Disney Legacy: Snow Blanc – All About Harry (Part 19)

 With so many changes lately it was only fair that the house got a little change too.

 It was time to give the older girls some space and add some bathrooms.

 The biggest change was Harry got his own little pad.  Snow couldn’t bear to let another one of her birdies fly away so she figured this would keep Harry home for a while.

 Harry loved his new space.

 But he missed his family and would often eat breakfast with them like old times.

 Florian wanted Harry to earn his keep, so he put him to work around the house.

 But of course there was time for Smee.  There was always time for Smee!

 Harry couldn’t wait to show her his new place.

 Smee was so excited for Harry and for the fact they had a private place just fro them…

 …really really excited!

 Smee thought it was time to introduce Harry to one of her closest friends.  She asked him to join her the next time she went to visit her friend Tinkerbelle.

 Maybe this wasn’tthe greatest idea.

 Tinkerbelle snuck in glances at Harry when Smee wasn’t looking.  She seemed to have taken a liking to him.

 “Harry could you help me, my drain is clogged and I need someone with strong hands to get it working just right”

 “Gee Tinkerbelle the sink looks like it working fine….oh”

 Harry quickly found Smee

“I was just fixing a pipe honest”

 We’ll have to keep an eye on little miss Tinkerbelle, she’s going to cause trouble.

 After the whole thing with Tinkerbelle Harry thought what him and Smee needed was a good date.

 Harry couldn’t believe a girl like Smee loved a guy like him.

 He’d never love another the way he loved her.  And he wanted to make sure he’d be the only one loving her for a long time.

 “Smee will you be my first mate for life”

 Of course she excepted!

 “Time to plan our wedding, we’ll need a place and I’ll need a dress.  Of course Tinkerbelle will be my maid of honor.  I hope you like her because she’ll be around so much helping me with the wedding.  It kinda be like you’re dating both of us, hahaha”

 Harry told his family the good news.  Simone wanted to know what color her dress would be.

 Sydney was so happy for her big brother.  Smee was a lucky girl.

 The person he was most excited to tell was Snow.  Harry was and will always be Snows little prince and he only deserved the best.  Luckily she loved Smee and knew she’d take care of her baby.

Time to plan a wedding, find out next time how it goes.

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