Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 19)


Look who came back to check up on his girls.


Gigi thought she had seen someone behind her.  She must be seeing things.


Dina looks so innocent when she’s sleeping.


The darkness of night didn’t stop Bella from tending to her garden.




Oh how Florian missed his girls.


Gigi was relived she wasn’t going crazy and someone was watching her before.


Even though Tiana had only met her grandpa when she was a baby she knew instantly who he was.


Mom was right, he did give the best hugs.


Florian couldn’t stay long but he got to see all his girls.  Snow would be very happy when she hears they are alright.


“And then i turn around and there’s daddy!  I was able to actually hug him.”

It’s nice to see smiles at the table again.


Bella had finally gotten those darn tomatoes and now was on the hunt for onions.  She had heard they grew near the museum.


And look who we just happen to come across, Annebeth, Shelley and Lucy.  It’s nice to see the cousins are so close.


Prince had finally felt enough time had past since Bella’s parents passed away to ask her what he’d been wanting to ask for a long time.  He called her up and ask her to come over right away.


She was a little confused why he was so dressed up.  But he was a big shot at the office so maybe he had some event to go to.


“I knew from that very first day when you showed up outside my house lost that you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with….”


“…Bella Blanc will you marry me?”


What do you think she said.


Bella was on cloud nine and decided to whip up a batch of her famous heart cookies.


Not only had he proposed but they decided he should move in with her.  She wanted him to have a nice surprise waiting for him on his first day home.


When Prince got home they decided to tell Tiana the good news.


“You’re gonna be my new daddy, YES!”


Meanwhile Dina was playing with fire and that fires name was Ramiro.


She couldn’t understand how any of her sisters let this one get away.


She new it was risky but she let Ramiro walk her home.  Bella and Prince were out and Gigi was at work so she figured it was safe.


Once again Gigi stopped by the gym to see Reynaldo.  He worked so much.  She had decided she was going to tell him how she felt.


“This has been the worst day ever.  Two of my clients quit on me and my roommate just told me he’s moving out.  I seriously can not take any more change….I’m sorry Gig you wanted to tell me something.”


She decided maybe today wasn’t the right day to tell him.


“Aunt Dina who was that boy you were being all mushy with outside yesterday?”

“His name is Nonna Your Business”

Will Gigi ever tell Reynaldo how she feels and will Dina get burned.  Find out next time.


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