Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 21)


“I haven’t seen Lottie in ages and we still haven’t met the girls friends father.  So I was thinking we should have a dinner party.  What do you think?”

As long as Tiana wasn’t asking about his gig anymore, Naveen decided she could have as many as dinner parties as she wanted.


“Oh and you still haven’t told me how last night’s gig went.”


Buzz told Tess to come by the old raveen.  He wanted to show her the old mill across the way.  He was convinced the government was holding alien spaceships there.


“Oh course no one would suspect it.  It’s the perfect cover.  What do you say we swim over there and take a peek.  We’ll need a camera to prove it, but it will get wet when we swim over.  Unless I put it in a plastic baggy and tape it to my leg.  What do you think Tess?”


“I think instead of that you should come over to my house.  My mom is throwing a grown up dinner party.  You’re sort or a grown up.  I mean you look like one.”


Buzz had never been to a dinner party before.  Besides Tess he didn’t have many friends.  He thought it would be fun.  He’d be able to tell more people about his conspiracy theories.


“Ok be at my house at 7.  And maybe dress up a bit, definitely lose the hat.”


Buzz was grateful for a friend like Tess.  She was always watching out for him.  Wow, plaid on stripes, who knew it could work.  Maybe he’d try it tonight.


“Mom I invited Mr. Lightyear to your dinner party, hope it’s ok.  I’m going over to John and Thomas’ house.”


“Have fun, dont be to….wait you invited who?”


Tiana had put on her best dress and did one last check on the appetizers.


Naveen also cleaned up and was looking fine!


“How about we skip the party and have our own celebration upstairs in our bed!”

115  Tiana did like the sound of that but it was too late the doorbell rang.  The first guest was here.


Buzz decided on just the stripes tonight.  He introduced himself to Naveen and thanked him for inviting him.  Naveen had no clue who he was.  He guessed he was a coworker of Tianas.


It was nice to see Lottie.  The girls had grown apart, life got in the way. But they were still there for each other when it counted.


Buzz continued to introduce himself.  He was lost for words when he met Evangeline.  She had to be an alien because he thought she was out of this world!


Surprisingly the Governor accepted the invitation.


But it seems he only came by to tell Naveen to keep his daughter away from his sons.


Naveen was caught of guard.  What could the Governor possibly have against his sweet Tess.  He must have heard that wrong.


Tiana was quite pleased with herself.  This party was going great.  And she had to admit she’d never seen Evangeline so happy.

141       Buzz was the reason for that.142

Why had Tiana never introduced them before.  Maybe that’s because Tiana wasn’t the one who knew him and because he’s a little on the crazy side.  Would Evangeline regret being introduced when she found out.


The Governor made no attempt to enjoy himself.  He did not like this house, he did not like Naveen or his daughter.  He felt they were all beneath them.


The only thing he seemed to like was Tiana.  She reminded him of his late wife.  It must have been the dress.


When dinner came around Buzz secluded himself at the bar.  He had some business to attend to.


“I didn’t know the Governor would be here.  He must be here to spy on me.”


“I’ll never crack though.  They could torture me with the fiercest cowplant and I won’t tell them what I know about the aliens.”


“I’ll use my ninja skills to evade him.”


“Then I’ll turn the tables and learn everything he knows.  I’ll finally be able to see the contents of the warehouse.”


Luckily Buzz stopped talking to himself just as Evangeline joined him at the bar.  He’d been so good, not going off about his theories.  He didn’t want her to think he was crazy.


“We’ll talk more later pal.”


“Did you say something Buzz?”

“Not me, you must have been hearing things.”


Naveen had had enough of the Governors attitude.  He knew it wasn’t the best idea yelling at the Governor of WIllow Creek, but no one comes into his home, disrespects his daughter and makes googly eyes at his wife.  He told the Governor it was time for him to leave and suggested he never come back.


“I promise you that I never want to step foot in this minuscule home again.  Make sure your little savage stays away from my boys!”


The night was finally over.  The guest were all gone and all that was left was a pile of dishes in the sink.  Naveen told Tiana she’d done good and to leave the dishes for tomorrow, they had a party to attend upstairs.

Did Evangeling find her prince charming, or should we say space ranger?  Find out next time if it’s written in the stars.

2 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 21)

  1. I wasn’t expecting to see Evangeline and Buzz together but now I really want it to happen just to see how crazy things will get xD

    I really think Naveen should tell Ti how much of a stalker his fan is *shoos away possible misunderstandings between them*

    Also, Lottie should be back more often, I miss her 😦

    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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