Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 10)

 Our little family is not so little anymore and neither is their house.

 Dont you hate waking up having to pee so bad it hurts.

 What’s even worse is there’s someone in the first bathroom and you have to waddle all the way to the other bathroom.

 And then you’re interupted.  It just wasn’t Snows morning.

 Dorothy wanted to spend some extra time with Olivia.  She wasn’t sure about these feelings she was having.  All she knew was she was excited to explore them.

 Olivia wasn’t very helpful about expressing her feelings.  Dorothy just couldn’t figure out if Olivia liked her or LIKED her.

 What better way to let out your fustration then by being a sea monster.

 Harry decided to go to the park as well and ran into a friend of his.

“Why hi Mrs. Robinson…I didn’t see you there”

 Harry thought Mrs. Robinson sure is friendly and likes to hug.  We’re hugs supposed to last this long?

 Olivia walked Dorothy home.  Dorothy was hoping to get a kiss but only got a hug, which left her still confused on where she stoof with Olivia.

 Snow was not pregnant for what seems like the first time since she met Florian.  She wanted to have a drink, so she decided to ask the cutest guy she knew, her husband, to the local lounge.

 They decided to pretend not to know each other to make things interesting.

“Excuse me is this seat taken?”

 “I’m Snow.  I just moved her and I don’t know anyone.”

“Well the name’s Florian and now you know me”

 “I’d sure love to get to know you better”

 They took this date to somewhere a little more private.

“Is it hot in here or is it just you!”

 They capped off the evening with some sweet dance move.  (They are so cute I can’t stand it)

 “How do you like the town so far Miss Snow?”

“I’m loving it, one part of it in particular”

 I’d say the date went pretty well.

 Good thing Harry has a wall there or what he’d be watching would definitely not be PG rated.

 Finally he realized the noises he was hearing weren’t coming from the tv. He went to distract himself and possibly drown his ears so he’d never be able to hear that again!

 Dorothy had plesant dreams about Olivia.

 I’ll always love underwear hugs!

 Florian didn’t know wy but he felt like Harry was ignoring him.  Maybe it was time to have the woohoo talk with him.

 Look at those little kids up there.  I can’t believe how much they are growing up.

Find out who’s next to grow up next time.

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