Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 2)

 Snow’s life was looking good.  She was on her own for the first time and she was doing it.  Not to mention she was head over heels for a guy, who she was pretty sure felt the same.  Snow was going over to Florian’s after work to make sure.

 “Florian I know we’ve only known each other for a short time but I’m falling for you, hard.  I’m going for what I want and what I want is you”

 It seems like Snow is getting what she wanted!

 So did Florian 🙂

 Woohoo always makes Snow hungry

 The next  few days Snow wasn’t feeling great.  It was just one time surely she couldn’t be pregnant…I think it’s time to call Florian.

 “Florian, I have somthing to tell you…”

 “…I’m pregnant!”

 I guess he took that better then I thought.  Snow decided to keep things moving and invited Florian to move in with her.

 Things were going so well the couple was able to afford some more walls and a roof!  I mean a baby was on the way.  Even without Seasons (come on EA) a baby needed a roof over their head.

 Snow couldn’t believe how her life was turning out.  So many wonderful changes and another huge one would be here in 9 months!

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