The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep.7 – Who’s Got Wood

Welcome back to the Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  As always I’m your host Chris Harrison.  Gaston’s search for love continues tonight.  Last week we saw the ladies sacrifice their waistlines to try and win a solo date in the Brain Freeze comp.  Our newest lady, who’s no stranger to the cold, won.  Her and Gaston enjoyed a swim, both on their date and when they returned home.  It’s safe to bet Gaston preferred the ladder.  The remaining girls did their best to win Gaston over on the group date.  And in a shocking conclusion to the painting challenge, once front runner, Snow was eliminated.

 Will Snow ever recover from her broken heart, will Ariel win the last solo date of the season and when will the ladies in the basement get their chance to reenter the game?  Find out all of this and more now.

Snow was distraught when she found out she had been eliminated.  Even more so when she realized Gaston didn’t save her.  The bad news just kept coming for Snow, we broke the news to her that she would not be going home but would have to join the other eliminated girls in the basement.



“Not only did I realize Gaston didn’t love me back but then you tell me I can’t go home to wallow and eat a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  To top it all off Jasmine was grinning ear to ear when she saw I had been eliminated.  I don’t know why she hated me so much?”


“I wouldn’t say I hate Snow, hate is a harsh word.  Now do I strongly dislike her…for sure!  I just don’t dig the damsel in distress, come save me type of princess.  They give all us princesses a bad rep.”

The days were winding down.  The number of ladies kept getting smaller and Gaston was starting to realize he’d have to make a huge life changing decision soon.  But before that he needed to have some fun.  He’d been eyeing the high dive since he moved in the house.  Today he was going to tackle it.



“Did you see that form…and the height I got.  Wow I’m amazing!”

Ariel was also contemplating the next few weeks.  After this week there would only be two girls left.  She would spend every last minute in the art gallery making sure she was one of those two.



“There is no way you will see my painting on the wall of losers.  I’m going to eat, sleep and breath paint if it means I’m in the final two.”

After Gaston conquered the high dive up next was some alone time with Elsa.  Since their late night swim Gaston had been dying to see all of Elsa’s best features up close.  He figured how hard would it be to get her to drop her towel in the sauna.


The only problem with that was it’s hard to get in the mood when your sitting in a hot steamy room that smells like old gym socks.  The sauna was disgusting.  It hadn’t been cleaned since the day we surprised the house with it.  Mulan was right these girls were pigs.



“I’m looking for love here people, I can’t be bothered to do housework.  I’m starting to rethink these girls wife potential.  First they don’t cook and now they don’t clean.  A few years back I dated this girl who used to love to do all that stuff….what was her name again…Kathy?? Candy???  Cindy, that’s it!  Maybe we should look her up, she could teach these girls a thing or two.”

After striking out with Elsa and about an hour of scrubbing Gaston went to look for the other ladies of the house.  Then he realized he shouldn’t be looking for them, they should be coming to him.  He planted himself at the outdoor table and waited for the girls to do a little work.  He waited and waited and waited. Finally Gaston got exactly what he wanted, both Mulan and Ariel were looking for him.



“Do you know why Gaston was just sitting outside by himself for so long?  At first I thought he was having lunch but then I noticed no food.  He’s just been sitting there all day, and it looked like he was arguing with himself.”



“Don’t say I said anything but Gaston could really use a shower.  He reeks of old gym socks.  Maybe that’s why he was out here so long.  He was airing himself out.”

After chatting up Mulan and Ariel, Gaston decided it was time for round 2 with Elsa.  He found her shaking her groove thang in the living room.  His plan was to move and shake it all the way up to his bedroom with her.



“Wait you mean Gaston was trying to seduce me with those moves…I thought he was trying to make me laugh.”


“I don’t know what is going on today, maybe Snow put some kind of voodoo curse on me, but I just don’t have it today.  Hey even the greats have an off day.  You think Babe Ruth hit if out of the park every night or Peyton Manning threw only touchdowns!!”

I’m not too sure I’d put you in the same league as those guys Gaston.  You’re more a Pete Rose or Tim Tebow.  Anyway it was time for the solo comp so you can take a break from the game and let the girls do the work.  Next week we have something special in store for the girls and Gaston so this would be the last solo competition for the season.  The girls will be competing in a comp we like to call Who’s Got Wood.  The ladies will need to really be able to work with there hands for this one. Each girl will be looking to impress Gaston with her handy work…making a wood horse sculpture, where did you think we were going with this?  The girl who finishes her horse first wins.  If there was any solo date the girls wanted to win it would be this one.  This will be the last impression Gaston will have before going into the final weeks.  Since Elsa won last week it’s only Mulan and Ariel competing in this one.  It looks like the girls are ready.


Those blocks of wood the girls were working on wasn’t the only wood in the room.  Gaston excused himself midway through the comp to take care of his own.


“There’s nothing hotter then a girl who knows how to handle wood.”



