Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 25)


It was wedding day!  Reynaldo was raring to go.


Of course Gigi had invited all her sisters.  She was hoping that Bella and Dina could finally talk and put the whole Ramiro situation behind them.


The men gathered at the bar for pre-ceremony drinks.


Yup that’s Ezra and Harry.  They had gotten old 😦


“I can’t believe my baby sister is getting married.  Gigi I’m going to miss you, the house won’t feel the same.  Don’t worry about me and Dina, this is your day, focus on you.”


The ceremony got started.  Everyone found a good spot to watch.


“With this ring…wait let me just push it a little more….yeah this isn’t fitting>”


“I guess I should start cutting back at the gym even my fingers are bulking up.”


They might have had an issue with the rings but there were no problems when it came time to kiss the bride.


The ceremony was over and it was time for hugs.


And naps.


Prince got a chance to talk to Dina.  He told her how much Bella misses her, it’s just hard for her to admit it.  She was so hurt by what happened and not to mention the crazy pregnancy hormones, things just got blown out of proportion.        186

Let the dancing begin.


What’s this, Dina and Bella dancing together.  Could things finally be patched up between them.


It was time to cut the cake but Reynaldo was no where to be found.  In fact Gigi hadn’t seen much of him since the ceremony.


She decided to check upstairs and there he was waiting for her.  He said he didn’t care about the cake and all he wanted was some alone time with his wife.


He got some more alone time later that night.  So many fireworks!


It had been an emotional night for Bella.  She was the last sibling left in the house, it was her family’s house now.  Yes her and Dina danced but that’s what Blancs always do.  They hadn’t talked, things weren’t fixed yet.  All she wanted was to snuggle her little star.


Dina was confusing the same worries to Gigi a few days later.  She told how she thought they her and Bella were ok but how she hadn’t heard from Bella.  She missed her sister.


Gigi told her not to worry.  Things with her and Bella will work out.


We can’t forget the little guys.  Tiana had made a new friend, Charlotte, but everyone called her Lottie.


They instantly became best friends.  It turns out Lottie loved The Princess and the Frog too!  She even admitted to kissing a few frogs in hopes of them becoming princes.  She was a little obsessed with wanting to be a princess.


All those fireworks what sparked something, Gigi was already pregnant!


Bella ran into Gigi at the museum and was thrilled to learn the news that she was pregnant.


“Bella please go see Dina and talk this out.  It’s been too long and you’re both being silly.  Her baby is due any day, she could really use her big sister.”


Bella also ran into Simone on her way home.  She told her the same thing.


So Bella made a detour on her way home.


Dina was thrilled to see Bella.  She apologized for everything, Ramiro, moving out, but mostly for hurting Bella.  She was young and she thought she was in love.  She knew better know.


Bella apologized too.  She had done the same thing to Sydney, minus the getting pregnant and moving out.  She shouldn’t have been so hard on Dina.


Things were finally back to normal.  And both sisters swore to sock Ramiro the next time they saw him.


Oh and in case you didn’t notice before Dina wasn’t pregnant anymore.  She had a little boy, Randi.  Something tells me he’s going to be a future heartbreaker like his dad.

Next time stay tuned for a few birthday’s and new love.

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