Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 27)


Bella hadn’t been feeling that great lately.  She was pretty sure she knew why.


She was pregnant!


She quickly went to find Prince to tell him.  Unfortunately he was in the bathroom, but Bella couldn’t wait.


Tiana like her mother found a love for cooking.


However she wasn’t very good at it yet.  Mistakes were bound to happen.  This though was a big mistake.


At least this family wasn’t the running kind.  Prince stepped in to be the hero and put out the fire.


The house needed to air out a bit after the fire so Prince and Bella decided to go watch the moon rise.


But they missed it.  They found something better to do.


After the kitchen fiasco Tiana decided to do a little more research before practicing again.  While she was online she got a message.  She had to do a double take when she saw who it was from.


They had replaced the stove but the burnt smell was still there.  Prince decided they should take a family trip while the house aired out a little more.


They had found a good deal on a beautiful house in Granite Falls.363

Bella was thrilled to have non burnt kitchen and got to work on lunch.


Prince and Evangeline started a rousing game of horseshoes.  Don’t tell Bella but they were betting desserts.


“Mom I have to tell you something.  Dad reached out to me.  He wants to meet with me.  I don’t want to bring up bad memories for you but I don’t know what to do.”


“Sweetheart,  if it wasn’t for your father I wouldn’t have you, and that’s something I would never change.  I can’t tell you what to do but don’t not see him because of me.”


Bella hadn’t let herself think of the Dr. for all these years.  She needed to clear her head and decided to go look for some new seeds for her garden.


Tiana told Prince about her father contacting her.  He told her the same thing that it was her decision.  No one could make that choice for her.  She reassured him that even if she chose to meet him that Prince would always be her dad.


And then she caught a fish!


Evangeline and Prince decided to let Tiana get in on the action.  So far Prince owed the next month of desserts to Evangeline.


The girls went off for some cloud watching.


While mom and dad went off for some different fun.


They ended the night with a marshmallow roast and some ghost stories.


Though the vacation was short it was just what they needed.


Soon their family would be growing and it was nice to spend time together.


Unfortunately when they got home Bella got some sad news.  Her oldest sister Dorothy had died.


She went over to console Arvin.  Olivia had passed away a little while back and now Dororthy, he was all alone.


She regretted not spending more time with Dororthy.  There was such a big age gap between them that they never had gotten very close.


A few days had passed and Bella was getting over her sisters death.  Tiana had finally decided she was going to meet her dad.


As she was grieving for her sister she got another call that Ezra had passed away.  Even though they were not technically family (Sydney and Ezra never got married) Ezra would always be her brother.


Sydney not surprisingly was pretty shaken up.  Bella made sure she didn’t have to worry about cleaning.


Or dinner.  In fact Bella made sure to prepare meals for the whole week.


“I’m sorry Bella I didn’t even congratulate you on being pregnant…..Ezra loved babies!!!”

I promise no more deaths for a while.  Next will be more cheerful.

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