Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 18)


As we learned last time John and Thomas were brothers.  Tess couldn’t believe the two were brothers.  They didn’t look much a like and they were both so different.


It didn’t matter though, she liked them both and knew they’d all be great friends.  What could possible break up this threesome.


While at the park that day we ran into some familiar faces.  It’s Randi, Dina’s son.  Boy did he grow up!


And we saw Tyler, Sydney’s son.  If you weren’t Tess’ cousin or second cousin, they were related ok, he’d be a yummy boyfriend.


Anyway back to the three musketeers.  Enjoy it while you can kids, things are going to get a whole lot more complicated when those hormones kick in.


After the park Thomas whisked Tess away.  He wanted to show her where the crazy man lived.


“He’s convinced aliens are planing to come and control us.  He says he’s the only one who can communicate with them through the fillings in his teeth.  What a nut”


Tess was curious about this “crazy” man and wanted to get a look at him.  Thomas was starting to regret bringing her here.


“Tess, get away from the window if he sees you who know what he’ll do. I should have listened to my dad, he told me never to come here.  If he finds out I did I’m dead.”


The next morning Tess was still intrigued by the man who spoke to aliens.  She didn’t even notice Nola telling her that the boys were coming over today.  Nola suggested they go swimming, that way Tess could see John in a bathing suit, she knew Tess had a crush on him.


They did go swimming, but it was more because it was a nice day out.  Not to see anyone in there bathing suit.


Though it did seem like John was sneaking a glimpse of Tess.


“You so like my sister!”


“Don’t tell her ok, unless she likes me too.  Does she like me too, come on tell me!!”


While Nola and John were discussing who likes who, Thomas was trying to edge out his brother in the whole liking Tess scene.  Oh I can’t wait til you’re all teens!


After a fun day with the boys it was homework time.  Tess couldn’t help but bother Nola about what her and John were talking about in the kitchen before.


It was a new day.  That meant Tiana was making breakfast.  Naveen couldn’t help but be a little nervous with Tiana using those knives so close to Nola.


Evangeline was settling in for a day of writing.


And after breakfast Naveen focused on his music.  He had a real gig coming up soon.  It was actually indoors this time!


Tiana didn’t realize how close she was to Nola with those knives and made sure Nola knew that mommy would never hurt you.


The day turned into night.  Evangeline decided to award herself with a night out after spending the whole day writing.  When she saw who was also out she almost ran right back home.


She realized it was Dum, not Dee who was out.  Maybe she’d have better luck with this brother.


They were having a good time.  Dum wasn’t much of a dancer though.


But Evangeline couldn’t get over how much he reminded him of Dee.  This wasn’t going to work.


It was time to meet some new people.  Evangeline thought she was attractive enough.  How hard could this be.


It also helped that her dating pool was wide open.  She would give everyone a chance.


And I do mean everyone!


He may be a little creepy but Evangeline had to admit that black cloak was kinda sexy.


Is a new romance budding here?  You have to admit Evangeline sure can pick them.

Join us next time for more fun.

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