Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 28)


To ensure the girls concentrated on their studies they each had their own desks in their rooms.


Both were A students with bright futures ahead of them.


While the girls studied it was time to welcome a future scholar into the world.  Bella had only known home births and wanted to try this whole hospital thing.


Look who we ran into at the hospital!  These cousins were going to have the same birthday.


“What do mean what does this button do haven’t you ever delivered a baby before??”


Despite this being the doctors first delivery he did the job.  One guess what they had…everyone say it with me, a girl!


Meet baby Joelle.


It was nice to have a baby in the house again.


Everyone was in awe of the little darling.


Well almost everyone.  Evangeline did not want to give up her baby of the status quite yet.  She refused to acknowledge Joelle’s existence.


Bella being in the middle of a big family assured her that the middle was in fact the best place to be.


Evangeline didn’t buy it.  She was quite moody the next few days and everyone felt her wrath.


“Didn’t you like burn the house down last time you cooked.  Maybe ordering take out should be your thing.”


Tiana finally reached out to her dad to figure out when and where to meet.


“The park, that works.  How about tomorrow at 5.  I can meet you after school….yes I go to school, no I’m not in the 2nd grade anymore.”


Was this actually happening?  Was Tiana going to really meet her father tomorrow?


After Joelle was born, Bella and Prince decided they were done having kids.  Since they had some money in savings and no other kids to worry about they splurged and got themselves a hot tub.


With all the girls fast asleep they figured bathing suits weren’t necessary.


I know I said no more deaths but I forgot about one.  Bella found out that Harry passed.  She want to comfort Smee and the girls.


Bella had been handling it al well but broke down when she got home.  She had lost her parents and now her siblings .  She couldn’t bear loss anyone else.


“Promise me that you won’t leave me anytime soon Prince.  I wouldn’t survive without you.”


The day was finally here.  Tiana was going to meet her father.  She got there a little early and ran into a nice boy.  Quinten was his name.


It was past 5 and still no sign of the Dr.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.


Just as Tiana had decided to go home, a oddly dressed, serious looking man was running towards her.  She knew in an instant it was him.  She had his nose.


Overcome with emotion Tiana broke down the second he sat down.  Why had she not been good enough for him, why didn’t he even try to get to know her.


Then anger set in.  You left me and mom, you’re a coward.  You don’t deserve to know anything about me.


When the dust settled and Tiana calmed down her father tried to explain.  He knew all along Bella was to have his child.  He had what some call a gift. He also knew that in order for that child to grow up good he couldn’t be in their life.  If he had stayed Tiana would have grown up with an evil inside her.  He did what he had to do.


Tiana wasn’t sure she really believe his story but a little part of her was thankful.  Even if it wasn’t true Tiana wouldn’t be the same person she was if he’d been around.  And she really like who she was.


Meanwhile with an empty house meant that Prince and Bella could have some more hot tub fun.


It was quickly becoming their favorite place to “relax”.


“Marco….oh Bella where are you?”


“Ohhhhh there you are!”


Tiana decided to leave out the whole her being evil and her dad saving her soul when telling her mom how it went.


And Evangeline finally decided to acknowledge her little sister.


Remember Gigi was at the hospital when Bella had Joelle.


Her and Reynaldo had a little girl (shocker) named Shiew…yeah you’re guess is as good as mine.

Next time we check in on Dina and maybe some aging up.

5 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 28)

  1. “yes I go to school, no I’m not in the 2nd grade anymore.” LOL
    And, I was right! 😛

    How fun that she was at the hospital to deliver the baby as well!!

    I hope the Dr’s story is true, if it is, he is a nice Dad.


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