Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 8)

12-25-15_10-03-13 PM

I thought it would be nice to check in on Buzz and Evangeline and see how married life was treating them.

12-25-15_10-08-58 PM

They decided to take a little Honeymoon to Windenburg.

12-25-15_10-08-55 PM

Winderburg was known to have the best pubs around.

12-25-15_10-09-23 PM

Buzz though they may have the best pubs but he had the best girl.

12-25-15_10-10-26 PM

Both picked up on the local game of foozeball quickly.

12-25-15_10-11-46 PM

And they loved cuddling up together near the fire.

12-25-15_10-12-02 PM

Cuddling quickly lead to more.

12-25-15_10-19-11 PM

Pubs were the only good thing about Winderburg.  They had a beautiful bluff with the most gorgeous view.

12-25-15_10-19-37 PM

“I noticed a hidden hot springs over there.  Wanna take a dip?”

12-25-15_10-22-06 PM

 Evangeline had meant that dip to include clothes.

12-25-15_10-22-08 PM

But when in Windenburg!

12-25-15_10-24-38 PM

Evangeline had to admit Buzz brought out the crazy in her and she loved it.

12-25-15_10-25-58 PM

After swimming they decided to take another look at that beautiful view.

12-25-15_10-26-38 PM

Then Buzz suggested another activity they could do in the nude.

12-25-15_10-26-50 PM

“This bush looks perfect why don’t you and me get a better look!”

12-25-15_10-26-57 PM

But first Buzz took a closer look at his beautiful wifes butt.

12-25-15_10-27-09 PM

They were on their honeymoon after all.  It was bound to include a little woohooing.

12-25-15_10-28-09 PM

Best honeymoon ever!

12-25-15_9-36-38 PM

Back in Willow Creek Tiana was also enjoying some nude time.

12-25-15_9-52-21 PM

She however was a little more modest.  She quickly changed before Naveen came looking for her.

12-25-15_9-52-39 PM

Wait a minute we’re married you’ve seen me nude dozens of times.

12-25-15_9-53-17 PM

“How about you take another bath, this time I’ll join you!”

12-26-15_8-15-14 PM

Nola had to tell someone what she had found out about Cruz.  She thought if anyone knew about complicated love it would be Tess.

12-26-15_8-15-13 PM

“So I was looking on Cruz’s Simbook page and he had this picture of his family on vacation at Simney World and his mom was in the picture…”

12-26-15_8-15-18 PM

“…his mom is Gigi Blanc!  She’s like our great aunt right.  Cruz and I are related….I’m dating my cousin!”

12-26-15_8-15-20 PM

Nola went on and on about how much she liked him but she couldn’t possibly keep seeing him, right?  I mean aren’t their laws about this kind of thing.

12-26-15_8-15-35 PM

“I thought I had dating problems, but you definitely take the prize little sis.  Just tell dad about him I’m sure he’ll forbid you to see him too.”

12-26-15_8-15-38 PM

Of course she hadn’t told Cruz yet so it didn’t matter what she wanted because he would surely break up with her.

12-25-15_10-36-15 PM

Their bathroom escapades had left Naveen rather frisky.

12-25-15_10-36-37 PM

He thought him and Tiana should play a game of sexy bartender and customer.

12-25-15_10-36-35 PM

“I’ll take a whiskey sour with a splash of you!”

12-25-15_10-36-56 PM

Tiana had to admit she liked this game quite a bit.

12-25-15_10-37-10 PM

“When do you get off work cutie I have a few tricks of my own I’d like to show you.”

12-25-15_10-38-23 PM

Naveen may be old but he still has a ton of game.

12-25-15_10-41-43 PM

It was nearing Tiana’s birthday so the kids thought they should make a cake.  They elected Nola to make it since she was the only one with any cooking skills.

12-25-15_10-42-08 PM

“Nola sweetheart a boy named Cruz called before.  Now he seemed like a boy that I would want my daughter dating.  I approve.”

12-25-15_10-42-11 PM

Of course dad likes him, he’s family.

12-25-15_10-42-53 PM

“Maybe Cruz has a brother you can fix Tess up with.”

12-25-15_10-45-07 PM

Thankfully it was time for Tiana to age up.

12-25-15_10-45-27 PM

She is quite adorable as an elder.

12-25-15_10-45-47 PM

These two just never stop.

12-25-15_10-49-25 PM

“So when are you going to introduce me to Cruz’s brother? “

12-25-15_10-49-26 PM

“Tess, you are so unfunny!”

12-25-15_10-48-15 PM

Now that Tiana is an elder is a race to who meets Grimmy first.  It’s a race neither of them want to win 😦

Will Nola continue dating her cousin and is it time to say good bye?  Find out next time.

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