Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 18)


Bella was missing her parents and decided to visit one of their favorite spots.  She couldn’t help but feel less alone here.


That might be because Prince was coming by to make sure she was ok.


“I’m sorry Prince, I really appreciate you seeing if I’m ok but I just need to be alone right now.”


Prince understood.  He told her that he’d be checking out the museum if she changed her mind.


Bella was alone again thinking about her parents.  All of the sudden a gush of wind rushed by almost pushing her towards the direction Prince went.  Bella thought could this be her parents telling her to move on.  To let Prince comfort her.


She decided to meet Prince after all.


She was really falling in love with this guy.  She knew her parents approved!


Sydney was having a hard time with her parents death.  She started to lash out on Ezra.

S450  Ezra made sure to explain to Lucy that mommy didn’t mean the things she was saying she just really missed grandma and grandpa.451Yes she was upset about her parents but she also told Ezra she was pregnant.  Everything was just too much and she exploded on him and she was sorry.


Things were getting back to normal in the Blanc house.  Tiana was really starting to bond with her Aunt Gigi.


Prince had been amazing to Bella.  He was caring and always there for her when she needed him even if that meant late at night.


Bella let go of her heart and completely gave into the fact that she was in love.


She felt it was time to show him just how much she loved him.


Their first night together was magical, nothing like her first time.  She knew there would be lots of magical nights in her future.


Since Prince had come by late last night no one knew he had stayed the night.  She didn’t want Tiana to run into mommy’s boyfriend without talking to her first.


He couldn’t sneak out the front because Gigi was finishing breakfast.


And Tiana was getting ready for school, so he’d have to continue to hide out.


How about a little massage while you wait.


Finally the coast was clear and they were free to enjoy a nice breakfast together.


After work Gigi stopped by the gym to chat with Reynaldo.  They were still in the friendzone.


Once Tiana got home from school Bella sat down to talk to her about Prince.

“You know that mommy has a special friend, Mr. Prince.  Well I want you to know that mommy likes him very much and she hopes you like him too.  He’s going to be hanging around here a lot more if you’re ok with it.”


Dina told her cousin Tasha to meet her at the gym the next day after school.


Tasha was confused.  Dina was not the gym type.  Dina explained the gym was just a cover.  They were actually going out drinking!


Their ids worked and soon the girls were enjoying some adult beverages.


Dina got a call from the mystery guy she’d been messaging.  He was going to stop by.


There had been a lot of flirting online but this was the first time she’d be seeing him in public.  She decided another drink would calm her nerves.


Her mystery man was….RAMIRO!!  And you thought we’d seen the last of him.


Ramiro struck out with Sydney and Bella, third times a charm.  Oh wait he was with Dorothy too, so fourth time.


Dina being the rebel didn’t care that he’d dated three of her sisters.  The fact that he was off limits made him more alluring.


Dina felt great.  Her nerves were gone.  Clearly Ramiro was interested since the flirting was now no longer only online.  She asked him if he wanted to go somewhere a little more private.


“You’ve had the rest now it’s time for the best.  I’m the only Blanc girl that should matter to you!”


They were gone for quite a while, but both had smiles when they came back downstairs.


Ramiro’s face says it all here.

How do like Ramiro back in the Blanc’s life, you know you missed him!  Get ready for more next time.

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