Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 14)


Snow and Florian had so much fun in the backyard after the vow renewals that they decided to add a pool!


Bella couldn’t believe what she had done.  What was she thinking, she didn’t even like Dr. Facilier like that.  She told Gigi what had happened.

“That’s the Doctor you’ve been working for.  Everyone says he practices voodoo.  What if he put the voodoo on you?”

Voodoo, Dr. Facilier?  It would explain things.  She had to go see him and find out.


Thankfully Florian was out practicing his chess.  If he knew what was going on with his little Bella, you can be sure no amount of voodoo would protect Dr. Facilier!


It seemed everyone else was busy else where around the house.


When Bella got to the Dr.’s house she found it empty.  So empty it looked like no one ever lived there.  Bella couldn’t believe he’d just left.  First Ramrio didn’t care about her and then she made a stupid mistake, at least things couldn’t get any worse.


The family was enjoying the new pool.  Bella quietly talked with Gigi and told her how Dr. Facilier’s house was empty.


Snow and Florian were happy when the girls decided to go out and get ice cream.  It meant they could enjoy their new pool alone.


Of course things with them heat up quickly…


…very quickly!


“Gigi is something wrong with Bella? She seems sad.  And where’s Ramiro?  I feel like he’s never around anymore”


Bella finally told Snow what happened, well not everything she was her mom.  She just told her about Ramiro and that she had made a big mistake.


“Aw baby we all make mistakes.  The important thing is we learn from them and not let them define who we are.  Whatever you did doesn’t mean you’re not the same Bella you’ve always been.”


Reynaldo had been working Gigi so hard she was looking great which was good.  But it also meant she didn’t need to work out with him anymore which was bad.  So she decided to try and pack on some pounds that way she could keep hanging out with him.


She also checked out his Simbook page to see if he had a girlfriend.  Relationship status: single!


After her talk with Snow Bella was mentally feeling better but physically she felt awful.  Unfortunately she had feeling she knew why and went in the bathroom to confirm….she was pregnant!


The last thing she had expected was to hook up with the Dr. but to seriously be pregnant was mind blowing.  What was she going to do, how would she ever explain this to her mom and dad.


She couldn’t keep this to herself, she told Snow right away.

“Mom, remember before when I said I had made a huge mistake, well it’s even worse then I thought.  I’m pregnant and no it’s not Ramiros”


I’d be lying if I said Snow wasn’t shocked.  But she was surprisingly calm.  She didn’t push for answers, Bella would tell her when she was ready.  All she could do now was be there for her daughter and soon to be grand daughter or grand son.


Her mom had taken it so well, Bella decided to tell Florian.  He was in a state of shock and didn’t say anything.


She told Snow and Florian about going to Dr. Facilier’s after her and Ramiro broke up.  How he comforted her and things escalated.  She told them how she went to his house the next day and he was gone.  How she’s been trying to contact him about the baby but his cell is disconnected.   Bella just wanted to go back to her normal life.  So she went to her favorite spot to check on the tomatoes.


On her way home she passed by Prince’s.


Luckily he was home because this baby was pressing on her bladder and she had to pee.


“Prince is so sweet he didn’t even judge me when he saw I was pregnant”


For some reason she made sure she looked her best before leaving the bathroom.


She wound up hanging out with Prince for the rest of the day.


Gigi’s plan to pack on the pounds was working.  She called Reynaldo to meet her at the gym.


The next hour was both heaven and hell for Gigi.


Reynaldo pushed her hard.  He made sure to give her all his attention.


“You know Gigi next time you want to work out with me you could just call me and ask.  You don’t need to eat the worlds supply of cake, we’re friends after all.  At least I consider you my friend.”


Back at home Simone came over with girls.


“Aunt Dina isn’t that bathing suit a little small”


Grandpa Florian showed his grand daughters how to bust a move.


“Aunt Bella you’re going to get fat.”

Simones kids were what you would call brats.

I know this part was a little heavy, I promise to keep it lighter in the next one!

7 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 14)

  1. Ok, my bad. I had no idea who the Dr was until I read this. Lol can’t believe she’s pregnant but things make sense now. I hope prince is there for her, he seems like a nice guy.
    The kids are cute, I want to see what my family looks like when it grows even more. (Rivie from the forums)


    1. I love Prince! The Dr. is the bad guy from Princess and the Frog (if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it). My goal is to sprinkle some other Disney characters in from time to time. Having him in the Tiana story just made sense 🙂


      1. Until I read this episode, I realized it was him. I’ve seen it but only once and a long time ago which is why the name didn’t stick.
        I think that’s really cool, more disney characters in the sims world! I didn’t want the actual characters in game but when I needed a family for the neighbors, I found Elsa and Jack, I liked the family that I couldn’t not add them. But they just have their names and resemble them, not really their characters in my sims world


      2. I love the idea of Jack and Elsa!
        I had made a lot of Disney characters before I started this challenge so when I needed some boyfriends/girlfriends for all those kids I sprinkled them in. Also I want to try and incorporate some characters from each generations movie (if it makes sense to have them). In case you haven’t notices I’m a Disney nut 🙂


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