Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 14)

12-28-15_12-04-32 AM

Tiana made sure to sit down with Foster to let him know what she thought of his redecorating.  Foster’s new friends were not a good influence on him, he was starting to have a real bad attitude.

12-28-15_12-01-56 AM

“So my mom’s all like ‘honey maybe you should try something else with you room, I don’t think the new look is working’ and I’m like mom you can shut it.  I’m a man and I’ll decorate how I want, now make me a sandwich.”

12-28-15_12-02-09 AM

I don’t think Max was buying this story.  Which is just what it is, it didn’t go like that at all.

12-28-15_12-07-35 AM

Cruz and Nola were going strong.  Tiana often found herself spying on them and remembering the days when she and Naveen were that in love.

12-28-15_12-13-14 AM

“Baby you hang on to that one!  He looks at you the way your daddy use to look at me.”

12-28-15_12-14-42 AM

Nola didn’t spend all her time with Cruz though.  Aunt Joelle had moved back to town and had invited Nola out for some drinks.  It was ladies night at the bar a few towns over.

12-28-15_12-17-42 AM

But the time she wasn’t with Cruz all she did was think about how much she missed him.

12-28-15_12-17-45 AM

Nola took a brief break from staring at her phone, hoping Cruz would call.  When she looked up she couldn’t believe who she saw at the end of the bar.  Was it possible, was that Thomas??

12-28-15_12-18-15 AM

It was Thomas!  What was he doing back?  Wasn’t he supposed to be in the Sims National Guard?  Did Tess know he was back, how would she react?

12-28-15_12-19-55 AM

Nola planned on finding out about all of this, but first she really needed to use the bathroom.

12-28-15_12-20-53 AM

But when she got back to the bar Thomas was gone.

12-28-15_12-35-36 AM

Tiana spent a lot of time talking to Naveen.  She filled him in on all that was going on with the kids.

12-28-15_12-35-43 AM

“Tess is so unhappy.  I don’t think her and John will make it, I know, I know you were right.  There’s no need to gloat.”

12-28-15_12-37-37 AM

“Foster is becoming such a brat.  I don’t know how to handle this new attitude.  Oh no he quite liking Larry Motter weeks ago.  It’s all leather jackets and ugly spray painted faces now.

12-28-15_12-37-43 AM

“I never see Nola.  She’s too bust with Cruz to bother with her old mom.  They remind me so much of us, despite the whole being related thing….oh stop it you’re horrible ha!”

12-28-15_12-39-03 AM

Tiana enjoyed her little chats with Naveen.  It helped get her through the days especially the days she missed him the most, like birthdays.  It was Nola’s birthday and it was the first time they’d all be celebrating without him.

12-28-15_12-42-01 AM

Tess came over to celebrate Nola’s day.  She tried to not let it show how miserable she was and how awful things were with her and John.  Of course John hadn’t come.  He never came over to the house anymore.

12-28-15_12-42-37 AM

Nola couldn’t keep seeing Thomas a secret.  She told Tess hoping it would cheer her up a little.

12-28-15_12-42-56 AM

Hearing that Thomas was back only made Tess feel worse.  She started to think of what her life would have been had she chosen Thomas.  Would she be happy, had she made a huge mistake all those years ago?

12-28-15_12-44-08 AM

Finally it was time to blow out the candles.  Nola was finally a young adult.  This meant it was time for her to start thinking about her future.

12-28-15_12-45-29 AM

There was no doubt in her mind that Cruz would be a huge part of it.

12-28-15_12-45-53 AM

Tess wanted to be happy for her sister but all she could feel was jealousy.  That used to be her and John, what had gone so wrong.

12-28-15_12-47-31 AM

Tiana couldn’t help but notice how down Tess was.  She suggested they go talk.  Tiana knew the perfect spot.

12-28-15_12-48-47 AM

“Did you know this was the spot that you great grandfather Florian proposed to your great grandmother Snow? It’s also where your grandfather as for their blessing to marry your grandmother. I always felt that this place was magical.”

12-28-15_12-49-16 AM

Tess didn’t understand why her mother would take her here.  She thought she was trying to make her feel better not worse.  All these stories of great loves were just reminding her what a failure her love was.

12-28-15_12-50-23 AM

“I brought you here to show you true love does exists and even though it seems like you’ve lost that now you will have it.  I know you will.  I’m sorry about how things are going with you and John.  Believe me if I could have spared you all this pain I would have in a heartbeat.  I wanted to stay out of it because you need to make this decision on your own.  Just know that I’m here and this will always be your home if you need it.”

12-28-15_12-51-52 AM

For the first time in a long while Tess smiled.  She knew that everything her mother said was true.

12-28-15_12-51-20 AM This place was magical.

12-28-15_12-52-13 AM

She had also made her decision and she was on her way home to tell John.

Is this the end for Tess and John find out next time!

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