Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 23)

WIth her little boy gone she rushed over to his new house to check up on him.  He was at work so I guess she’ll have to come back.

Little Bella quickly became the houses resident cleaner.

“This house is so clean, do you think mom hired a housekeeper?”

It was time for Gigi to age up.

Gigi turned out to be a mini Snow even down to her color choices.

Such a cutie!

“Mommy I want to be just like you.”

With Harry moving out there was no need for the guest house.

So Snow and Florian tore it down and focused on remodeling the house a little.  They felt it was time for Sydney and Simone to have there own rooms.  The little girls however still had to share.

They gathered the girls in the kitchen to give them the good news.

Snow was on maternity leave and rather then stay in an empty house she went to visit Dorothy and Olivia.

Snow just couldn’t catch any of her kids at home.  But Olivia had some exciting news to share that made up for it.  She was planning on proposing to Dorothy!

After school Bella and Gigi started to figure out the rules of living together

“I have the room Tuesday, Fridays, and Sundays for playdates, you take Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Wednesday will be a no playdate day.”

Things with Simone and John were going great.  They talked everday.

Ezra and Sydney were still great friends, the best even.  He randomly came over just to show her a funny video.

She was comfortable being her complete self with Ezra.

And Ezra accpeted who she was and to be honest found it to be adorable.

 “You and Sydney should date!  You’re so much nicer then Ramrio”

 Something tells me Ezra agrees with Bella.

 Snow and mini Snow share a nice meal.

 And Simone takes a moment to realize just how much Snow does for this family.  She is the rock of this family and she can’t imagine life wothout her.

Will Olivia propose next time?  And will Ezra ever own up to his feelings for Sydney.

4 thoughts on “Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 23)

      1. Hahaha, that’s okay. They are models (and sisters). It’s just came to my mind because Gigi is quite unique name (I didn’t know it was an actual name for people until I heard about said model).


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