Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 11)


It was time to go to the hospital!


Ezra wasn’t freaking out or anything.


“Excuse me, I’m having a baby and I need a room.  Also can someone go pick up my boyfriend, he passed out on the sidewalk”


Sydney was all set to go.


Ezra was pure panic the whole time.  What if the aliens switched out the baby when he was abducted.


No, they didn’t have an alien.  But they did have a beautiful baby girl they named Lucy.


They brought little Lucy home to meet her Aunt’s and Grandpa (Snow was at work).  They also announced that they would be moving out.  They had found a cute home perfect for them a few blocks away.


Everybody wanted a chance to cuddle Lucy.


Gigi was sad she wasn’t going to get to hang out with this little cutie all the time.


Sydney, Ezra, and Lucy said their final good byes.  I will miss Sydney, she was one of my favorites.


The table felt extra big tonight.


Bella and Gigi felt they needed a little gym therapy.


Gigi needed to step up her game at the gym.  She had heard about this great trainer, Reynaldo.  What she didn’t hear was how cute he was.


Bella needed to tell someone about the make out session with Ramiro.  She was going to tell Simone but she felt she wouldn’t get it.  Simone was the one Blanc girl who didn’t understand the whole Ramiro attraction.


Bella excitedly checked her phone hoping the text she got was from Ramiro.  But it was from Dr. Facilier.  He wanted her to come today to clean.


Still needing to tell someone about Ramiro Bella decided to unload on the Dr.  Surprisingly he was willing to hear it.


As long as she told him and made dinner at the same time.


“Let me get this straight he went on a date with your oldest sister, who was really in love with a girl so they decided to be just friends.  Then he dated your other sister who dumped him for her best friend who she now has a kid with”


The Dr. was knocked out trying to figure it all out and went to bed.  Bella made sure to clean the bathroom before leaving for the night.


Snow had the day off and decided to visit some grandkids.  First up were the twins, Annabeth and Shelley.


She didn’t want to tell Simone how to raise a child but was it really a great idea leaving little Annabeth outside.  They had just moved to a bigger house.  Surely there was room for her inside.


Shelley must be their favorite because she got to live inside.


“Mom did you know they made tv’s this size.  I thought you said the one we had was the biggest they made”


Ramiro finally texted Bella.  This is what he said       ” 😉 “

Where is this relationship going, find out next time!

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