Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 10)


Ezra made it back to Earth safely.  He didn’t remember anything about the abduction but he was all the sudden great at repairing electronics.


Honestly no one even noticed Ezra was gone.  Everyone was to consumed with Sydney’s growing belly.


Bella wanted to practice her baking skills.  Luckily Florian and Snow’s birthday were coming up.

822 \

Since this sadly would be Florian’s last birthday 😦 the family wanted to go all out.  Confetti canons!


You’re still a hunk of a man Florian.


A little wardrobe change to suit an elder.


“You’ll always be my prince, no matter what age you are.”


Then it was Snow’s turn to blow out the candles.  Dina wasn’t impress, I just think she didn’t want to think about Snow getting older and being gone soon.


At least you still got the lips as red as a rose and skin as white as snow.  The hair was more as gray as a mule.


Dang girl!  You had 7 kids with that body.


They may have been old in body but they will always be young at heart.


Snow and Florian had been fine with Ezra moving in but he still felt like he should earn his keep.  Turns out he was quite handy.


Sydney was reminded everyday that she had made the right choice by picking Ezra.  She mad sure to show it.


“Sydney I know you’re pregnant but the doctor said you only need to add a few hundred calories a day.  That was your third breakfast.”


Sydney went over to see Smee since she was also pregnant.


“Well I’ll trade my acid reflux for your backache anyday.”


Deciding to keep the baby train running, Sydney went to visit Simone and John…


…and the twins!


That’s right they had twin girls, Annabeth and Shelley.  Sydney was so happy for her sister and wonder’d if she’d be doubly blessed.


“Don’t you worry little girl Aunite Sydney will have a playmate for you soon.”


Birthday’s didnt stop, it was now Bella’s birthday.  Everyone gathered in the kitchen waiting to surprise Bella when she got home from school.


Happy Birthday Bella,  I can’t believe you’re a young adult.


Bella wasn’t as thrilled with being older.  With age came gravity which meant she’d have to work out even harder to keep certain things from drooping.  She wanted to stay nice and fit for Ramiro.


Dina told Snow her worries about her getting old.  Snow reassured her that no matter where she was she’d always be with Dina in her heart.


Bella decided it was time to go to a bar, seeing as she was old enough.  She heard about this great spot in the town over.


Imagine her surprise when she ran into Ramiro.  She figured it must be fate.


“It’s your birthday, well we need to get you birthday shots!  Oh man me wallet is in my other pants can you get these?”


Ramiro was all charm.  Bella completely forgot he was her sisters ex.


So when Ramiro asked if she wanted to get some air she didn’t hesitate to say yes.


And when Ramiro started to make out with her she didn’t bother trying to push him away.  Sydney was about to have a baby with Ezra I’m sure the last think on her mind was Ramiro.


Being in a new town and making out with Ramiro left Bella in a daze and she got a little lost on her way home.


Luckily she walked past Prince Charming’s house.  He was more then happy to help her on her way.


If she wasn’t drunk on Ramiro (and a few cocktails) she may have noticed how he couldn’t take his eyes of her.882

Bella was wrong about one thing. Sydney wasn’t about to have a baby, she was having it now!

Find out next time what she has, though in the family it’s kind of a sure thing.

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