Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 5)

 Florian and Dorothy had a special bond right away.  Florian knew he’d love all his children, but Dorothy held a special piece of his heart.  He saw right off the bat she was smart.  When he could no longer help her with her home work he knew this kid had a bright future.

 He introduced her to a game called chess.  She was a natural.

 Everyone wanted a chance to play the whiz kid.  Dorothy had to admit she was liking the attention.

 Dorothy was going to need that extra attention because before they knew it Snow and Florian had their second child.  A happy little boy named Harry!

 Dorothy was less then thrilled.

 Harry’s stuffed bear Happy took most of it.  He was such a trooper.

 One day while doing the only good thing she felt she had left in her life, her friend Gunner gave her some advice.

“Man you are so lucky you have a brother.  My parents always said I was too much and never had any more kids.  You’ve got someone to boss around and play chess with.  I mean think of all the stuff you can get away with and blame on him!”

 When Dorothy got home she saw Harry differently.

“I’m going to blame you for everything….and I guess you’re kinda cute”

 Harry wasn’t the only new addtion to the Blanc family.  Snow and Florian were both doing so well at their jobs that they splurged and bought a stove!

 “This….what do you call it again…oh yeah grilled cheese, is amazing.  It’s even better then woohoo”

 The family was doing great, everything was perfect…

 Well maybe not everything.

 Harry finally aged up.  His hugs were always reserved for Snow.

 Snow was beyond the moon with her two perfect kids.  She finally had the family she wanted.  Now they could slow down and enjoy their fairy tale life.  She made the decision she was done having kids.  She had her beautiful princess and dashing prince, she had it all.

 He was the happiest kid you’d ever meet. And would you just look at that smile.

 “Thakns for taking all those beatings Happy.  It’s only hugs from now on pal!”

 Underwear hugs are the best

 In fact everything was better in your underwear.  At least that’s how the Blancs felt.  What other adventures await our little underwear clan, find out next time.

Oh and that decision Snow had made early, didn’t really pan out !

4 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 5)

  1. Hahaha, as an asexual woman, I’d have to concur, Grilled Cheese is most definitely better than Woohoo. ^_~

    Oh man, I love Dorothy’s characterization! She’s just so darn adorable!

    And congrats on the stove! Everyone gives congrats on new nooboos, but where are the congrats for appliances, huh? They need love too! (*bets it only takes three sim days until someone uses it to set their cozy little cottage on fire*)

    Liked by 2 people

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