Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 10)

12-26-15_9-28-00 PM

John invited Tess over.  Little did she know his real reason for doing so was so that she could make amends with his father.

12-26-15_9-27-56 PM

“He’s soften up with his old age.  He’s sorry for how he treated you babe.  Just hear him out.”

12-26-15_9-28-57 PM

Tess couldn’t believe that wicked old man was sorry.  Besides could she really forgive someone who called her a savage.

12-26-15_9-31-03 PM

“I admit young lady I was wrong about you.  I should have never said what I’ve said about you…I should never say that about anyone.  My sons happiness is all that matters to me now.  You make him happy therefore you matter to me.”

12-26-15_9-31-09 PM

Tess was in a state of shock.  The Governor was truly sorry.

12-26-15_9-31-41 PM

She felt awful for being cross at John for setting this up.  She said she’d do anything to make it up to him.

12-26-15_9-33-53 PM

John thought of something they both could do!

12-26-15_9-36-14 PM

After the making up was over Tess wanted to thank the Governor for his kind apology.

12-26-15_9-36-42 PM

“Ha, you thought I meant a word of that dribble…you stupid child.  I despise you more then I ever have but my son is as stupid as you.  If I’m ever going to get through to him about you I need to appear to be on his side.”

12-26-15_9-45-13 PM

Back at the Blancs things were all smiles with Nola and Cruz.

12-26-15_9-45-43 PM

These kissing cousins were happier then they ever though possible.


12-26-15_9-52-48 PM

Tess was still shocked by the Governors words.  Naveen noticed something was wrong with his daughter.

12-26-15_9-53-04 PM

But Tess couldn’t talk to Naveen about this, it would have proven he’d been right all along about her and John.  She hadn’t even told John about her other conversation with his dad.

12-26-15_9-54-49 PM

Being the youngest boy in a house full of girl drama meant you kinda went unnoticed at times.  Foster used that time to sneak pieces of cake.

12-26-15_9-56-05 PM

Just as Foster was getting rid of the evidence he noticed Naveen in the kitchen.

12-26-15_9-56-11 PM

A hug would distract him from anything he might have seen.

12-26-15_10-04-35 PM

We had a visit from someone we haven’t seen in a while, Joelle!  She was back from China.  Her and RJ lived a few towns over with their daughter.

12-26-15_10-04-57 PM

Unfortunately the girls hadn’t been able to see each other in a while.  Joelle was shocked with how old Tiana had gotten.

12-26-15_10-05-20 PM

Tiana explained these things happen, people get older.  Remember Joelle wasn’t always the sharpest crayon in the box.

12-26-15_10-05-04 PM

“But you’re like really old.  I never thought you’d get this old I mean you’re my older sister but now you’re my OLDER SISTER!”

12-26-15_10-05-50 PM

“Look Joelle that cloud looks like a unicorn.”

12-26-15_10-09-10 PM

The unicorn cloud distracted Joelle for quite sometime.  When she was finally looked down Tiana was gone so she went looking for Naveen.

12-26-15_10-09-08 PM

“Oh my god Naveen you’re old too, what are the chances?!”

12-26-15_10-06-55 PM

“Umm Tiana your sister is a little…what’s the word I’m looking for?”

12-26-15_10-07-01 PM

“She’s Joelle and that’s why we love her…no kiss me my prince!”

12-26-15_10-11-04 PM

Joelle was still wandering around the house and finally met her nephew.

12-26-15_10-11-21 PM

She too was a huge Larry Motter fan and recognized his Priffindor robes.  She told him how the library had just got an advanced copy of the 7th and final book.

12-26-15_10-13-02 PM

One guess where Foster went.

12-26-15_10-13-59 PM

Unfortunately someone had already taken out the one advanced copy they had.

12-26-15_10-14-10 PM

No worries Foster decide to reread number 6 to be better prepared.

12-26-15_10-14-51 PM

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw it….the advanced copy!

12-26-15_10-15-32 PM

A blonde haired boy in rain boots was reading it.

12-26-15_10-16-05 PM

Seeing as how that boy had reserved the book for a whole month Foster decided it be best to become friends.  The boys name was Joshua.

12-26-15_10-25-02 PM

The girls had a little double date at the house.

12-26-15_10-26-17 PM

Cruz and Nola turned it in a private party just for two.

12-26-15_10-27-22 PM

The were also no longer just kissing cousins, I’m guessing you can figure out the rest.

12-26-15_10-39-37 PM

A few days later it was Tess’ birthday.  She had actually forgotten about it and was surprised when Foster wished her Happy Birthday.

12-26-15_10-40-53 PM

John was working but made sure to send his sweetheart a birthday text.  He was coming over later the celebrate.

12-26-15_10-41-37 PM

I love these sisters so much!  They may not be blood but they were family.

12-26-15_10-42-28 PM

It was a very joyous birthday.  I loved seeing the family having a good time with each other.

12-26-15_10-45-33 PM

Finally it was time to blow out the candles.  Happy Birthday Tess, you are now a young adult.

12-26-15_11-21-04 PM

As I mentioned before John came over later to celebrate.  We all know how this couple likes to celebrate.

12-26-15_11-22-26 PM

However John was hoping Tess’ birthday wouldn’t be the only thing they’d be celebrating.  He knew they were young but he loved this girl.

12-26-15_11-23-00 PM

And Tess loved John.

12-26-15_11-23-14 PM

Despite her father not fully approving their relationship and the Governor hating her she said yes!

How will the family react to the big news, especially Naveen?  Find out next time.


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