Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 22)

 It’s a beautiful day for a wedding….it’s WEDDING DAY!!!!

 Harry and Smee  agreed the Blancs home would be the perfect place for their wedding.  The guest started to arrive and took their seats.

 Sydnet figured it was a special occasion, mom and dad wouldn’t mind if I had a drink or 3.

 Florian wasn’t thrilled about the drink in Sydneys hand.  It seemd Ezra was a a little bothered by it too.

The wedding was just about to start.  Harry took a few minutes to himself.  Was he ready for this?

 The second he saw Smee there was no doubt in his mind that he was ready.

 I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

 “Son, I’m so proud of you.  My one piece of advice, your wife is always right even when she’s wrong.”

 “My sweet prince finally has his princess!  Just promise me you won’t forget this old queen”

“Not possible mom”

 Simone decided to visit the bar as well.  Florian did not like this one bit.

 Snow felt some dancing might take his mind of it.  Get down with your funky self Florian!

 Her and Ramiro hadn’t made anything official yet  so Sydney decided to ask Ezra to be her date.  She was happy to let loose and have a good time with her friend.

 Ramiro decide to crash the wedding anyway.

 And we all know what happens when Sydney starts drinking

 Mom and dad were busy on the dance floor, they wouldn’t mind if Sydney borrowed their bed for a little bit.  They be done before anyone would notice she’s gone.

 Unfortunately someone noticed.

 “We’re sister in laws now, sister in laws keep secrets.  Please don’t tell my parents or my brother”

 Simone was being more innocent then her big sister and keep it to just flirting with John.

 Hey Harry, don’t you think you should be dancing with your wife, not her best friend?

 After what just happend Sydney needed another drink.  Bella and Harry started to be a little concerned too.

 Everyone was having a good time.

 And the cute couple snuck in a sweet moment on the dance floor

 This is a dancing family!

 Smee caught a glimpse of Snow and Florian being adorable.  She hoped her and Harry would still have that fire after so many year together.

 The happy couple danced all night long.

 Neither noticed Tinkerbelle starting at them.  I’m thinking she was wishing them happy thoughts.

 After the wedding the couple went home to their new home.  Well new for Harry.  The couple decided to live with Smee’s father, Hook (or the Captain as he prefers to be called).  He was getting older and Smee couldn’t bear leaving him alone.

 “Thank you for tonight Harry, and thank you for agreeing to move in here.  I know leaving your family will be hard but I’ll be there to help make it easier.”

 Smee was excited to show Harry his new house, one room in particular.

 “I love you Mr. Blanc”

“I love you Mrs. Blanc”

 Good night sweet prince!

As we say good bye to one, maybe we’ll say hello to another next time.  Stick around to see.

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