Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 13)


Life had returned to normal at the Blanc house.  Tiana and Naveen started to think about expanding their family again and RJ was always over looking for any excuse to be close to Joelle.


It’s nice to see RJ didn’t pick up any of his daddy’s bad habits.


The two continued to talk to Prince and were searching for the perfect star for Bella.


Even though RJ didn’t know Bella very well he made sure to pay his respects each time he was over.


Tiana had so many other things going on in her life that her restaurant took a backseat,  It was time to remedy that.


Time to make the donuts, or in this case the cupcakes.


She could hardly contain her excitement when she had her first ever customer.


And then just like that the place was booming.  She was a success.  It didn’t bother her that most of her customers were related to her.


When she finally closed for the night she made sure to sit down and savor this moment.  Plus she was starving and those cupcakes did look delicious.


Joelle had been going on and on about how amazing yoga was, how it completely eased your body and soul.  Tiana had been working at the restaurant all week and could certainly use some relief.


“You’re going to want to plant your right foot closer to you left hand.  It will balance you’re aura more.”


Tiana wasn’t sure toga was her thing.  She decided to leave it to Joelle.


Besides she preferred a nice relaxing swim.


In fact it seemed everyone could use a nice swim today.


Tiana and Naveen felt enough time had past after Bella’s passing.  It was time to adopt their baby.  Tiana knew she wanted a little girl, afterall what generation would this be if it didn’t have a girl in it.


Tiana and Naveen got their little girl.  A beautiful baby girl named Pocahontas.  They thought about changing her name, but decided against it.  The name suited her.


Naveen fell in love instantly.  He promised to show her all the wonders this Earth had to give.


Tiana quickly adjusted to life with a baby.  There was a time when she thought she’d never be doing any of this.  So when it came time for those 3 am feedings she didn’t complain.


“Hello my little princess of the Earth.  Auntie Joelle is going to teach you how to sing with all the voices of the mountain and paint with all the colors of the wind.”


It seemed that Pocahontas wasn’t they only new addition to the house.  It seems a familiar face was back.


Bella was pleased to see her girls so happy.  She had worried that losing her would have sent them spiraling down to a dark place.


“Joelle honey, it’s me mommy. Oh how I’ve missed you.”


Tiana was overjoyed to see her mother again.  She wanted to tell her everything that had happened since she was gone.  Most importantly she wanted to tell her about Pocahontas.


The girls stayed up all night talking to their mom.  Joelle told her all about how she had found her calling in life and it was yoga.  Tiana asked her a million questions about being a mom and if she felt like this too when she had her.


Sadly the night had to end which meant it was time for Bella to leave.  She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her girls again.


“It’s ok mom we’re good.  And that’s because of you.  You raised us to be strong,  Besides it’s not good bye this time, more like see you later.”


“Tiana you’ve always been my levelheaded one.  Always looking at the bright side of things.  I can’t wait to come back and see you and Naveen and my grandchildren.”


Bella had to have been mistaken because only had a grandchild not plural.  Unless Joelle had been keeping secrets.  Her and RJ were closer then ever.  Anyway seeing her mom again made Tiana so happy.


She wanted to celebrate with Naveen.


Hmmm, Joelle are you pregnant and keeping it to yourself.  All that yoga has kept you in great shape, it be easy to hide a little belly.


Naveen was still on a baby high.  Most mornings he would sneak out of bed.


Just so he could get some extra time with Tess, that’s was his nickname for her.  I think I’m going to use it too, Pocahontas is long to type each time.


If Joelle wasn’t at the spa or with RJ, she was practicing yoga.  I was starting to think to she wasn’t even going to school anymore.


Well Tiana hadn’t been feeling well and with what her mother had said to her the other day she thought, was it possible she was pregnant?  The doctors had told her it would be near impossible for her to get pregnant.


With this family nothing was impossible.  Tiana was pregnant!


She could barely believe it.  She went to tell Naveen as quickly as she could.  She still wanted to be extra careful, nothing was going to stop her from having this baby.


“Honey you’re not going to believe this but I’m pregnant.  Like really truly pregnant…look I already have a belly.”


Naveen was over the moon.  It was the best news he had ever received.  He grabbed Tiana and kissed the heck out of her.


They knew it wouldn’t be easy having two young children in the house.  And they wanted to make sure Tess got as much love as they always planned.


“I need to get him or her a little guitar, naturally they will have my musical skills. Or maybe they’ll be an amazing chef just like their mama.”


Tiana still was feeling awful.  Only nine more months to go.


She had read of a recipe that helped with the nausea.  But the smell alone was causing he to be more nauseous, she could only imagine what the taste would do.


Joelle was taking a rare break from her yoga so Tiana took that time to tell her the news.  Joelle couldn’t believe it.


But then it was right back to yoga.  She had been taken private classes with the instructor.  Joelle thought maybe she was grooming her to take over one day.


She met up with RJ after class.  She told him about Tiana being pregnant and even though she was so happy for her sister she was wondering what this meant for her.  They would want to be a family and that would mean she would have to move out.  But where would she go.


RJ joked that they could move in together.  At least she thought he was joking.


She couldn’t think about that right now.  Joelle hated being stressed and all of these changes were overloading her.  The spa had other things other then yoga to help with that.


She ran into her Uncle Reynaldo.  He sometimes saw clients in the gym here.  He said he knew I think or too about an overcrowded house.  He suggested she go see Beth upstairs, she was great at reducing stress.


Beth turned out to be a masseuse.  Joelle didn’t even know this place existed.


Why had no one ever told her about massages.  They were heavenly.


Maybe she could just live here!


“I don’t want you to ever think mommy loves you any less.  You’re so special Tess.  Mommy and daddy were able to pick you out.  No matter what you will always be my daughter.”

Will Joelle figure out where she fits and how will Tess grow up.  Find out next time.

3 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 13)

  1. But that’s what family is for 🙂
    Are you going to name all the heirs by their princess name? What happens when you get to Belle? Well, it’s not actually the same name, is it?


    1. I plan too. I wanted to name Bella Cinderella but I was keeping to the dwarfs and using the same letter for each name. By the time I get to belle I think enough time would have passed.


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