Disney Legacy: The Truth About Thomas


“What you don’t know is Thomas and I aren’t really brothers, well by blood…he’s adopted.”

“You really need to hear the whole story.”


“It’s starts with my mom.  She was perfect, like one of those moms you see on tv.  I think she may have been the reason my dad got elected, people loved my mom.”


“Nobody loved her more then my dad though.”


“He worshiped the ground she walked on.  Anything my mom asked for my dad made it happen.”


“She was the only person my dad ever loved, that includes his children.”


“You see dad never wanted kids.  My mom was all that he needed.  He liked how things were, mom taking care of the home.”


“Him raising up in the political world.”


“Kids just didn’t fit into his perfect picture.”


“A kid would just take my mom away from him.”


“But my mom wanted a family.  She loved kids.  She even did a ton of charity work with the local orphanages.”


“As I said my dad gave her everything she wanted.  And that’s how they got me.   I remember sneaking watching them when I was around four. Dad was always so different around my mom.”


“My dad didn’t like me sneaking, he didn’t like me period.  He was always yelling at me for something.”


“My mom always put him in his place though.  She always told me that he’d come around one day and not to worry because she had enough love for both of them”


“As long as mom was around things were ok.”


“There’s not a day that I don’t miss her and wish she was here.”


“I told you that she did a lot of charity work with orphanages.  Well there was this one in the neighboring town that she had never helped and she wanted to fix that.”


“By the looks of the front yard they would need a lot of help.”


“She met with the owner Miss Derby.  I remember saying that she was surprise this woman decided to spend her life around children.  She didn’t seem like she liked them much.”


“She gave my mom the whole speel about how much she loved kids and they were our future and we needed to cherish them.”


“My mom wasn’t buying it.  But she wasn’t there for Miss Derby, she was there to help the kids.”


“Once Miss Derby finished praising herself she gave my mom a tour of the place.”


“It was in pretty bad shape.  Most of the appliances in the kitchen didn’t work and the table looked to be on it’s last legs.”


“I remember my mom telling me about a secret room that had the tightest security you could imagine.  She said Miss Derby said it was just a broom closet.”


“My mom had had enough.  She told Miss Derby there was no way she couldn’t help her out.  No child should have to live like this.”


“Miss Derby continued to play the part of the concerned guardian.  Little did she know that my mother was going to make sure this money went to fixing up the place and not in Miss Derby’s pocket.”


“Then my mother went to see the one bedroom all the kids shared.”


“And that’s where she met Thomas.”


“From the minute my mother looked in Thomas’ eyes she knew he was meant for her.  It was love at first sight.”


“My mother had wanted more kids but after the stink my dad put up about having me she always thought one would be it.”


“But she thought how could she possibly leave this little gem here, with that woman.”


“Miss Derby decided to use this to her advantage, that was the kind of woman she was.  She wasn’t letting Thomas go cheap.”


“At this point my mother didn’t care what it costs her, she wasn’t leaving without Thomas.”


“As I said Miss Derby wasn’t backing down.  I don’t know what deal they made or the amount they settled on all I know is I got a baby brother that day.  All that was left was telling dad.”


“Dad knew mom had gone to the orphanage that day.  He figured it was going to cost him big, it always did when mom was helping people out.  He didn’t care though, it made her happy.”


“Mom made sure to really describe how awful it was and how it wasn’t possible for any child to grow up there they way it was.”


“Dad knew this was going to be a big check.  He had no idea what else was in store for him.”120“Mom was thrilled when dad agreed to the big donation needed to fix up the place.  She whispered something in his ear that made him smile like I’d never seen before.”


“Then she told him she had a surprise for him.”


“It was waiting upstairs for him.  I think my dad thought it had something to do with what mom whispered in his ear because he ran up those stairs.”


“Needless to say it wasn’t what he thought it was.”


“First was the shock.”

“Then came the anger.  I could hear him screaming all the way downstairs.  Then I heard a loud smack and something heavy fell on the floor.  He told my mother there was no way we were keeping him and that he was going to take Thomas back to that place.  My mom locked herself and Thomas in her room and told him he wasn’t laying a hand on this baby.”        149

“Unable to get my mom to come out, my dad stormed out of the house.”


“I knew exactly where he was going.”


“He was the angriest I’ve ever seen him.  He let Miss Derby have.  He swore that he would shut this place down and made sure she’d be run out of town if she didn’t take Thomas back.”


“My father definitely wasn’t expecting the reaction he got from Miss Derby.  She actually laughed in my fathers face at his threat.”


“She told my dad there was something she had forgot to mention to my mom about Thomas.  Something that if the voters ever found out would ruin my dads career.  He would be the one run out of town not her.”


“Then she turned the tables on my dad and said she’d stay quiet for the right price.”


             “My dad came home late that night.  My mom was already asleep and so was Thomas.”148“I heard him tell Thomas that he’d figure out a way to get rid of him.  I swore to myself I’d never let that happen, neither would mom.”      170

“Unfortunately mom wouldn’t be able to help me.  She died a week later.  She was doing her charity work at the botanical gardens and was eaten by a cowplant.”


“Any ounce of good my dad had died along with her that day.  Her death was very public and so was our family.  Any hope of my dad trying to get rid of Thomas died too.  He was the grieving father with two sons.”


“And even though Thomas had nothing to do with it, my dad blames him for my mothers death.”

28            “Poor Thomas.”

Will we ever learn what Miss Derby forgot to tell Mrs. Ratcliffe or was she just bluffing to get more money.  Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: The Truth About Thomas

  1. Wow!!!!! This is aaammmaaazing! Miss Derby is a horrible horrible person and I love the version of her that you wrote! I wonder what the secret is! So much mystery and intrigue here! It was so cool to see the orphanage and Miss Derby in your story! 🙂 I enjoyed this so much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. #Crossovers5ever (I wasn’t missing Miss Derby at all though D:)
    Ugh he’s such a horrible father! The boys really deserved to have their mom in their lives instead of him, but hopefully they’ll kick his ass when they grow up.


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