train is going full speed ahead!”

02-05-16_11-49-43 PM

mulan 1

“We’re in the home stretch now and I’m not taking my eyes or lips off the prize.”

02-05-16_11-49-27 PM02-05-16_11-49-30 PM


“One minute I’m kissing Ariel then I turn around and there’s Mulan ready to jump my bones.  This is definitely a problem I’m happy having.”

Gaston was able to get some alone time with his self….no we don’t mean that kind of alone time, I don’t think we’d ever be able to recover from seeing that.  He apparently hadn’t gotten enough heat during the last competition.

02-05-16_11-50-44 PM

Gaston alone time wouldn’t last for long though.

02-05-16_11-51-02 PM02-05-16_11-51-26 PM

ariel 2.jpg

“I was hoping for a repeat from the other night.  The sauna is kind of a special place for Gaston and I.”

Unfortunately the other girls weren’t going to let Ariel get her wish.  No girl wanted another girl to get any time alone with Gaston.  There was a ton of cockblocking going on in the house.

02-05-16_11-53-39 PM02-05-16_11-54-13 PM02-05-16_11-54-53 PM

elsa 3

“Sorry sweetheart if anyone’s getting hot and sweaty with Gaston this last week, it’s me!”

The truth was someone was actually getting a ton of alone time with Gaston, that person was Gaston.

02-05-16_11-55-04 PM02-05-16_11-55-12 PM


“If this is what the rest of the week is going to be like it’s going to be a long week.  Can’t you guys do something to help a brother out?”

Why yes we can Gaston.  We had mentioned earlier that the solo comps were over for the season that doesn’t mean the solo dates were done.  This week each girl would be getting a solo date! But that’s not all, each date is an overnight one. Gaston and his date will have the choice to make their date last a little longer and stay the night.  We’ve chosen three locations we feel will create the perfect atmosphere for love.  Will Gaston get lucky?

First up is Ariel.  They will be spending the day, and maybe the night, at a beautiful seaside mansion on the northern coast of Windenburg.  With gorgeous beaches footsteps away will this couple sink or swim.  Within seconds of arriving these two were already all over each other, looks like they will float along perfectly.

02-06-16_12-37-11 AM

ariel 3

“I’ve missed the sea so much.  Now I have both that and Gaston, I’m the happiest girl around.”


“What the ocean, yeah yeah it’s pretty nice.  With Ariel around I barely noticed, nothing is as beautiful as that girl.”

After taking in the sights outdoors Gaston and Ariel decided to scope out inside.  However they once again got distracted by each other.

02-06-16_12-37-51 AM02-06-16_12-39-02 AM02-06-16_12-39-25 AM


“My goal was to make out with Ariel in every room for the next two days.  Well if I’m honest there was something else I wanted to do with Ariel in every room but this show isn’t rated R.”

02-06-16_12-39-53 AM


“Do you know if this house will be on the market in the next few months.  I should be engaged by then and probably looking for my dream house with my dream husband.”

There was one room left to discover….the bedroom.

02-06-16_12-40-25 AM02-06-16_12-40-50 AM

gaston 8

“That bed looked so inviting.  We’d be getting good use of that.  I have a few moves I can’t wait to show Ariel.”

Before the bed starts a knocking they decided to enjoy what else the house had to offer.

02-06-16_1-19-42 AM02-06-16_12-47-53 AM

ariel 2

“Not only did I get to spend an entire day with Gaston but I got to work on my tan and watch tv.  Oh god how much I’ve missed tv!  The amount of Real Housewives that will be on my DVR when I get home is going to be ridiculous.”

The day was turning into night.  It was time for Gaston to ask Ariel if she would like to extend this date and stay the night together.  Oddly enough he was nervous she would say no.  Any fool could see that would never happen but Gaston was terrified of rejection.  Could it be our bachelor is truly in love?

