Disney Legacy: Tess Blanc (Part 7)

09-17-15_8-11 PM

Time was flying in the Blancs, which meant it was time for Foster to grow up.

09-17-15_8-12 PM-10

It’s amazing how both kids looked so much like Tiana.

09-17-15_8-36 PM-3

Foster discovered he was somewhat of a bookworm.

09-17-15_8-36 PM-9

He also discovered the Larry Motter series.  He was hooked and a bit obsessed.

09-17-15_8-08 PM-4

“Please..please..please dad I have to have a set of real life genuine Priffindor house robes just like Larry Motter!  I’ll never ask for anything again.”

09-17-15_8-42 PM-5

After hours of beggin Naveen finally gave in and Foster has his robes.

09-17-15_8-49 PM

“Mom did you know that Larry Motter lived in tiny room under the stairs.  Don’t we have a tiny room under our stairs?  Can I please..please..please live there?  I’ll never ask for anything again ever!”

09-17-15_8-43 PM-3

Tiana didn’t understand it they had a perfectly normal size room they were planning to turn into Fosters room. Why would he want to live under the stairs?

09-17-15_8-46 PM-3

But Foster seemed to have his heart set on it and she couldn’t say no to her baby boy.

12-25-15_8-59-55 PM

Nola talked to Cruz as much as she could, basically whenever he could get access to the phone.  She figured talking in person would be better anyway and invited him over.

12-25-15_9-00-18 PM

Now to make sure she looked her best.

12-25-15_9-09-52 PM

It was beautiful day so they decided to spend it in the pool.  Besides that meant Nola would see Cruz without his shirt.

12-25-15_9-09-17 PM

She couldn’t help how much she liked Cruz.  She was just hoping he felt the same about her.

12-25-15_9-10-31 PM

Naveen had a gig so Tess thought this was a perfect opportunity for John to come over.  She only had one obstacle in her way…her little brother!

12-25-15_9-10-26 PM

“You know that Larry Motter wand you keep asking mom and dad for, if you promise not to tell dad John came over today, it’s yours.”

12-25-15_9-05-25 PM

Needless to say Foster wasn’t going to say a word.  Tess however was going to find it hard to keep quiet for the next hour or so.

12-25-15_9-11-12 PM

Nola was also working on taking her relationship to the next level.  She finally told Cruz that she liked him.

12-25-15_9-11-13 PM

Turns out Cruz liked her too!

12-25-15_9-12-59 PM

“Hey babe my dad’s going to be home soon so you should probably get up and get out.”

12-25-15_9-14-11 PM

Unfortunately John didn’t get out in time and walked right past Naveen as he left.

12-25-15_9-16-54 PM

Naveen thought he was pretty clear with Tess about ending things with John.

12-25-15_9-18-09 PM

It looked like he would have to have another talk, this time he’d need to be more clear.

12-25-15_9-21-23 PM

“Tess I hate to be that father but I forbid you to see John.  Him and his family especially his father are not like us, he’s no good for you.”

12-25-15_9-20-11 PM

“Oh my God, I can’t believe Foster told you he was here!  Daddy I don’t care how different John and I are, I love him!”

12-25-15_9-20-16 PM

“Sweetheart you just think you’re in love, you’re too young to really know what love is.  Please I’m begging you to stop seeing John.”

12-25-15_8-40-31 PM

Naveen also didn’t let Foster off the hook for not telling him about his sisters visitor.  That wand went right back to the store.

12-25-15_9-31-00 PM

Nola had never been happier however it didn’t mean she wasn’t cautious.  She figured she’d do a little snooping on Cruz’s Simbook page.  You know make sure he didn’t have a girlfriend.

12-25-15_9-30-49 PM

Unfortunately what she found out was worse…

12-25-15_9-30-56 PM

…much worse!

What did Nola find out about Cruz, is that the end of Crola.  And will Tess really be able to stay away from John?  Find out next time.

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