The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep. 2 – Trim that Tree

Welcome back to The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  Once again I’m your host Chris Harrison.  Last time we got to see where our bachelor and his lovely ladies would be living, we met the girls who are looking for love and we were introduced to the man they all hope will be the one.

So it’s time for the games to begin!


Our bachelor wasted no time meeting the ladies.  And our ladies wasted no time showing off their best moves.


“Well done casting directors you were able to find 7 women who almost rival my own beauty.  I know I make it near impossible, I mean look at me.

Who are my favorites…well that wouldn’t be much fun me telling you now would it.  I will say this I’ve always had a thing for redheads!”



It seems you do have a thing for redheads.  Gaston made a beeline for Ariel the moment he entered the house.  Now Gaston don’t forget to show the other girls some of that brutish charm.  You don’t want to start any drama this early on or maybe you do.


Too late for that. Are those eyes turning a bit green with jealousy Snow.


“Really going for the redhead right of the bat how original Gaston.  Newsflash it’s totally colored, you can see her roots from space.  I’m not worried though.  If Gaston has a thing for all things red he should check out these lips…100% all natural!”


Not all the girls felt it necessary to cozy up to Gaston right away.  They decided to check out the house and all it had to offer.

It was getting around dinner time and Ariel thought it would be a good time to try and impress Gaston with her grilling skills.  Just as long as she didn’t have to grill any fish.


Her skills must have been a bit rusty.  This was not the type of hot Gaston was looking for.  But to be honest Gaston loved ever bit of it.  It give him the chance to play hero.


“FIRE….I set myself on FIRE the first night!  Way to go Ariel.  Nothing’s sexier then the brunt toast look.  I was mortified!”


With Ariel sporting the dirty ashes look Gaston took the opportunity to check out the other ladies in the house.


“I’m not going lie there isn’t a girl here I wouldn’t take back to my place to show them my antler collection if you get what I’m saying.”



“What? I love grilled cheese.  When you’re locked in a tower with a mother who only brings back berries and roots for food you learn to appreciate the finer delicacies the world has to offer.  I heard there’s this thing called ice cream that I’m dying to try!  Briar Rose told me you can eat as much of it as you want and you won’t get fat.  How sweet is she!”


The first day was done and our ladies and bachelor were exhausted.  Mingling with your potential significant other really wears a person out.  Plus tomorrow is the competition for the first solo date.  That’s huge and all the girls know it.


It’s competition day!  Not knowing what they will be doing a few of the girls decide a little yoga might help better prepare themselves.  Silly girls the yoga competition isn’t for a few weeks.



“You caught me checking out Gaston’s ass?  Well do you blame me?  It is pretty nice to look at.”

Each week the girls will compete for a chance at a solo date with Gaston.  The competitions will test the girls skills but most importantly will show how much they are willing to fight for love.  They will be different each week in order to keep the girls on their feet and never know whats coming.


It’s finally time for our first competition of the season.  This first comp is titled Trim the Bush. The girl who can trim her bonsai tree the fastest will win the first solo date with Gaston.  Everyone is all set so let’s get this competition started!



“To be honest I don’t even want to win this comp.  Gaston’s ex, Belle, is a good friend of mine.  I’ve heard all the stories and I can’t say I’m a fan.  When I saw that Gaston was the bachelor I almost packed my bags and left.  But then I saw the house and I figured I can flirt a little to get a nice vacation.”


The competition was close.  These girls were giving it their all.  Who will win the solo date?


We have a winner.  Jasmine will be going on the first solo date with Gaston.  Better go get ready, you guys are leaving shortly.

jasmine 2

“Oh come on ladies, really, I was going slower than a camel on the hottest day in the desert.  How do I still beat all of you?!  Ugh this is going to be a long night.”


So where are Gaston and Jasmine going on this solo date.  Somewhere they can relax and be pampered, somewhere where Gaston can be treated the way he feels he deserves to be.  The only place that fits this description is The Windergarden Spa, Windenburg’s premiere spa.

The date got off to a rocky start.  It was clear to Gaston that Jasmine did not want to be here.  He hoped that she just wasn’t into hot stone massages and it wasn’t him she wasn’t into.  Time to bring in the big guns Gaston and change Jasmines mind.  And by big guns we mean those massive arms you’re so proud of.

gaston 3

“I don’t get it, if I won a solo date with myself I’d be grinning from ear to ear.  I mean a spa trip is nice but let’s all face it I’m what all these girls came for.  This girl better put a smile on her face or she’ll be crying out the front door.”


This date was going nowhere quick.  Gaston was starting to think that maybe Jasmine wasn’t the girl for him.  Sure she was hot as hell but Gaston wanted more then a pretty face.  I know it shocked us too.


