Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 11)

 Snow and Florian really have great kids.  They all get along.  They do well in school and never complain about doing homework. So they like to let their kids have freedom to roam around town.

 One of their favorite places is the park.  Harry has developed quite a talent for chess, also a talent for picking up the ladies (if he only had any clue)!

 Dorothy was still trying to figure out how Olivia felt about her.  She made sure to spend a lot of time together.

 Simone was cool just hanging by herself, quite literally.

 Harry decided to take a different way home and ran into a new girl in town.  Her name was Samantha but everyone in her old town called her Smee.

 Harry didn’t know when it got so warm out and it felt like he had butterflies trapped in his stomach.  Could our young Prince be getting his first crush?

 Speaking of stomachs, Snow’s was huge.  She learned that date night was a little more special then they had thought.  She was pregnant with baby number 5.

 She nervously went to tell Florian.  As you remember he’s not great with baby reactions.

 This time he got it right…

 …really really right!

 Snow wanted to tell Dorothy first since she was the oldest and would have the most responsiblity once the new baby was here.  In classic Dorothy style she wasn’t thrilled.

 Snow figured this would be a good time to have the Woohoo talk with Dorothy.  Little did she know Sydney was listening in.

“And then the man’s …..”

 Harry quickly distracted her.

 Dorothy couldn’t believe she was talking about this with her mom.  Good think she didn’t mention Olivia to her.

 Harry was doing a great job of distracting Sydney.  He showed her a picture of the girl he met today…

 …the lovely Smee.  I think our boy is in love.

 Good thing Snow didn’t catch him practicing his kissing moves or they’d be having a not so fun talk.

 Like I said they really were good kids!

 And they loved each other so much.  Impromtu dance party!

 “Everybody stop, it’s dad.”

 You shake your groove thing Florian!

 With the Woohoo conversation fresh on her mind, Dorthy felt it was time to tell Olivia how she felt.

“Olivia I know we’ve been friends for a long time but I think I like you more then just friends”

 Then she made her move.

 It seems maybe Olivia felt the same way.

 Reading all the signs, Dorothy went in for a kiss.

Is this the start of a budding romance or a road to disaster?  Find out next time.

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