02-06-16_1-01-50 AM

gaston 18

“I know I’ve been pretty open with flirting and kissing all the ladies in the house.  But truth be told when it comes to real feelings I’ve been pretty guarded.  I may look like the strongest man in the world, I mean I am, but I’m more fragile then that tea pot and cup Belle used to love.”

Like we said Gaston had nothing to worry about, Ariel said yes.

02-06-16_1-01-51 AM02-06-16_1-01-52 AM

ariel 4

“Of course I’d spend the night with Gaston, again!”

Gaston was over joyed Ariel said yes to the overnight date.  He said it was time to put that bed to good use.  Once again Ariel said yes and the two of them spend the rest of the night locked in the bedroom.

02-06-16_1-05-05 AM02-06-16_1-05-19 AM02-06-16_1-05-41 AM


“A gentlemen never kisses and tells…good thing I’m no gentlemen.  That was f#@$ing amazing.”

After what seemed like hours the two finally drifted off to a blissful sleep.  That is until Ariel snuck out .  Where could you possibly going miss?

02-06-16_1-07-12 AM02-06-16_1-07-15 AM02-06-16_1-08-36 AM

ariel 6

“Like I said I really really missed tv.”

After a mini marathon of Walker Texas Ranger (it was late there wasn’t much on) Ariel crept back to bed and enjoyed sleeping in Gaston’s arms.  She couldn’t help but fantasize that this would be how she would fall asleep each night for the rest of her life.  She prayed that her fantasy would come true.

Morning came and to our surprise Gaston was up and making breakfast.  What ever happened to your feelings that the woman belonged in the kitchen Gaston?

02-06-16_1-14-34 AM02-06-16_1-16-23 AM02-06-16_1-17-26 AM

gaston 7

“I know I still have my dates with Mulan and Elsa but I don’t see how anything could top the time I had with Ariel.  I’m not afraid to say it I love this girl.”

The date was coming to a close.  Ariel suggested they take a quick swim.  She told Gaston he’d love the feel of the ocean on his skin.  However they never made it into the water.  Gaston much rathered the feel of Ariel on his skin anyways.

02-06-16_1-20-41 AM02-06-16_1-20-51 AM


“I can’t believe I was surrounded by the ocean and didn’t even dip my toe in the water.  Normally something like that would really upset me but I think my time was better spent dipping into Gaston.”

All things must come to an end.  Ariel and Gaston had to leave the bliss of the beach and return to the house.  When they arrived Elsa was waiting to get every detail of the date.  Both Mulan and Elsa were surprised that Ariel had gotten an overnight date and they were hoping there upcoming dates would end the same way.

02-06-16_1-24-12 AM02-06-16_1-24-14 AM


“Of course little miss tight lipped wouldn’t give me any details on her date.  She kept saying what happened between her and Gaston was between them.  Her not giving anything up makes me think she gave it all up on their date.”

Ariel had no problem sharing some details of her date with Mulan though.  Despite competing for the same guy, the two were actually good friends.  She did however leave out a few things she felt would only upset Mulan.  She figured if the tables were reversed, and they soon would be, she wouldn’t want to hear about Mulan and Gastons woohoo life.

02-07-16_12-15-18 AM02-07-16_12-14-58 AM02-07-16_12-15-34 AM

mulan 2

“Ariel was so lucky to get an overnight date with Gaston.  Will that be an option for me as well?  God you guys can’t give anything away can you.”

We let Gaston know that he’d be leaving for his next date soon and suggested he relax himself before then.  Many times this season Gaston has attempted yoga and many times he’s been unsuccessful.  However he figured this date would also end with them sleeping over and he wanted to make sure he was as flexible as possible.  He wanted to be ready for round 2.

02-07-16_12-18-44 AM

gaston 2

“I’ve been reading this great book on my down time.  It’s called the Karma something or other.  If doing yoga is going to let me be able to do number 34 and 52 then I’m living in that studio!”

Way too much information Gaston, please keep your reading list to yourself next time.

It was time to see if all of Gaston’s hard work would pay off, Mulan came to tell him it was time for their date.

