Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 20)


Tess couldn’t believe the story she had just heard.  She couldn’t imagine growing up with a father who hated you.


“Thomas I will always be here for you no matter what.  Always know that.”


Once Tess got home she couldn’t help but wonder whether Thomas did have a secret.  She remembered Mr. Lightyear saying something about the first time they met.  Maybe Miss Derby was telling the truth.


She decided to go talk to Mr. Lightyear, only problem was Nola wanted to tag along.


Nola wanted to meet the mystery man Tess had become friends with.  All the kids at school said he was crazy.


Mr. Lightyear barely noticed the girls had entered his house.  He was too engrossed in the current episode of Ancient Aliens.  He secretly wished he had hair like that guy.


“Mr. Lightyear I’m sorry my sister insisted on coming.  I need to talk to you about my friend Thomas.”


“Wait one minute while I get rid of your sister.  I’ll tell her about my theory that the drinking water is secretly coated with maple syrup which the aliens use to control our minds.”


Nola realized the kids from school were right this guy was crazy.  Maple sryup in water!  What Tess saw in him she had no idea.


“You’re sister said she isn’t feeling well.  I offered her a glass of water and she said she needed to go.  Let’s go talk outside, I have something I want to show you.”


Tess followed Buzz to a giant tree just a few blocks away from his house.  She wondered what this tree had to do with Thomas.


“This may dear is where Thomas is from.  This tree is a portal to an alien world Sixam.  If you talk to the tree long enough you will see.”


“Aliens live in space Mr. Lightyear not trees.”

Boy Mr. Lightyear really was crazy.


Back at home it was “let’s work on our skills” time.  Naveen was working on some new songs for his next gig.  He was also praying that his “fan” wouldn’t show up.


Tiana had recently been promoted.  She had gained some new responsibilities at work that involved mixology.  She decided to invest in a bar for the house to practice for work.


She had to admit she was pretty good at it.


Evangeline had every writers worst nightmare, writers block.  She thought maybe reading some of her favorite Simlit would help cure it.


At breakfast the next morning Nola told Tess she should stay away from Mr. Lightyear.  The kids at school were starting to talk, they were calling her Mrs. Crazylady.


“Mr. Lightyear is my friend.  I don’t care what anyone at school thinks.  They just don’t understand anything that is different from them.”        39

“I can’t believe those kids at school, they are so ignorant.  Just because someone thinks aliens live in trees doesn’t make them a bad person.  Bye Aunt Evangeline.  I hope your day is better then mine seems to be.”


Evangeline was a little preoccupied.


“Tess did you say something to me…Tess? I just had a great idea for a story.  It’s about aliens that live in a tree”


Evangeline still thought that Naveen wasn’t thrilled with her being her.


“Naveen I just want you to know how grateful I am for you guys letting me stay here.  I know it hasn’t been perfect but thanks.  You’re best big brother a girl could ask for!”


Tess and John were spending a lot of time together.  Her crush was really becoming major.


“You slap like a girl, I bet you kiss like a girl too.”

“Want to try and find out.”


John had to be kidding, right.  Did he really want to kiss Tess?


Speaking of cute couples.  Evangeline got an email from Joelle.


Things were great. Yoga was good, China was good…oh and her and RJ got married.


They had a little ceremony in a local gardens.  It was just them and nature.  It was perfect.


That wasn’t the only news.  Joelle was pregnant!

The night of Naveens gig came.  It wasn’t quite the turn out he was hoping for.


Especially when she showed up.


Naveen wasn’t in the mood for crazy tonight so he put his guitar down after the set.77

And made a b-line for the bar.


He couldn’t help but overhear the bartender telling a story about a blonde girl who had been camped out here all night.  She said she kept saying she was waiting for her fiance, he was with the band.


Naveen ran home to by with his actual wife.


Even thought he’d done nothing wrong he felt guilty.  He hadn’t told Tiana the whole truth about his crazed fan.

But she didn’t matter.  Tonight was all about Naveen showing his love to Tiana.82What’s more romantic then getting serenaded in the bathroom.


I guess Tiana thought it was.


“Honey I forgot to ask how’d your gig go last night?  I bet they all loved you.

Will Naveen fess up about his crazy fan before it’s too late.  And we’re having a party and you’re invited!

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