Gaston was about to suggest to calling it a night when Jasmine looked up at him and flashed him the most enticing smile he’d ever seen.   From that moment on it was like the spell was broken and the curse of the bad date was lifted.  They laughed and talked and flirted like there was no tomorrow.  When Gaston suggested they go somewhere to relax a little more, Jasmine couldn’t help but blush.


jasmine 3.jpg

“I was hoping for somewhere a little more private to relax but a couples massage was nice too.  I don’t know what guy Belle was dating but it certainly wasn’t the guy I just went on a date with.  That guy I’d never let get away.”


Jasmine did get some private time like she wanted in the sauna.  Not to be corny but things sure were heating up between those two.


Back at the house the other girls couldn’t help but talk about how they thought Jasmine’s date was going.  Ariel wanted that date more then anything.  If she was going to stay on Gaston’s radar she’d have to really up her game.


airel 2.jpg

“Am I worried that Gaston has been talking to the other girls in the house…not at all.  It’s week one he has to get to know us all.  Let’s all remember who he said hi to first.”

The next day was the group date.  Since Jasmine had won the solo date and had immunity she wouldn’t be going on the group date.  The group date was an opportunity for the other girls to spend some time away from the house with Gaston.  For our first group date Gaston took the ladies to a quaint little outdoor cafe/movie house.  He was hoping to snuggle up with a few girls in front of that big screen.


Unfortunately not much snuggling happened.  Gaston should remember taking the girls on a date where there’s a big screen playing the latest Sim Stars soccer game is not a good idea.  Those soccer players look pretty good to a group of love struck women.


The movie screen wasn’t the only distraction. Who knew bushes were so comfortable.

rapunzel 2.jpg

“Sleeping in bushes is the best for your skin.  It opens up your pores like you wouldn’t believe.  Plus you smell like strawberries when you’re done…oh that reminds me I want some strawberry shortcake.  Be right back!”


All this dating was wiping out the girls.  Thankfully the house was well equipped for any type of napping.


snow 2.jpg

“Everyone was napping, I saw my shot to get some alone time with Gaston so I took it.  There’s definitely a spark there.  I don’t want to get to ahead of myself but I could see myself falling hard for this guy.”


Finally the day the girls had been dreading was here….elimination day.

Each week the girls will be competing in a painting challenge which will determine who goes home.  The rules are simple all the girls need to do is not be the last girl to finish her painting.  The last girl to finish her painting will be the one sent packing.  Their chance at happily ever after will be gone.

Good luck ladies!  Get ready, get set, PAINT!205207206

gaston 4

“Come on ladies how long does it take to paint a flower or a llama?!  It’s not like your working on a masterpiece like a portrait of yours truly.”

The girls are all finished and the paints are all dry.  It’s time for us to find out which lady journey for love will be cut short.


Having won the solo date Jasmine had immunity and was safe this week.  She wasn’t the one leaving today.


Briar Rose wasn’t going anywhere either.  She was smart and made sure she was fully rested to ensure she wouldn’t lose the first week.


Front runner Ariel was safe.  But would she still be Gastons main attention in the upcoming weeks.


She may be sleeping now but she wasn’t during the competition, Tiana is safe.


That extra time with Gaston seems to have paid off.  Snow isn’t going anywhere except for straight to the alter with Gaston.  Her words not ours.

Two girls fates have yet to be revealed.  Which one will stay another week and continue their journey of love.


Did Mulan call upon the power of her ancestors and pull out a win?


Or did Rapunzel put all those years of painting on the walls locked up in her tower to good use?

The first lady going home is…




“Rapunzel is cute and all but it would never have worked.  She was a bit too childish.  I need a woman not a little girl.  I’m sure she’ll find herself a nice boy to run around the playground with.”


Rapunzel was devastated and confused.  She kinda didn’t understand the rules and thought the best painting won.  Poor kid!

rapunzel 4.jpg

“Does this mean I have to go back to my tower….with my MOTHER!”

Join us next week for another episode of The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  Who will win the next solo date, will Gaston find someone he loves as much as himself, and is this the last we’ll see of Rapunzel?  Find out next week.

21 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep. 2 – Trim that Tree

  1. It was a great episode 🙂 Sad that Rapunzel is going home but I’m happy Mulan, Ariel and Jasmine are safe. I think they are my favorites, just can not decide who I would like more to win. But I’m looking forward to the next episode 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG, I was in hysterics…Super writing and comedic timing…I don’t know who I love the most, mostly sad because I will miss Rapunzel’s cluelessness lol!! I love how real you made each one of them…I can see Snow being jealous and Holy Heck Ariel on fire was priceless…Also, Briar being an evil yatch was amazing – so love this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nooooooo Rapunzel! I really liked her. I must say, Snow is definitely not goign to go without a fight if those comments are to be believed, and did Briar Rose really tell Rapunzel ice cream wouldn’t make her put on weight? That is some Mean Girls stuff right there =p

    Liked by 1 person

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