02-07-16_12-18-48 AM02-07-16_12-19-11 AM

mulan 1

“I’m so excited for some one on one time with Gaston.  It’s been weeks since our solo date, I need my fix.  Hopefully the next time you see me won’t be until tomorrow morning.”

gaston 8

“Hmmm Mulan would be just right to try number 14 with!”

As I mentioned we tried to taylor each date to the lady going on it.  For Mulan we wanted to bring a little taste of home to her.  Mulan and Gaston will be staying at this Asian inspired dream home deep in the Chang Hi forest.  Both were so engrossed with each other to even notice.

02-06-16_1-58-47 AM02-06-16_1-59-18 AM

mulan 3

“The date was off to a great start.  At this rate Gaston for sure will be asking me for a sleepover.  I wonder if he brought his footie pajamas.”

Once they finally made it inside they took a second to check out the place.

02-06-16_1-59-41 AM02-06-16_1-59-58 AM

That didn’t last very long.  We’re sensing some deja vu.

02-06-16_2-00-02 AM


“It’s been a while since I’ve held Mulan in my arms.  I almost forgot how good she felt pressed up against me.  I’m pretty sure she could tell how excited I was.”

mulan 4

“I may have felt a little poke.”

They continued the tour.  Outside was a quaint little private yard with tall hedges.  This would come in handy later.  They then checked out the sleeping arrangements.  To both their delight there was only one bedroom.  Looks like they’ll have to share if Gaston decides to extend this date.

02-06-16_2-00-47 AM02-06-16_2-02-31 AM

gaston 9

“Only one bed huh, I guess I’ll have to suck it up and share with Mulan.  Man the sacrifices I have to make for this show.”

And of course they took a break to makeout a little bit.

02-06-16_2-03-17 AM

The tour or maybe all the sucking face made them hungry.  Gaston told Mulan to rest up, he’d handle lunch. Gaston was really starting to enjoy cooking for his ladies. Besides he knew they would be up to some strenuous activities later.  Mulan would need all her strength.

02-06-16_2-04-33 AM02-06-16_2-04-50 AM


“I know I was all the wife needs to cook earlier on.  But there’s something so gratifying cooking for your girl.  That doesn’t mean I don’t expect dinner on the table each night once I’m married. “

02-06-16_2-05-35 AM

mulan 6

“A man who can cook is so sexy.  What girl doesn’t want a man who know his way around the kitchen.  If we get married it’s so nice to know Gaston will handle the cooking!”

Dinner was over and the dishes were washed, courtesy of Mulan Gaston may cook now but there’s no way he’s doing dishes.  That’s womens work, his words not ours.  It was a mild night.  Mulan suggested they take advantage of the pool and take a swim.  Gaston loved that idea but improved upon it by suggesting they go for a swim with no clothes on.  See we told you those hedges would come in handy.

02-06-16_2-07-00 AM02-06-16_2-08-12 AM

mulan 5

“I finally got to see all of Gaston’s manhood!  It did not disappoint.”

gaston 10

“I had heard a rumor weeks back that Mulan disguised herself as a guy a few years back to help out her father.  Not sure what that was all about but I don’t see how that’s possible.  That body is definitely all female.”

Swimming naked has it’s advantages, however it also has a few negatives….were talking shrinkage.  Before Gaston’s manhood reverted back to before puberty he suggested they find something else to do that didn’t require clothes. Hmmm what can two adults do that doesn’t involve clothing?  My guess is it’s not playing Llama Jenga.

02-06-16_2-09-24 AM02-06-16_2-09-29 AM02-06-16_2-09-57 AM02-06-16_2-10-15 AM

mulan 7

“Holy #@$% that was fun!  I’ve never even heard of half the things Gaston wanted to try.”


“All I’ll say is number 13 was a huge success!”

Needless to say Gaston asked Mulan to stay the night with him.  The two of them spent the rest of the night trying out a few more of Gaston’s suggestions.

