Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 24)

Sydney met up with Ramiro at an up and coming museum in the next town.

Ramiro wasn’t interested in viewing the art, he’d much rather look at Sydney.

Ramiro had a bit of a reputation of a ladies man, but it seemed he was falling under Sydneys spell.

He wasn’t complaining.

However he was complaining when Sydney decided to call Ezra in the middle of their date.

“Yeah, Ezra I’m looking at this painting and it reminds me of that spot in the dessert when you thought you say a UFO.  Do you remember that?”

Not feeling the need to resumer her date right away, Sydney thought she should get in a little practice.

After so many year together Snow and Florian never lost thir spark.

And even with her being so pregnant they still loved to woohoo.

Olivia had asked Dorothy to meet her at the playground after work.

“This is where we became friends, but for me this is where I feel in love with you!  I know it didn’t seem like it at the time but I’ve loved you since then.  I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…”

“…Will you marry me?”

Dorthy said yes and Olivia knew the perfect place to celebrate.

They didn’t want to waste anytime telling people so they headed over to see Snow and Florian.  Snow was beyond happy for her baby.

Simone was shocked they didn’t have a color scheme yet.

Bella was excited for a reason to stay up past her bedtime, and because she loved Dorothy, of course.

The person who took it the hardest was Florian.  He and Dorothy had always had a special bond.  He couldn’t help but feel like he was being replaced.

But then Dorothy said something to reassure him “I love you daddy!”

Also Dorothy had a little surprise for her parents.  She had taken a picture of the spot where Florian had proposed to Snow and had it framed.

Which of course they loved and inspired them to recreate parts of that night!

More exciting news, Bella was becoming a teenager!

She sparkled and shined into a beautiful teenager.

She was stunning and was sure to find the perfect prince, a perfect fit!

Bella, if you didn’t know, is our heir.  This means we have officially started generation 2!  The next post will be titled Bella Blanc, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 24)

  1. Congrats Snow! You’ve done well.

    I’m not very familiar with the Disney challenge, but that makes it More fun since I never know which decisions are to help the challenge and which are for the story. I love how the whole town is populated by Disney characters. Smee was perfect. Looking forward to reading about Bella next!


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