Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 9)

 The girls rule, Snow welcomed her third girl Simone.

 Of course Harry was thrilled with his new sister!

 Sydney being the creative genius of the family got straight to work on a song for her new sister.

 Snow and Florian couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

“We are so blessed.  Thank you for saying yes to me Snow.  I don’t know what I’d do without you”

 Could they be planning number 6 already?

 Snow was so behind on her painting she vowed to devote all her free time to it.

 Which meant the gardening was left to Florian to take care of.

 Of course baby Simone trumped gardening.

 Snow did take a break from painting to bake a very special cake….

 It was Florians birthday!

 Little Sydney wouldn’t be staying little for long.  She had developed a love for birthday cake, actually a love for all food.

 Dorothy made sure to get Florian alone for some daddy daughter time.  With her dad getting older, it made Dorothy want to spend as much time with him as she can.

 The family decided to stay home while Harry went to make some new friends at the library.  He had a way with the ladies, especially the older ladies.

“What did you say your name was again, oh Mrs. Robinson that’s a nice name”

 At home the family had a reason hey sent Harry away.  It was his birthday and they wanted to surprise him when he got home.  Sydney already had her eye on that cake.

 “Shh shh he’s here”

 “Surprse!! Happy Birthday Harry!”

 He was totally surprised.

 Snow could hardly believe her little prince was almost a man.   Why does time have to go so quick.

 Of course Sydney was the first to have a piece of cake.

 Harry was going to break a lot of hearts with those eyes.

 Harry wasn’t the only one growing up.  It was Simones turn too.

 She was the first to get Snow’s raven hair.

 And of course she received a teddy bear like each sibling before her.  Meet Sneezy.

What’s in store next for this fairy tale family.

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