Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 14)


Joelle’s birthday was coming up.  Tiana was swamped at the restaurant, she asked Naveen to make the cake.  Naveen had never made a cake before but how hard could it be.


After he combine all the ingredients (including the bowl and egg shells) it was time to mix.


It seems that Naveen wasn’t quite ready to make a cake yet, maybe he should have started with something a little more simple like a garden salad.  At least with a garden salad you can’t burn down the kitchen.


But he was able to save the cake.  The stove was not so lucky.


It wasn’t much of a happy birthday so far for Joelle.


But it was about to get better when she ran into RJ while running from danger.


“Happy Birthday baby doll.  Am I too late for cake?”


The kitchen was finally fire free, even if the smell lingered.  Joelle didn’t care.  It was turning out to be a perfect birthday.


Especially with RJ there to celebrate.  She wasn’t sure how many birthday’s they’d be able to share.


She had some news to share with RJ and she wasn’t sure how he was going to take it.  Or if their relationship would survive it.


“RJ, you know how much time I’ve been spending at the Spa, they’ve even let me lead a few classes.  Well they are openning another Spa and they want me to be the head yoga instructor.  It’s just that the Spa is in China and I’ve said yes, I leave in a few days.”


Just as Joelle expected RJ was super supportive.  He said he was happy for her, that this was a great opportunity.  But his face said otherwise.


“Good thing I like Chinese food because there’s no way I’m not going with you!”


Joelle was ecstatic.  She never expected RJ to be willing to give up his life her for her.


It was the best birthday gift she could have gotten.


But RJ told her that he got her little something for her birthday and he’s been dying to give it to her.


It came in a black velvet box and was super shiny…


…and there was a certain question that came with it.


“Best birthday ever!!!”


RJ had to leave to start packing  and get his affairs in order.  Joelle couldn’t wait to tell Tiana the news.  All of her news.


“I’m going to miss you more then everything, but I know this is what you were meant to do.  Make sure you take a break from the yoga to write to me though.”172

Joelle moving out wasn’t the only thing to change at the Blanc house.  Tess aged up to a child.


She’s cute as a button and I have a feeling she’s going to be a knockout as a teen.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Tiana was so proud of Tess.  She was growing up to be such a fine young lady.  She seemed to inherit her grandmothers love of cleaning.


Now that Tess was able to talk all she talked about was becoming a big sister.  She couldn’t wait to meet her little sister, at least she was hoping she’d be a girl (you’re chances are pretty good kid).


Tiana also couldn’t wait, this little bundle was doing a number on her body.  There wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t constantly uncomfortable.


We hadn’t seen much of Evangeline since she moved out to live with her boyfriend Dee and girlfriend Cleo.  The whole living situation was going well.  The three of them got along great.


Evangeline had gotten a job as a reporter for the Sim Chronicle.  She was off on assignment alot and not around.  She was happy that Dee and Cleo were getting on so well.


By the looks of it they were getting on very well.


Now with this arrangement they didn’t have many rules.  Evangeline knew that Cleo and Dee were “close” and she was fine with it.  Let’s face it she kinda liked the idea.  They all agreed that this was fun and free.


They only had one rule.  No falling in love.


And by the looks of those hearts over the bed, Dee and Cleo were on there way to breaking that rule.


Evangeline got home from a long night at the paper.  She was hoping to unwind with either Dee or Cleo.


Little did she know that they just finished unwinding.


“Not tonight E, I’m just not in the mood, maybe later this week.”

Now that it appeared Dee and Cleo broke their one rule what does that mean for Evangeline.  And Tess makes a new friend next time.

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