Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 21)

 Ramiro and Sydney were spending a lot of time.

 However right now it was just as friends.  She was exploring things with Leland and Ramiro did makeout with her sister.

Speaking of Dorothy she invited her sisters over.  She wanted to show them her new place.

 The girls were quite impressed.  Their house looked like a grass hut in comparision.  Sydney wondered if Dorothy would let her borrow her house for her date with Leland later.

 Dorothy had to go to work and said it would be fine.

 Leland made Sydney forget about Ramiro.

 But she needed a little something else to help.

 Dorothy had such a big bar she wouldn’t notice if a few bottles were a little lighter.

The drinks made her forget, it also made her a little frisky.

 And Dorothy did have so many bedrooms.

 It be a shame to let them go to waste.

 Back at home Snow and Florian were having a sweet private moment.

 Then it was time for baby number 6 to make her appearance.  Yes that’s right they had another girl.  They named her Gigi.

 Florian missed having a baby in his arms.

 “I need to tell someone and I know you won’t tell anyone.  I messed around with Leland….and umm it wasn’t great.  I don’t think it’s going anywhere with him.

 Sydney was happy to finally have some clarity and was able to get back to playing.  Not to mention to soothed baby Gigi.

 Soon the Blancs will be needing a bigger table again.  Breakfast was getting crowded.

 Having ended things with Leland Sydney had more time to spend with her friend Ezra.

 Things were so easy with Ezra.  It was so nice being just friends with a guy.  To be able to hang out without having those butterflies or worry about whether hes kissed your sister.

 Of course in walks Ramiro.

 He quickly swoops in and steals Sydney away for a chat…

 …in private.

 Sydney was confused.  Ramiro was flirting with her.  Real, hardcore flirting.

 Before she knew it they were making out, hardcore making out.

 Big things were happening for Harry too.  Not only  was he getting married soon but he also got a job.  Someone had to pay for the wedding.

 Looking for a mother of the bride dress might be difficult because Snow was pregnant again.

When will baby 7 number make their debut, hopefully not too soon.  We have a wedding up next!

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