Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 22)


It was a few days after the dinner party and the Blancs got an unexpected visitor.


Tess was pleasantly surprised.  This was the first time Mr. Lightyear came to her house (besides the party).  However it turns out he wasn’t here to see Tess.


He came to see Evangeline.  Tess wondered what exactly happened at this party.


Why would her friend be coming to see her Aunt.  It’s not like Aunt Evangeline was into aliens.


Evangeline was just as surprised as Tess that Mr. Lightyear, I mean Buzz was her to see her.  She had to admit she was liking the way he felt in his arms.


“I hope you don’t mind me coming over.  The stars told me to come see you.  I always listen when the stars talk.  They don’t like to be disobeyed.”


“You mean like stars in the sky kind of stars.  What do you mean they talk to you?  Are they talking to you right now?”


I’ve dealt with stupidity before, but can I handle crazy, Evangeline thought to herself.


Not wanting to play second fiddle, Tess called someone she knew would give her all his attention, John.  They made a playdate in the park.


They were having so much fun they didn’t even notice that Nola had tagged along.


All the boys like Tess thought Nola.  When will I be the one everyone wants.


Evangeline was still deciding if she was up for a little crazy when she lost Buzz in her own house.  She finally found him in the side garden where her grandparents and parents rested.


She was shocked to see Buzz so distraught.  It was as if he was mourning them like they were his own family.


“What, no!  I’m not going to raise you from the dead.  The aliens only let me do that once and we all know how badly that turned out!”


And with a blink of an eye Buzz turned into the charming man Evangeline had met the other night.


As she watched him leave she couldn’t help but wish he hadn’t. Evangeline realized she was falling for Buzz, crazy and all.


Tess needed to know what was going on with Aunt Evangeline and Mr. Lightyear.  She figured she’d be able to get more out of Mr. Lightyear.


When she walked in Mr. Lightyear was yelling at his bowl of yogurt.  Apparently he thought someone bugged his strawberries.


“You and my Aunt, what’s going on?”


“We’ll you see when a boy and girl like each other they drink lemonade together…”


“but that lemonade is tainted by the stars who are trying to poison the mind….”


“So instead of lemonade you have yogurt that the government says they didn’t bug but you know they did!”


Tess was even more confused then ever maybe she should have talked to Aunt Evangeline.  Or just go through here computer like Nola did.  She told Tess how Aunt Evangeline wrote this poem called “Man in the green beanie”.  It was super mushy.


Tiana had now idea her little dinner party had caused so much commotion.  She was too bust preparing Tess’ birthday cake.


Happy Birthday Tess, let’s see how you grow up.


Damn girl you’re a firecracker….you’re sizzling!


Of course I think all my sims are pretty but Pocahontas takes the cake in my opinion.


John and Thomas better be careful, the boys are going to be lining up for Tess.


“Wait your Aunt and Tess’ strange friend like each other?”


“If they get married maybe I can cater the wedding!”

Now that Tess is a teenager which guy will make his move first, John or Thomas?  Find out next time.

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