Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 16)

277Gigi decided to test this whole friendship thing with Reynaldo and invited him over.  She was all giddy when he actually came!


Wanting to show off her rocking new body, thanks to Reynaldo, she thought a fun pool day would be best.


Which lead to some dancing.


And some healthy snacking of chips and salsa.  Gigi loved spending time with him.  She just hoped that one day it would include kissing.


Dina had gotten bitten by the work out bug too.  I wonder if she a guy was involved too.


Bella had never been happier.  Things with Prince were great.  She didn’t think it was this possible to like someone so much.  She never felt this way about Ramiro.


“Bella, I hope it’s clear how much a like you.  The thought of you dating anyone else drives me mad. I was wondering if you’d be my girlfriend?”


Of course she said yes.  It’s so nice to see her so happy.


Speaking of happy, Dina had been unusually chipper the last few days.  She also was always on Simbook.  Everyone suspected a guy was the reason.


The pool just wasn’t as much fun without Reynaldo in it.



Bella’s high was about to get really painful.  She was in labor!


She welcomed a beautiful baby girl she name Tiana.  Snow and Florian were over the moon.  They were so happy they got to meet her.


“I’m sorry I won’t be around to watch you grow up, but I know you’re going to be amazing”


Florian made sure she knew that grandpa gave the best tickles.


Even though Tiana’s father wouldn’t be in the picture, it didn’t mean she was lacking love.  This little girl had all the love she could ever want.


Realizing that Snow and Florian didn’t have much time left, the kids decided to get together for one last Blanc family party!


There were lots of long hugs.


Florian always had a soft spot for Ezra.  He considered him his son, even if him and Sydney never got married.


It was bittersweet seeing Snow and Florian with all there kids knowing this most likely would be the last time they saw each other.


“I love you daddy.”


“Now lets party!”


Of course there was dancing, what would a Blanc party be without dancing.


We haven’t seen them much but it seemed SImone and John have that fairy tale romance her parents have.


Bella invited Prince to the party so he could meet her parents.  To say he was nervous would be an understatement.


It was a little awkward but it seemed like they like him.


Prince hoped they had liked him because he had something very important to talk to them about.  He asked if they could go somewhere more private.


“I know you’ve just met me and don’t really know me but there’s one think you should know about me.  I love your daughter more than anything else.  I would like your blessing to ask her to marry me.  Know that I will take care of her and Tiana for as long I live.”


Snow couldn’t hold back her excitement.  Of course they’d let Prince marry Bella.  They’ve never seen their daughter more happy.  They just hoped they would be around to see it.


Prince left so they could have some private time of their own.


“We did good my love”


When they got back the party had ended.  The husbands and wives and boyfriends had left but the kids decided to stay a little longer.  One last dance with the parents for old times sake.

Make sure you have your tissues ready for next time, it’s going to be a sad one 😦

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