The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep. 1 – Hello


“Hey Foster check out what I found in the attic.  It’s a picture of Great Grandmother Snow and a video tape labeled the Bachelor.”

snow gas.jpg

“That’s not Great Grandfather Florian, who is that guy with her?  Let’s watch the tape.”


Welcome to the Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition.  I’m your host Chris Harrison.  I hope you’re all ready for a drama filled, magical, crazy season.  If this is your first time watching the Bachelor where have you been…just kidding, let me explain what this show is all about.  We’ve searched thousands of eligible men and women over the simverse and have chosen the very best to compete for a chance at true love.  Our lucky bachelor will meet 7 of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen.  Not only are they beautiful a handful of them are royalty, but shhh we aren’t telling our bachelor that yet.  For the next few weeks our bachelor will live and date all 7 seven women.  The women will compete in challenges to win solo dates and to stay in the competition.  In the end only one woman will win the love and, hopefully a proposal, from our bachelor.

Now before we meet our lovely ladies and our bachelor let’s take a look at where they will be living for the next few weeks.


In order for love to bloom you need the proper setting.  This 3 floor 3 bedroom mansion is located in the town of Windenburg, known for it’s beautiful bluffs, ancient ruins and hopping nightlife.  It’s set right by Lake Newbie, the perfect backdrop for our bachelor to find his future wife. Who wouldn’t fall in love in a place like this


First lets take a look at what the exterior of this house has to offer.  A lavish pool and fully furnished barbecuing area are sure to keep our house guests entertained.  Hopefully the ladies brought their swimsuits our bachelor is known to have a thing for itty bitty yellow bikinis.  If the pool gets too crowded the bachelor can sneak away to warm up in the private hot tub.  I wonder who will be joining him there.  For our green thumbs of the group we’ve added a garden area for them to get down and dirty.  Perhaps they can show our bachelor a thing or two.  Oh and those bonsai trees over there are the site of our first competition for the first solo date!


Inside you’ll find is just as breathtaking as the outside.  With 8 house guests  we made sure to make a big enough sitting area so everyone can be involved.  That’s not to say some ladies won’t try to steal the bachelor away for a little alone time.  The kitchen is a chefs dream, decked out with all the latest and greatest cooking tools.  This may be the first time in a kitchen for some of our ladies.  Some had people who took care of such things.  Finally we made sure to add a table big enough for a feast.  Our bachelor does like to eat, he’s been known to eat five dozen eggs. Maybe that will be the way to his heart.


The first floor hosts one bathroom.  Yes just one bathroom for 7 women to share.  But a bathroom will be nothing compared to sharing the same man for the next few weeks.


Speaking of sharing the ladies will also be sharing bedrooms.  We have the pink room and the white room.  Wondering where our bachelor will be staying, don’t worry we will get to that soon.


Since our guests will mostly be in the house, aside from dates, we made sure to include lots of fun things for them.  But what the ladies don’t realize is that many of these things will be used in future competitions.  Let’s see who will take advantage and try and get a leg up on the competition.


As promised here is a look at our bachelors private quarters.  We wanted him to have a place all for himself.  Somewhere he could run away when the house undoubtedly fills with drama.  We allowed him to decorate the place to his liking but had to nix a few choices.  He wanted antlers everywhere.  His rooms are completely locked to the girls.  Though I have a feeling he may be granting special access to certain ladies later in the competition.


The final room I want to show you is the art gallery.  Each week the girls will compete in a painting challenge which will determine who goes home.  The girl who is slowest to complete her painting will have to say goodbye at her chance for true love.  The paintings of the eliminated girls will be displayed on what we will call the wall of losers.

Now that you have seen where our lovely ladies will be living it’s time we meet them.


It is my pleasure to introduce you to the 7 ladies who will vying for our bachelors heart.



Jasmine is a princess from a fair away land.   She’s been trapped for too long in the palace walls and longs to be free. Her father the Sultan is pressuring her to marry.  Rather than have her father choose her suitor she decided to take a chance on tv love.  Though the bachelor shouldn’t expect her to be happy being a couped up housewife.



Mulan traveled far to be here.  She too is being pressured by her family to marry.  To be the perfect wife and perfect daughter.  However Mulan feels she’s far from perfect.  She has the heart of the warrior and is looking for a man worth fighting for.



Being the fairest of them all, Snow hopes will help her win the love of the bachelor.  She’s dreamt of a storybook love since she was a little girl.  Her prince charming would be tall dark, riding a white horse and love children, she wants a big family.  She’s looking for someone to also take her away from her evil step mother.  One day she hopes to have the courage to leave on her own.



Briar Rose feels like she’s been living her life in some sort of dream.  She’s ready to wake up and open her heart to love.  In a reoccurring dream she meets a handsome stranger who she knows is her prince.  His face is always blurred but she knows he’s the one.  She’s hoping the bachelor is that mystery man.



Growing up the baby in a family of all sisters has prepared her for this competition.  She’s used to sharing clothes, make up and boys! But at the end of all this she doesn’t plan on sharing anyone.  She’s looking for a man to become part of her world.



Tiana is used to working hard to get what she wants.  She learned early on that hard work gets better results then wishing on stars.  Tiana is going to treat this competition no different.  Working so hard hasn’t left much time for boys but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t kissed a few frogs along the way.



Rapunzel has lead a very sheltered life.  She has an overprotective mother who is wary of anyone new in her life.  This has made dating near impossible for her.  She’s often sat and wondered when will her life begin. Her dream man needs to be up for adventure and trying new things.  She thinks this bachelor could be that man.

Our bachelor is one lucky man.  He has a lot of hard choices ahead.  Could his wife be here?  Speaking of the bachelor I think it’s time we met him.  Let me all introduce you to our bachelor….Gaston!


Some my be surprised with the choice of the new bachelor.  Some may say he’s no prince and doesn’t deserve love.  And what would Gaston say to those people…he’d say of course he deserves 7 beautiful ladies adoring him, have you looked at me!

Everyone deserves a second chance.  This is Gaston’s.

The truth is Gaston wants love.  He was in love one time before but it didn’t work out.  They were two different people, Gaston a man’s man, always the life of a party and she a bookish introvert.  Despite their differences he was willing to try, but she fell in love with a beast of a man.  Anyways that’s the past and Gaston is here for his future, more specific his future wife.


Is Gaston’s future wife in this house?   Will one princess find her prince charming and live happily ever after.  Tune in this season to find out.

25 thoughts on “The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition Ep. 1 – Hello

    Oh my god he’s actually the PERFECT choice for the bachelor! Who else would enjoy such an arrangement as much as Gaston? xD
    Can’t wait to see what happens! *secretly wishing for every girl to realize they deserve better and kick him out instead*

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