Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 12)


Bella decided to change things up and try a new gym in the neighboring town.


It was nice to work out worrying who you’d run into.  Since she had kissed Ramiro she was trying to avoid Sydney.. She knew she should tell her sister but she was afraid how she’d react.


On her way back home she happened to pass by Prince’s house.  If you don’t remember Prince was the nice guy who’d had helped her out when she got lost the other night.


He told her he’d lived in this town for a while now and if she ever needed a tour guide he’d happily show her around.  Prince really was a sweet guy and maybe if Ramiro wasn’t in the picture Bella would have noticed that too.


Back at home Gigi told her mom about her new trainer.

“His name is Reynaldo and he’s great.  He’s also really cute.  He must have a girlfriend, I mean a guy that looks like that must have a girlfriend, right?”


It was finally Dina’s birthday.


The last kid was now becoming a teenager.  Snow could hardly believe how quickly it all seemed to go by.


Dina was quite the looker.


She’d be breaking hearts left and right.


Gigi was so happy to have another teen in the house.  She loved talking to her mom and Bella, but there were something that only other teens found funny.


Dina turned out to be the families rebel.  Snow was a little concerned when she came home one day with maniquins.  She said a little boutique was throwing them out so she took them.  A few days later there was a story in the paper about 2 missing maniquins.


Bella did her best to hide her relationship with Ramiro but a mother knows these things.  Also Ramiro kept stopping by.


“Bella, you’re an adult and I can’t tell you what to do but keeping secrets is never good.  Especially secrets from your family.  If you and Ramiro are together you should tell Sydney.  She’s your sister she only wants you to be happy.”


Maybe Snow was right she liked Ramrio and he liked her, at least he liked kissing her.  Sydney would understand.


She told Ramiro that she was going to tell Sydney.  He asked her not to.  He didn’t want to mess up what they had and he thought telling Sydney would only cause trouble.  Something tells me that wasn’t the reason he didn’t want to make their relationship public.  Be careful Bella.


The lights were out in the Blancs house.


Swwet dreams of hunky trainers were being had…


…and future plans of mischief.


But not for Bella.  The Dr. had asked to come clean the house.  However when Bella got there he wasn’t there, just a note saying to lock up when you’re done.


Bella got to work.  She was a little disappointed that the Dr. wasn’t there.  She enjoyed their chats.  Something about him kept Bella interested.  And he was the only one besides Snow who knew about her and Ramiro.


Speaking of Ramiro all she needed to do was throw out the garbage then she could go home and have sweet dreams of him.


However it wasn’t quite bed time when she got home.  She forgot she needed to prep the meals for tomorrow.


Finally Bella got to rest and dream about Ramiro, only she didn’t dream of him.  Instead it was Prince she was dreaming about.

What does Bellas dream mean…see if we find out next time.

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