Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 6)


Bella was spending more time painting.  She realized she was pretty good at it and that other people actually wanted to buy her pieces.  Prince was also working on getting his next promotion.  Both knew that they weren’t going to be around much longer and wanted to make sure their girls didn’t have to worry about money.


After their last talk Evangeline felt really nervous being alone with Cleo.  She figured Cleo was just joking about them being together, but what if she wasn’t.


But Cleo was her friend and they did get assigned a project together in school so they had to see each other.


They worked for most of the day on the project.  Anytime Cleo brought up something none project, Evangeline quickly brought the conversation back to school.


Cleo was done talking about school and insisted they deserved a break.  She ran right over to the hot tub.  Evangeline had no choice but to join her.


The hot tub felt hotter then usual to Evangeline, but maybe it was Cleo’s stares that were making her feel flush.


While Cleo was changing back into her regular close, Dee texted Evangeline.

“Just thought you should know I’m thinking of you.”


Joelle decided to visit her new friend Dayana.


But when she got there Dayana wasn’t home.  Only her brother RJ was home.


Dayana had been right, Joelle and RJ hit it off right away.


Cleo had left but she called Evangeline letting her know she had left her book there.  She said she’d come pick it up, but Evangeline said she’d bring it to school tomorrow.


Evangeline was really curious to see what Cleo had been reading.  Hmmm Fifty Shades or Grey I didn’t realize Cleo was into art thought Evangeline…she quickly realized it wasn’t art Cleo was into.


Tiana had been spending a lot of time over at Naveens.  Let’s face it he had nice place, with an even nicer hot tub.


“Ummm Naveen if you were looking for my eyes they’re not down there.”


“Oh you noticed that, well yes thank you for helping me out there.”


“What do you say I give you a better angle!”


You can use your imaginations where that went next.  Anyways after their anatomy lesson Naveen had somewhere he wanted to take Tiana.


He took her to this cute little cafe that he’d discovered when he first moved her.  Seeing that Tiana was an aspiring chef he thought she’d love the place.


And loved it she did.  While using the bathroom she couldn’t help but scope out the place.


“What do you think, doesn’t this place just scream Tiana!”


It was Joelle’s birthday and Bella had been working on a special painting for her.


Tiana offered to take care of the cake since Bella was busy with Joelle’s gift.  Besides that cafe really inspired Tiana to improve her skills.


Everyone was there to celebrate, including Joelle’s imaginary friend Tim Tom Banks.  He was quite the partier and was actually getting pretty inappropriate.  Joelle would have to talk to him later.


And just like that Joelle was a teenager.


She reminding me of Sydney, but that could just be the hair.161

She definitely had the Blanc look.


“Congrats little sis.  Being a teenager is great!”


It looks like the boy craziness has started.  The world stopped because RJ texted her he was going to the gym and they should meet up.


Wait a minute, it can’t be, is that….


…Ramiro Junior better known as RJ!


Bella and Prince had been working so hard lately making sure the girls were taken care of when their gone, that it was time for them to enjoy themselves.


Nothing helps old bones better then a dip in the hot tub.


Of course these too weren’t too old for a little fun.


It was so nice seeing them act like a bunch of teenagers.


Because who knows if they’d get the chance again.

Will Evangeline have to choose between Cleo and Dee, and Tiana makes a life changing decision next time.

7 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 6)

  1. ” Fifty Shades or Grey I didn’t realize Cleo was into art thought Evangeline” LOL!!
    That cafe was so pretty! Is he going to get it for her, Naveen is so sweet! I love him!

    Oh no, Ramiro 2.0 is here! Let’s see how he is this time around XD

    Aww, are they gone by the next chapter? So sad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tiana getting all hot in the hot tub! 🙂
    As for the cafe they went to, is that in the Gallery?

    I was thinking the same thing as, peacesign101, it makes me sad too to see Bella and Prince as elders. 😦 I’ve gotten so attached to them.


    1. I know you would never think Tiana was that kind of girl!
      Yes I got it on the gallery and I’ve been to give the creator credit, but I play on a different computer for that game and haven’t had access to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tiana getting all hot in the hot tub! 😉 As for the cafe they went to, is it available in the Gallery?

    I agree with peacesign101, it makes me sad as well to see Bella and Prince as elders.


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