Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 5)


It was Bella’s birthday and they were throwing her a party.  Prince asked the girls if they could tend to the garden, it seems Bella had been a little neglectful.


Joelle didn’t understand what a surprise party was (she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box).


Tiana did her best to explain it.  She even showed her how to yell surprise.


The guests started to arrive.


Unfortunately I missed the surprise part but I did catch a sweet hugs between Bella and Dina.  It was good to see these two together again (see Bella Blanc Part 20 if you don’t know why this is good)


Prince decided he didn’t need a bartender.  He was a man and he could tend the bar with the best of him.  Oh no he thought someone replaced the vodka with water…oh yeah vodka is supposed to be clear.


The party wasn’t all smiles.  Simone couldn’t help but wish that Snow and Florian were here to celebrate.


“You know that dad is busting his moves up there while mom pretends not to know him.”


Tiana invited Lottie, not knowing she’s been making out with Evangeline’s boyfriend.


Speaking of which Dee also showed up.  Evangeline was not pleased and she was going to make sure Dee knew it.


She screamed and yelled like a taxi driver stuck in traffic.  The weird thing was Dee didn’t seem to have any idea what she was talking about.


Then Dee walked out of the house….wait what!


What had dad put in those drinks, she was seeing double Dee’s.


“But if your Dee then who have I been screaming at?  And who did I see kissing Lottie””


“That be me, Lottie’s my girl of course I’d be kissing her.  I’m Dum, Dee’s brother. Everybody knows the Tweedle twins.”


“TWIN BROTHER, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!  You think you would have mentioned that.”


“Why would I mention it of course I know I have a brother we are twins.”



Evangeline couldn’t stay mad at Dee.  He was just a big goofball, her goofball.


She felt bad for thinking he would cheat on her and for deleting his number.  She did the only thing she thought to do to make it up to him.


It was time to blow out the birthday candles.


I love the birthday mystery glow.


Bella was now an elder.  Tiana and she knew that they wouldn’t have much more time together so they vowed to make the most of it.


“I didn’t think it was possibly but you look as beautiful as the day you appeared on my doorstep.”

66What a prince!


The party had ended and most of the guest had left.  Tiana told Lottie to stay.  She needed to tell her all about what happened with Naveen and she wanted to her all about the new guy Lottie was seeing.


They decided the hot tub was the best place for a gossip session.


Lottie wasn’t the only one who stayed late.  Her parents had gone to bed and Tiana and Lottie’s talks went on for hours, so Evangeline thought she’d apologize to Dee a little more.  I’m sure Tiana understood “apologizing” would be a lot more comfortable on her double bed instead of Evanglines single.


There was a lot of fumbling and bumping into each other.


Judging be their faces they had different opinions on how it went.


“Umm well that was fun….I’m sure next time will be even better (I hope).”


The next morning Prince had let Bella sleep in.  This meant there was no breakfast made, so it was leftover cake for breakfast,


Cake for everyone!


Where’s that smile Evangeline, you’re eating cake for breakfast!


That a girl Tiana you’re in the spirit.


Bella was back to her daily visits and went over to Gigi’s.


She had to meet the twins!  Yes more twins and more girls, Kacey and Sophia.


Let’s be honest the tv is the only reason she came by.


Oh and we got to see Gigi and Reynaldo’s  nice pool.


Joelle headed to the park.  Some might think she was playing by herself but you just can’t see her friend Tim Tom Banks.  He’s imaginary.


Evangeline also went to the park.  She was telling her friends about woohooing with Dee.  She was hoping they could reassure her that it got better.


Cleo, her friend who had sent her the picture. didn’t understand why she was even with Dee.


“You are way too good for him.  He’s such a dofus.  You should be with someone like me….I mean if I was a guy and all.”


Evangeline figured Cleo must have been joking.  But she noticed that she was staring a little to intently at her and she wasn’t sure it bothered her.


“Ugh I gotta go.  I’ll see you in school, bye!”


As she was leaving she ran into Dee.


She told him to kiss her right now. It was almost like she needed to prove something to herself.


“And then Tim Tom Banks told me to jump in the lake to get all the leprechauns off of me so that they would show us where all the olives were.  The crazy thing is I don’t even like olives!”

Come back next for more fun with the Blancs.

5 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 5)

  1. That was perfects. Complete surprise, but in the, oh “duh” kind of way that makes everything make sense. And this is why you at least let the guy try to explain once before you cut him off…at least these first time offenders.


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