“I’ve come close in every other comp, this time I was going to win this.  Even if I had no idea what some of these tools were let alone what they did.”



“Yes I’ve already had a solo date with Gaston but that didn’t mean I didn’t want this one.  Plus I didn’t want to ruin Ariel’s streak of coming in second.”

The girls chopped and sawed for what seems like days.  But eventually we had a winner.






Yes you did Ariel, it only took you six tries.  Her second place streak has ended.

Gaston was finished with his uhhh project and came in to see who the winner was.  He tried to conceal his excitement, but honestly he’d been waiting for a chance to take out Ariel since day one.  Elsa also came in to congratulate the winner, though it’s just didn’t seem sincere.



“I didn’t think it was really fair that I didn’t get to compete this week.  I know that I won last week but seeing that this was the last solo date I think I should have had a chance.”

We’re sorry you feel that way Elsa but rules are rules and maybe if you had been here from the beginning you would have had a better understanding of them.

While Mulan and Elsa stayed home and swept up all the wood shavings, Gaston and Ariel went on their date.  For this weeks date our couple will need their dance shoes.  We were able to get their name on the list for one of Windenburg’s hottest, most exclusive night clubs, The Atlantic.  It is said to be the club of choice for some of the biggest stars including Brad and Angelina and Ben and Jennifer (you know before the whole divorce thing).  Will our Gaston and Ariel be seeing stars or are they in for a dimly lite night.  Let’s see how the date went.



“Ariel looked fine!  That dress fit her like a glove, a glove I couldn’t wait to get off.”


“Sparks were flying from the start.  I still can’t believe I had to wait this long for a solo date with him.  But you know what is was totally worth the wait.”

They wasted little time getting to what they both had on their minds since Ariel won the comp.  Ever since Gaston had kissed her when she was eliminated, Ariel had been longing for those lips on hers again.



“Gaston is an amazing kisser.  He’s lips are so soft and strong.  I didn’t want my lips to ever be apart from his, but I did need to come up for air.”

When they both came up for air they decided to check out the actual club and not just the lobby.  They did some dancing and some more kissing.



“I was having a great time.  How could I not with a girl like Ariel.”



“I never wanted the night to end.  I felt like a princess, well I mean I’m already a princess but you know what I mean.”

The night was almost over but Gaston had one more thing he wanted to do.  He’d had a great time drinking and dancing and especially kissing Ariel, but now he wanted to just talk to her.  I know this guy is full of surprises.  Lucky for them there was a cozy spot in the corner where it would be just the two of them and our camera crew of course.



“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love this girl.  This would be so easy if there weren’t two other girls I was falling in love with back home.”

Needless to say they did more then just talk.


The date was over and our couple had to detach their lips and head home.   Gaston was still all worked up after his date.  He decided a nice steam would help curb his urges.  Gaston had an amazing night.  Quite possibly the best one he’d had since he arrived at this house.  Little did he know the night was about to get even better.



“I told myself I’d control myself in this house, I even went as far as locking my bedroom door each night.  I could have easily had my way with each and every girl in this house on the first night.  But I really wanted to take this seriously, I wanted to change and try things differently this time.  However when Ariel walked in in that skimpy little towel I knew my door would be unlocked tonight.  For the first time in a few weeks, I wouldn’t be sleeping alone.”


I’ll admit Gaston held out a lot longer then any of us thought.  I wonder if the other girls will find out just how well Ariel’s date went and if they do how will they react.

Coincidentally downstairs Snow and Biar Rose were talking about the thing that Gaston and Ariel were in the act of doing.



“I don’t think Gaston has slept with anyone since he’s been in the house.  I mean he wanted to with me but we all know what happened there.  He’s too much of a gentleman to have done it with anyone while dating the rest of us.”



“100% Gaston has done the nasty with the half the girls here.  Jasmine for sure and probably Elsa.  Hell I wouldn’t put it past Snow to lie about doing it with him and trying to act all pure to save face.”

It was the next day and Mulan was grilling Ariel about her date with Gaston.  She hadn’t heard them come in so she knew it was a late night.  Only she didn’t realize Ariel was indeed home just not in her own bed.



“Ariel was being so tight lipped about her date.  It got me really nervous.  What was she hiding?  You don’t think….no they couldn’t have.”

Normally the girls would be getting ready for the group date.  We decided to change things up and instead of a group date we were doing an elimination competition.  Yeah the girls were less then pleased.


“What…first I can’t compete in the solo date and then no group date…this is bull@#$!”


“I need time to prepare for the elimination competitions.  I’m not ready….I can’t do this!”

We’re sorry girls but you know our motto expect the unexpected…oh what that’s Big Brothers motto.  Anyways we make the rules so deal with it!  It was time for the painting elimination comp.  Each week the girls compete to see who will join the other girls sequestered in the basement.  Each girl must paint a painting.  The girl who is the last to complete their painting loses and is eliminated.  Since Ariel won the solo date she has immunity and does not need to compete.  By now they should all know the drill so it’s time to get started.  Ladies, begin!




