Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 12)

12-27-15_9-18-40 PM

Tess and John had been married for over a week and John was settling into his new role as provider by getting a job.

12-27-15_9-19-25 PM

Tess was having a harder time settling.  John had gotten a job as an athlete which meant he had to work out, a lot.

12-27-15_9-19-36 PM

Which meant Tess didn’t get to sleep, a lot.

12-27-15_9-20-09 PM

“Since you’re up why don’t you go get some groceries.  The guys cleaned us out last night.  When you get back check out the surprise I have for you out back.  Oh and I forgot to tell you your weirdo Uncle called you.”

12-27-15_9-43-58 PM

Rather then call Buzz back she decided to pay him a visit.  She wanted to tell him about her marriage in person.

12-27-15_9-44-00 PM

She told him all about John proposing and how they decided to get married right away and that they were now living in their own little place.

12-27-15_9-44-08 PM

“I always thought you would wind up with Thomas.  I guess you couldn’t handle the truth about him”

What was he talking about, why wouldn’t she accept that he was adopted.  Sometimes he was so strange.

12-27-15_9-48-47 PM

When she got home she went to check out the surprise John had mentioned.  But all she found was an overgrown plot that possibly was once a garden.  Was this it?

12-27-15_9-49-01 PM

She finally found a note sitting on the garbage can

::Babe, I know you like to be one with nature.  I thought this would be a fun little project for you.  Go nuts!  PS Have to work late don’t wait up. ::

12-27-15_9-51-28 PM

It’s the thought that counts, I guess.  Besides Tess did miss her garden back home.  She would show this one as much love.

12-27-15_9-49-39 PM

Before she went back inside to take a nap, she noticed the giant willow tree in their backyard.

12-27-15_9-53-13 PM

She didn’t know why but she was inclined to start talking to it.  And part of her felt like the tree was actually listening.

12-27-15_9-50-04 PM

Deciding to skip the nap, Tess hung out by that willow tree for awhile.

12-27-15_9-50-19 PM

Maybe this house wasn’t all bad.

12-27-15_9-55-27 PM

After her chat with grandma willow, it’s what she had nicknamed the tree because of all the wrinkles, she went over to visit her family.  She hadn’t seen them since she left.

12-27-15_9-56-13 PM

Foster had taken Naveen’s death especially hard.  He was the youngest and hadn’t had as much time with his dad as his sisters.  He thought that was incredibly unfair.

12-27-15_9-56-45 PM

“Now I’m just like Larry Motter, well I mean I still have mom, but other then that I’m exactly like him.”

12-27-15_9-56-34 PM

Tess didn’t know what a Larry Potter was but she stood there and listened to her brother like she did.  She wanted to be there for him however he needed it.

12-27-15_9-57-32 PM

When Nola walked in she burst into tears.  She missed Nola terribly.

12-27-15_9-58-21 PM

“I know I’m not around anymore but I want you guys to know I’m just phonecall away.  You need me I’ll be here as fast as the wind can carry me.”

12-27-15_9-59-13 PM

Foster went to his room to blog about his similarities to Larry Motter.  Tess wanted to fill in Nola about her life and to ask how mom was doing.

12-27-15_9-59-16 PM

“She’s being so strong for me and Foster but I can tell how much she misses dad.”

12-27-15_9-58-45 PM

The girls then discussed their love life, Tess about her marriage with John and Nola about Cruz.

12-27-15_9-58-38 PM

Nola thought Tess’ place sounded umm blah.  She told her if she couldn’t paint or hang stuff she should at least get some flowers or some accent furniture.

12-27-15_10-01-16 PM

Tess did a little yoga before leaving.  She thought about what Nola said about decorating.  Needless to say she made a stop on the way home.

12-27-15_10-04-26 PM

Look how much that table brightens the room.  It seems like something else had John’s attention.

12-27-15_10-04-41 PM

Or maybe someone.  Once Tess walked into the room he hung up that phone like it was on fire.

12-27-15_10-06-46 PM

John finally noitced the new additions.

12-27-15_10-06-39 PM

“Where did these come from?  I told you the landlord didn’t want us to change anything.  You better return them right away so we can get our money back.

12-27-15_10-06-42 PM

Tess didn’t understand the big deal.  How would the landlord be bothered by this??

12-27-15_10-07-03 PM

John didn’t like the way Tess was talking to him and started to act like a 5 year old.

12-27-15_10-07-56 PM

He conveniently sweetened up when Tess got up to make herself a sandwich.  He flashed a smile and asked her to make him one too.

12-27-15_10-10-02 PM

“I’m sorry about the table.  Tell you what I’ll return it for you I don’t want my pretty lugging that heavy thing.  Forget the sandwich, work just called they need me to come in right away.”

12-27-15_10-10-53 PM

Tess thought about ditching the sandwich and having a liquid dinner instead.  She deserved it.

12-27-15_10-17-28 PM

Well well well this doesn’t look like working late.

12-27-15_10-18-30 PM

Remember how John was too distracted before to look up at the table Tess bought, well that distractions name was Juliette.

12-27-15_10-16-11 PM

They had met at work.  Juliette was the head of PR for the Screaming Llamas.

12-27-15_10-20-24 PM

And nothing had happened between them.  Nothing besides some massive flirting.

12-27-15_10-21-46 PM

But the night was still young and he had told Tess he’d been working late.

12-27-15_10-25-49 PM

John crept in around 4 am.  More like he was as loud as possible.

12-27-15_10-27-28 PM

Since he had woke Tess anyway he suggested some late night activities.

12-27-15_10-27-48 PM

The only question is was Tess the only one who participated in these activities tonight.

12-27-15_10-28-57 PM

After having woken Tess up, John fell right to sleep.  Tess wasn’t so lucky.  Were the previous activities keeping her up or the fact she thought she smelled another woman’s perfume on her husband?

Looks like there’s a rocky road ahead for the newlyweds.




2 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 12)

  1. All caught up now!
    Urgh why do you torture me like this?? For me John was always Pocahonta’s perfect match and now this version just makes me want to strangle him! You deserve someone a million times better, Tess!! Someone who’ll make YOU a damn sandwich!
    Foster is totally my favorite! Such a sweet cutie pie I can’t handle it ❤
    Hopefully Nola's and Cruz's relationship will turn out much better than Tess'. Did you realize he was her cousin right away or was it a shock too? I'm pretty sure that with so much family around, I'm doomed to have someone falling for their cousin too xD
    Can't believe Naveen is gone, though. Poor Tiana D:
    I hope they can meet again soon but the kids don't deserve to lose her too so soon… damn you, Reaper!

    Liked by 1 person

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