Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 17)


Thomas was a constant at the Blancs house.  He was practically living there.


They were best friends.  They told each other everything.


Well almost everything.  Thomas didn’t talk about his family much.  Tess tried to learn about them, but everytime she brought them up Thomas changed the subject.


“What’s my dad like, oh wait who’s that?  Do you have a nanny now?”


Tess figured maybe she could get some details about his family over lunch.


Luckily mom had made them sandwichs before she left for work.  If anything could get Thomas to talk it would be mom’s famous BLT’s.


“Do I have any siblings…man this sandwich was awesome!  I’m going to get another.”


Speaking of sibling, Tess’ baby sister was no longer a baby.  Nola grew up into a kid.


She definitely had her own style.


Naveen told her to be whoever she wanted to be.  But in his eyes she’d always be his baby girl.


The nanny, I mean Evangeline, had just got off the phone with Joelle.  She had told Joelle about everything that happened and how she was home again and honestly a little depressed.  Joelle suggested yoga, shocker, to help lift her spirits.


All this quiet though wasn’t helping Evangeline feel better.  In fact all it did was make her relive the last few days in her mind.


She figured she’d try some writing.  However she was interrupted when she got a curious im from Dee’s brother Dum.


He was asking how she was.  Evangeline didn’t know if she should go down that rabbit hole.


Tess and Thomas had a playdate the next day at the park. But Thomas had to suddenly cancel. No worries there was a new friend to be made.  And Tess couldn’t help but notice he was really cute.


He also wasn’t shy.  He came up and introduced himself right away.  He said his name was John.  Tess couldn’t help but blush when he asked her if he could board her ship.


Nola wasn’t much for the outdoors.  She was taking after her dad and grew to love spending time in his music room.


Things were just like old times in the Blanc house.  Tiana had to admit to was glad to have her sister back home.220

Naveen on the other hand missed it just being his little family.  He hoped Evangeline wasn’t going to make this permanent.


Tess had had enough of Thomas dodging her questions about his family.  She decided she was going to find out about them on her own. She marched over to Thomas’ house that afternoon.


She knew that Thomas was rich but she never imagined he was this rich.


“Thomas you’re my best friend and you know everything about me.  It’s time I know everything about you.”


“You’re right Tess.  It’s just you have a great family, who loves each other and well my family isn’t like that.  But you’ll see for yourself.  Here comes my dad, the Governor of Willow Creek, Governor Ratcliffe”


Tess finally understood why Thomas never spoke about his family, his dad was scary!  She could tell he immediately didn’t like her.


By the looks of it he didn’t seem to like Thomas either.231

“THOMAS!  What is this savage doing in my house!??  Is there nothing you can do right!  You’ve cursed this family from the minute you arrived!!”


Tess hated to leave Thomas with that vile man but she wasn’t going to sit there and be insulted by him.  She was shocked when she ran into a familiar face on her way out.


“John! What are you doing here?”


“I live here, this is my house.”

Looks like Thomas also failed to mention he had a brother.  Plus will we find out why the Governor hates his own son so much.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 17)

  1. YES JOHN! I always loved John so I’m really glad you got him into the story! ❤
    Poor Thomas though! Their dad seems to be an absolute nightmare (which is not a surprise considering the movies) but I'm really excited to see what's going to happen next and how Tess is going to change the boys' lives.

    Liked by 1 person

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