The morning came and Mulan was sad that her perfect evening with Gaston was over.  They definitely couldn’t do any of the things they did last night back at the house, those walls were paper thin.  Mulan was about to surprise Gaston with breakfast when Gaston had a surprise of his own.

02-06-16_2-13-09 AM02-06-16_2-13-12 AM02-06-16_2-15-24 AM

gaston 11

“Don’t tell me you’ve never made breakfast in the nude?  What!  You should try it, though I would suggest staying away from bacon.  I learned that the hard way.”

02-06-16_2-13-41 AM02-06-16_2-14-45 AM


“There was more meat in the kitchen that morning than a butcher shop. Not that I’m complaining one bit.”

After their breakfast, and once Gaston put on some clothes, it was time for them to get back to the house.  Once again Elsa was ready to grill Mulan about her date just like she had with Ariel.  Like Ariel, Mulan wasn’t saying a word.

02-06-16_12-09-26 AM02-06-16_12-09-12 AM


“My date with Gaston is none of Elsa’s business.  She doesn’t really care how it went.  She’s trying to validate her relationship with Gaston by trying to butt into mine. She can pout all she wants.”

02-07-16_1-02-23 AM

elsa 2

“I don’t get these girls.  I guess both of them had lame ass dates if they aren’t wanting to share anything.  You can bet after my date I’ll be shoving all the hot steamy details down their pretty little throats.  These girls do know we aren’t all going to walk off happily ever after with Gaston right?”

Mulan and Gaston’s date may have been over but that didn’t stop them from trying to recreate some parts.  This however was the PG version.

02-06-16_12-22-50 AM

gaston 12

“I said that after my date with Ariel it would be impossible to have as good as a time with the other girls.  After my date with Mulan the impossible happened.  I know this sounds crazy and I never thought it would happen to me, but I’m in love with two girls at the same time.  Who knows after my date with Elsa it may be three.”

Speaking of Elsa it was time for her date with Gaston.  Gaston dried off from his swim and went to find Elsa to tell her they’d be leaving shortly.

02-07-16_12-21-55 AM


“Finally for once I’ll know all the details of one of Gaston’s dates.  Time to show these girls how to get it done.”

 No one would be surprised to learn that Elsa likes the cold. I mean we have kind of drilled that point pretty hard this season.  So it would only make sense for her date with Gaston to take place at a picturesque snowy cabin. Luckily there was still snow in the Carek Mountain range.  The temperature outside may be freezing but I’m sure this date will be hot hot hot.

Unlike the starts of his other dates, Gaston actually took the time to enjoy the scenery rather then enjoying Elsa.

02-07-16_12-26-11 AM02-07-16_12-25-46 AM

gaston 15

“I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had longer time with the other girls or the fact that I’ve already said good bye to Elsa but I wasn’t feeling as connected as I was on the previous dates.  The date can only go up from here right.”

The two took a tour of the house.  It really was the most romantic setting, mood lighting, burning fire and a couch perfect for snuggling.

02-07-16_12-27-15 AM02-07-16_12-27-20 AM


“Homes like this are all you see in Arendell.  Being here reminds me how much I miss home and my family.  Especially my sister Anna.”

It seems Gaston’s concerns at the start of the date had little merit.  The moment he stepped inside and saw Elsa glow in the soft light, all his feelings for her returned.  He remembered a time when she was all he thought about.  The spark was back and it was burning brightly.

02-07-16_12-27-36 AM02-07-16_12-40-44 AM02-07-16_12-40-23 AM


“How stupid I was to think I no longer cared for this girl.  Not only is she knock out gorgeous but she’s got this confidence that drives me wild.  She’s everything I ever envisioned my future wife would be.”

Elsa wasn’t about to waste any moment alone with Gaston.  She suggested they continue the tour and check out the sleeping arrangements.  She was very tired and was hoping her and Gaston could go to bed now.  Who cared if it was still daylight.

