Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 4)


Every chance Evangeline got she would talk about Dee.  She never thought she’d meet someone that got her like he did.


So far they had kept things in the friendzone but when he invited her to the lake she had a feeling that would change.


“You got a little hot sauce on your lip there…let me get it.”


Dee had a more efficient way of getting all the sauce off.


Dee then asked Evangeline if she’d go steady with him.  She said yes.


“I’m sorry to cut this short, trust me I’d like to kiss some more but the new Doctor Who is on and if I don’t get home to watch it my mom will cancel the recording.  She’s really awful.


Evangeline understood completely, she was a Whovian too.  She was about to head home to watch it herself when she got a earth shattering text from her friend Cleo.


How could Dee do this to her. Was he just the kind to collect peoples hearts and break them.


Back at home Bella was really getting good at painting.  I guess she had inherited her mothers skills.


Bella noticed that Evangeline wasn’t herself and asked what was wrong.  Evangeline told her about Dee.


“Oh I’m so sorry honey.  Trust me I know all about guys who seem too true to be real.  It will get easier, just forget him.”


Evangeline took her mothers advice.  She deleted Dee’s number,.  She was done with him.


Then she decided to get some aggression out the best way she knew how.


Tiana got an unexpected phonecall.  Apparently her father had passed away last night.


We all know that they hadn’t been close but since their meeting they did keep in touch.  Even though Tiana barely knew him, she knew that this hurt.


She needed to talk to someone.  Actually there was only one person she wanted to see.


She told him about her father, how they hadn’t been close and now they never will be.


“I’m so sorry Tiana.  No one should ever miss out on getting to know you.”


There eyes locked.  He had the most beautiful green eyes. Tiana knew in that moment she never wanted to look away.


Tiana may have arrived in a sad state but she’d be leaving happier then ever.


“Mon chere, what do you say to some food? I make a great grilled cheese.”


Gorgeous, a prince and he can cook does this guy have any faults.


Face it Tiana, Naveen’s got it bad for you.


Looks like the feelings mutual.


He really did make a good grilled cheese.


Prince felt bad about his handy skills and that Bella had to all the repairs.  He decided it was time to sharpen his skills.  Please don’t electrocute yourself.


Looks like someone needs the bathroom asap.


Evangeline may have deleted Dee’s number but that didn’t mean he didn’t have hers.  He was constantly texting and calling her.  She still refused to talk to him.


“Mama carry me!”


“Joelle you may be the baby of the family but you’re not a baby anymore.”


It was a beautiful day so the family decided why not spend it in the pool.


Bella needed more of a relaxing experience.  So she decided to it was more of a hot tub day.


Everyone was enjoying the day.


It was a great day.

Next time join us for more family fun.

4 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Tiana Blanc (Part 4)

  1. Should this say ‘Evangeline’? “Dee took her mothers advice. She deleted Dee’s number,. She was done with him.”

    “Mama carry me!” What interaction was that? aww that was so cute!

    Is there a reason why the I on the last sentence is a link to the picture Evangeline got from Cleo?


    1. Wow holy typos Batman! I’m so sorry for all of them this post. They should be fixed, thanks!
      The carry me was the hug interactions just captured at the right moment 😉


      1. Lol it’s okay. I thought the link on the last sentence was a mystery link and there was something there.
        So cool! I actually downloaded a pose mod or whatever it is lol


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