Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 29)


Turns out Jaquin was just into Dina because she had a house (he didn’t).  When Dina found out he was just using her he kicked him to the curb.  Unfortunately she had to use the hose on him since he started to set up camp on the curb.  Anyway she was dating a new guy.


His name was Braden and he was a real good kisser.


“Oh hey dad, no mom can’t come to the phone she’d playing hide and seek with her boyfriend.  She’s not very good, she can’t keep quiet.”


Not liking that Dina had moved on, guess who decided to show up.


Braden wasn’t about to have his lady have to deal with this old chump.  He firmly explained to Ramiro he was not welcome in this house.


Ramrio wasn’t the type to be yelled at and just take it.  Even though he was old and grey he was still able to throw down.


However the old and grey didn’t work in his favor and he got pretty roughed up.


In classic Ramiro style he turned and walked away.


Dina couldn’t believe Braden fought for her.  She knew that she loved this man.  Plus it was so hot having guys fight for her.


Whether it was the left over adrenaline or the fact that his girl could rock knee high socks Braden decided he couldn’t live without Dina.


She said yes,


“Babe not to be a jerk but you’re kinda heavier then I rememeber”

“That’s because I’m pregnant silly!”


It was time for Joelle to age up over at the Blancs.


She inherited her moms golden locks.  People would kill for that hair kid, appreciate it.


She turned out to be a sweet child.


Remember when Evangeline didn’t like Joelle.  Well that’s all changed.  These sisters really were great friends.


Tiana was getting to know Quentin, she had meet him a few days ago in the park.  Was our little Tiana having her first crush.


With everything that had been going on with her father and getting to know Quentin, Tiana hadn’t spent a lot of time with Lottie.  They got together to catch up and gossip.


“Did you hear that a real live prince has moved to Willow Creek!!! T, I have to meet him.  I heard he hangs out at the gym.”


Tiana had to take a call from Quentin.  No worries Joelle will keep Lottie company.


“I’ve wished every night for my prince and now he’s here.  Yes he doesn’t know I exist but that’s a minor detail.”


Unfortunately when Bella had wished for her Prince she forgot to add that he be handy.  After a few attempts at fixing things it was clear that Prince should leave the tool box alone.


You gotta love random hugs.


Tiana was spending as much time with Quentin as possible.  She also had fallen in love with the game of horseshoes.  She thought why not combine the two.


“Boom goes the cannon!”


Quentin however was less interested in horseshoes and more interested in staring into Tianas eyes.


Which quickly lead to kissing.


Bella was busy baking one of her amazing cakes which could only mean it was birthday time.


First up was Tiana (yes it’s a double birthday).  Tiana aged into a beautiful young adult.


Next up Evangeline was turning into a teenager.


The sisters didn’t mind sharing a birthday.  As I mentioned before they truly were great friends.


Evangeline lived up to her name and was the prettiest star in the sky.


Boys would be tearing down her door soon enough.

With Tiana now a young adult we officially end generation 2 and start generation 3!  I never thought we’d get there!



Since Ramiro made an appearance this post I realized I never introduced his and Tinkerbelle’s kids, yup you read that right kids.  Tinkerelle had twins.  First up is Dayana.


And this handsome devil is of course Ramiro Joseph, or RJ.  I have a feeling we will see them again!

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