02-07-16_12-28-51 AM02-07-16_12-29-16 AM02-07-16_12-46-16 AM

elsa 4

“I had no intention of waiting to be with Gaston.  I would have gladly popped his cherry back at the house anytime he wanted.  It may not be proper of me but I love to woohoo.  I needed to make sure Gaston knew just exactly what he’d be getting if he married me.”

gaston 13

“Woohooing with Elsa was the opposite of frigid.  That girl is so hot I thought I had third degree burns you know where.”

Since they had gotten the woohoo out of the way it was time for the rest of the date to take place.  They figured it was too nice out not to spend some time outdoors.  The two acted like a bunch of teenagers, giggling and flirting and of course making out.

02-07-16_12-37-02 AM02-07-16_12-43-31 AM02-07-16_12-44-23 AM

gaston 14

“Elsa makes me feel like I’m 18 again.  God I was a horny little bastard then…who am I kidding I’m still a horny bastard.”

It was getting late and Elsa was getting a little worried that Gaston still hadn’t invited her to spend the night.  Gaston was about take care of that.  He lit a fire and snuggled really close and asked Elsa if she’d stay over.  He opted not to use the word sleep because he wasn’t planning on getting much sleep done.

02-07-16_12-31-55 AM02-07-16_12-31-41 AM

elsa 5

“I know it was silly, me thinking Gaston wouldn’t want me to stay the night, but this game gets to your head.  Yawnn…of course there…yawn…won’t be any sleeping tonight…yawn.”

Two minutes later Elsa was out cold.

02-07-16_12-33-58 AM02-07-16_12-48-51 AM

gaston 9

“Yeah I was pretty bummed Elsa fell asleep.  I wore the poor thing out earlier, it’s not the first time.  This one time this girl fell asleep right in the middle of it.  Anyways I was able to catch the highlights from the Shrieking Llamas game so it was all good.”

The next morning Gaston was at it again.  He was making breakfast for the third time this week.  He better be careful or these girls will get the wrong idea about what it’s like to be married to Gaston.

02-07-16_12-51-19 AM

gaston 16

“It’s only fair that I made Elsa breakfast.  Knowing these girls they would each throw a fit if they found I didn’t cook for them.  I was covering all my bases.”

However they never made it to breakfast.  Elsa felt bad for falling asleep on Gaston last night.  She wanted to make sure they used the remaining time on their date wisely.

02-07-16_12-51-25 AM


“Thank god I fell asleep before, imagine I fell asleep during woohoo.  Nothing is more embarrassing then someone falling asleep during it.”

When Gaston and Elsa returned from their date, Elsa couldn’t wait to explain each part of her date to the other girls.  She was planning on being as detailed as possible.  Much to her disappointment the girls had no interest in listening.

02-07-16_12-58-45 AM02-07-16_12-58-57 AM

elsa 6

“I am so happy this is the last week because if I had to spend another second with these girls I think I would shot myself.”

I bet you thought you’d find out who would be eliminated and who our final two is.  Sorry we are saving that for our finale in two weeks, where we will also learn who has won Gaston’s heart!  But don’t worry we aren’t leaving you a whole two weeks without any new Bachelor footage.  Join us next week as we reunite all the eliminated girls in a special episode, The Women Tell All.  We will revisit some of the greatest moments from this season and the girls will get a chance to get answers from the bachelor himself.  Trust me you’re not going to want to miss this!

8 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep.8 – It’s Gettin Hot In Here

      1. Hahaha, it’s actually airing season 8 at the moment. I admit, that’s the one reality TV show that remains my guilty pleasure, heh. (Cause drag queens, I mean, really). I even have a short story that is partially autobiographical about a girl overcoming body issues from seeing a large-bodied but all too fierce Queen on that show. (Thank you RuPaul’s Drag Race, for showing that big gurls can be beautiful too, even if they are men dressed as ladies. You are awesome.) But there is always this excrutiating teaser episode the week before the big grand finale where you find out the winner, but it is filled with a lot of behind the scenes stuff, so it’s still a lot of fun and I really enjoy it!


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