Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 13)

 Snow and Florian welcomed their fifth child, a beautiful baby girl Bella!

 She was instantly loved….

 …very loved.

 There was something very special about this little girl.

 After 5 kids Snow was thinking it was about time to hit the gym and get rid of the baby weight.  She wasn’t ruling out more kids but the likelyhood of anymore was slim.

 It seemed someone else was interested in her slimming down to.

“I’ll be done with the machine in a few minutes”

 “No rush, I’m just enjoying the view.”

At first Snow liked the attention (who doesn’t want to feel attractive) but it was starting to get a little creepy.

 She had to let her new friend down gently.  She explained she was happily married with 5 kids.  Though Snow did nothing wrong she didn’t want Florian hearing about her new admirer.  Of course it’s a small town and news travels fast.

 Dorothy decided it was time to confront Olivia and find out where they stood.

“Olivia I need to know what are we?  I mean I like you, and the way you were kissing me the other day, I thought you felt the same.  But I feel like you’ve been avoiding me”

 Dorothy did not like the answer she got.

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be more then friends, Dorothy.”

Dorothy was crushed.

 Meanwhile everyone was under Bella’s spell.  Sydney loved just holding her.

 Harry loved making her laugh

 Even Dorothy was under her spell.

 With everything that happened with Olivia, Dorothy found a hug from Bella made it hurt a little less.

 Simone was counting down the days until she’d have another kid around to play with.  Live was strange in this house full of teenagers.

 Just because there was a new baby in the house didn’t mean home work was ignored.

 Also we had to work on our skills.  Sydney definitely inherited her fathers chin, which really helped while holding up her violin.

 Snow loved to listen to Sydney while she painted.  Afterall Sydney was her only child to take an interest in the arts like her.

 To get her mind off Olivia, Dorothy went to the musuem.  She ran into Ramiro on the way.

 Their hands brushed each other by accident, she didn’t mind at all.  The way Ramiro was staring at her she wondered how much of an accident it was.  For a moment she forgot all about Olivia.

 Unfortunately that was short lived because Dorothy ran into Olivia in the museum.  It was awkward and Dorothy wondered if things would ever be normal between them.

What’s in store for our eldest and why did Olivia really decide friendship was better?  Also will Bella age up soon?  Find out next time.

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