“I know this week seems to have been all about me and Ariel, but there are two other girls still in it that I’m falling for.  To have to say goodbye to either Elsa or Mulan is going to break my heart.  Let’s just get this over with.”

As you wish Gaston.  The girls are done.  One will stay and one will go.  The girls leaving us today is….




“Mother#@$&#! I’m in the final two.  I can win this whole thing.”

With a heavy heart Gaston said his good byes to Elsa.  He knew if things had worked out differently he would have gotten down on one knee and proposed to this woman.



“I didn’t think this would hurt so much.  I guess I’ve gotten so good at ignoring my heart I never realized I was actually in love with Gaston.  Daddy was right conceal don’t feel.”

Elsa was instantly sent to the basement to join the other eliminated girls.



“You can’t seriously expect me to believe you’re keeping all us around for no reason.  Please just tell me is there a chance me and Gaston aren’t over?”

Normally at this point we’d be saying our last good byes to our eliminated lady and getting a glimpse into what will be happening next week.  Well we have a little surprise for everyone we have more Bachelor to show you this week.  This episode isn’t over yet!

After the emotional rollercoaster of the last comp we gave Gaston and the final two girls the night off.  We packed up our cameras and let them have one normal night.  But this is a game and we need to get back to it.  The following morning the mood in the house was strange.  On one hand Gaston was still upset about letting Elsa go, on the other hand he was excited that his search for his wife was almost over.  He was ready to get back to his old life with his future bride.



“Elsa leaving hit me hard.  But I know in my heart the two girls left are the right ones.  I just didn’t think it was possible to be in love with two girls at the same time.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve dated two girls at the same time that’s easy.  In fact this one time I dated triplets all at the same time.  They were a bunch of bimbettes though.”

Speaking of the girls left there was only one that Gaston had gotten to know as well as you could get to know someone.  He was planning on getting to know her again and again.



“I’m so mortified daddy is going to have to watch this.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t kill Gaston after seeing what we did.  He’s the over protective type.”

Then there was Mulan.  Yes her and Gaston hadn’t taken their relationship as far as Gastons and Ariel had but that didn’t mean they didn’t have a strong connection.



“Choosing between Mulan and Ariel seems impossible.  First there’s Mulan, strong, sexy, a girl you can truly be yourself with.  I’m surprised at my feelings for Mulan.  I honestly never pictured us together, but now I can’t picture her not in my life.

Then there’s Ariel.  We’ve had chemistry from the very start.  I thought for sure the burning in my heart for her would fade as the weeks went by, but it only grew.  She’s the total package and I’d be crazy to let her go.”

Ariel and Mulan couldn’t believe that there were only two of them left.  It seemed like forever ago they were all standing outside the front of this house waiting to find love.  Now both girls had found love, only problem was only one would keep it.



“I came into this house with a take no prisoners mentality.  And while that’s how I’ve played this game it doesn’t mean I didn’t make friends along the way.  Ariel is a friend.  I don’t know if that’s going to make it easier or harder that way.”

Now remember what we told you the first week after Rapunzel got eliminated?  We said that the girls banished to the basement weren’t out of this game just yet.  What everyone in this house, including Gaston doesn’t know is that one of the five girls who has been living just below is going to have their chance to get back in this game.  We no longer will have a final two, there will be three ladies running towards the finish line.



“Why are we still here???”

Before we can fill you and the rest of the girls in Rapunzel we have to share the news with Gaston.  We found him breaking a sweat in the gym.



“What!! One of the girls is coming back….you serious!  Wait did you say they’ve been living in the basement, is that even legal?”

Yes it’s legal!  It’s a pretty nice basement.  After we told Gaston the news we informed him that he would be the one breaking the news to our final two.



“I was right I knew you weren’t keeping camera equipment down there!  Oh yeah it completely sucks that a girl is coming back in the house, or back upstairs since technically they never left the house.”

After Gaston told Ariel and Mulan it was time for him to go tell the girls downstairs the good news.  Plus he wanted to see for himself this “nice basement” they had been staying in.



“It was surreal seeing all the girls again.  I’m not going to lie some old feelings started to stir up.  I forgot how hot Jasmine was.  I wouldn’t mind a little quickie with her before I choose my wife.  By the way why do I not have a tv or a computer….I’m the bachelor!”


“I get a second chance with Gaston!  This is fate.  Did you see how Gaston looked at me when he walked in the room.  He’s still obviously in love with me.”


“I’d love to see daylight but I’m not sure I’m ready to leave Rapunzel.  We have something good going on down here.  I’m not sure it will be the same in the real world.”

What girl will re-enter the game and will they stand a chance of winning Gaston’s heart?  Will Rapunzel and Jasmine be split up? And see how made for Gaston the upcoming competition to get back in the house is all on the next episode of the Bachelor: Disney Princes Edition.

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