Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc (Part 1)

 …It’s a beautiful day for starting over!  Finally she’s free from her evil stepmother.  Time to live her life the way she wants to.  What perfect way to start then on a giant piece of land.

“All this land just for me!  I can imagine my 2 kids running around all this land”  poor Snow has no idea what’s in store for her

 If Snow’s going have those 2 kids :::hahaha::::: she better get started making that money.  She may have grown up with many things but Snow doesn’t need much to be happy.  However meeting some people would be nice.

“I guess there are no people here.  Maybe they are in the front.”

 And just like that Snow’s life is about to change again.  Because today is the day she meets her Prince Charming.  He also goes by Florian!

 “Play it cool Snow, don’t let him think you’re too into him.  Just go inside and ignore him”

 Yeah that’s not happening Snow.  Look at that smile.  How could a girl resist.

 Snow and Prince…I mean Florian totally hit it off.  They quickly become the closest of friends.  Better watch out Snow, it seems Bella Goth has her eye on him too.

 It’s a new day better start it of right with some yogurt.

“You know who probably likes yogurt, Florian.  I should call him…No to needy, don’t be that girl.  But he’s adorbable and Bella did have her eye on it.  I’m going to call him, no, yes, no”

Needless to say this went on all day.  She did call him to come over…

 …10 hours later!

 And she really didn’t like how Bella was looking at him…

 …so she made her move

It went well!

 Snow seems to be doing really well on her own.  And maybe soon it won’t be just her on this big lot!

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