Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 11)

12-26-15_11-28-11 PM

Tess wanted to tell her family about her engagement to John but she decided to test it out hypothetically first.

12-26-15_11-28-18 PM

“So daddy, let’s say, hypothetically, I was thinking of marry John someday.   How would you feel about that.  I mean you’re ok with us dating now.

12-26-15_11-29-11 PM

“I’d say thankfully we are very far off from that day.”

12-26-15_11-29-04 PM

“Hopefully you’ll come to your senses before then and find a guy worthy of you!”

12-26-15_11-36-38 PM

It wasn’t the answer Tess was hoping.  Meanwhile Fosters new friend, Joshua, came by.

12-26-15_11-38-07 PM

The first thing Foster wanted to know was if he was finished with the book yet…he wasn’t.

12-26-15_11-38-34 PM

Foster couldn’t help but show his disappointment.  He tried to cover it up by suggesting they play chess.

12-26-15_11-38-43 PM

Truth was Foster didn’t really like Joshua.  He was super boring.  But he’d keep playing pretend for Larry Motter.

12-26-15_11-30-33 PM

What Naveen had said to Tess upset her.  She was tired of waiting for his approval.  If he didn’t want her getting married to John then he wouldn’t be invited!  She called John and said let’s elope.  She had suggested the quiet spot near the lake, where her parents and grandparents had getting married (it was sort of a tradition).  John was not having that, it was too buggy for his taste.

12-26-15_11-30-51 PM

“Tess isn’t this place so much better…no bugs either…hey where’d you go.  I guess you really can’t wait to be Mrs. John Smith!  Wait for me.”

12-26-15_11-31-13 PM

Tess wanted this more then anything but she couldn’t help but feel hesitant when she walked up that alter.  She’d pictured this day in her mind growing up.  Never did she imagine her family not being there.

12-26-15_11-31-35 PM

“Are you sure you want to do this babe?  I can talk to your dad.  We can wait to get his blessing.”

12-26-15_11-32-04 PM

“I’m done waiting.  Let’s get married!”

12-26-15_11-33-15 PM

And that’s just what the did.

12-26-15_11-32-51 PM

Vows were exchanged.

12-26-15_11-33-47 PM

And brides were kissed.

12-26-15_11-34-26 PM

It may not have been what she had always imagined, but John was everything she had every wanted.

12-26-15_11-39-59 PM

But back home the thing she had dreaded was happening.

12-26-15_11-40-16 PM

Grimmy had finally come for Naveen.

12-26-15_11-41-08 PM

Tess had come home ready to finally share her engagement and now marriage news only to find her father being taken away forever.

12-26-15_11-41-31 PM

If only she had waited to marry John.  She would have still been home and able to plead for Naveens life.

12-26-15_11-42-05 PM

Now she’d have to always live with her decision.

12-26-15_11-42-52 PM

John did his best to console her.

12-26-15_11-42-55 PM

“What do you say, you and me have a fresh start in a home of our own?”

12-26-15_11-43-06 PM

The though of leaving this house sounded great to her right now.  She couldn’t imagine being able to live here any longer.  Everything would remind her of her father.

12-26-15_11-46-00 PM

But she had to do one thing before leaving.

12-26-15_11-46-05 PM

She had to say goodbye.

12-26-15_11-48-35 PM

“Hi daddy.  You’ve only been gone a few moments and I miss you so much.  I have some news, John and I got married…”

12-26-15_11-48-53 PM

“…I know you aren’t happy about that and I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.  Just know that  I love John and he loves me.  Honestly I’m going to need him more then ever now that your gone…”

12-26-15_11-48-55 PM

“…Good bye daddy, I love you.”

12-26-15_11-51-32 PM

Saying goodbye was hard but it was nothing compared to what she had to do next, tell Tiana Naveen was gone.

12-26-15_11-52-44 PM

“Mom I don’t know how else to say this so I’m just going to say it…daddy’s gone.”

12-26-15_11-52-52 PM

She could actually hear Tiana’s heart break.

12-26-15_11-52-18 PM

Tiana had known this day was coming, it didn’t mean it made it any easier.

12-26-15_11-53-05 PM

Tess knew the timing wasn’t great but she didn’t want to go a second longer without telling Tiana about her and John.  Sometimes a second is too late.

12-26-15_11-53-12 PM

“I have some other news.  I’m hoping you’ll think it’s happy news.  John and I got married and I’m moving out.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it before or that you weren’t there, I wanted you there so much.  Please say you’re happy for me??”

12-26-15_11-53-59 PM

Unlike Naveen, Tiana never had a problem with John.  If he made her daughter happy then that’s all that mattered.  She was sad she wasn’t there to see her daughter get married but of course she was happy.

12-26-15_11-55-02 PM

Once Tess left Tiana went to talk to Naveen one last time.

12-26-15_11-55-12 PM

“To think when we first met I didn’t even really like you, now I don’t think I’ll survive without you.  Goodbye my best friend.”

12-26-15_11-56-36 PM

And it seemed Naveen had heard her.

12-27-15_9-01-46 PM

Across town Tess and John were moving into their new place.  They couldn’t afford to buy so they were renting.

12-27-15_9-03-14 PM

“It’s great right babe!  I mean look at that tv it gets every Simcity Llama games.  I can’t wait to invite the guys over.”

12-27-15_9-04-08 PM

Tess knew of all the places in their price range this was the nicest.

12-27-15_9-04-21 PM

It’s just that it was so drab and boring.

12-27-15_9-05-21 PM

But a few color curtains here and some painting there would really brighten this place up.

12-27-15_9-07-07 PM

“Once we decorate this place will really feel like home.”

12-27-15_9-07-52 PM

“It is decorated.  It’s perfect.  Besides the landlord said we couldn’t hang anything up.  It would destroy the walls.”

12-27-15_9-09-24 PM

Finally everything hit her all at once, her dad passing away, no family at her wedding, and moving to this drab place.  Tess broke down.

12-27-15_9-10-55 PM

Once again John did his best to console her.

12-27-15_9-11-28 PM

Typically his consoling consisted of making out or more.

12-27-15_9-11-13 PM

And typically it did the job.

12-27-15_9-11-50 PM

“It’s been a rough day.  I could really use a back rub, babe.”

12-27-15_9-12-02 PM

Tess thought it was a little strange that John was having a rough day but whatever.

12-27-15_9-12-40 PM

“Hey babe since you’re getting up would you mind making me a sandwich?”

12-27-15_9-12-41 PM

John was loving married life so far.

12-27-15_9-13-39 PM

Tess wasn’t as sure.  At least it could only get better right?

Find out if Tess is right and how life over at the Blancs is without Naveen and Tess next time.

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