Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 9)

Things were going great with Sydney and Ezra.  They were spending a lot of time at his place even though his roomates were always around.

Luckily they were cool about Sydney always being over.

His roomie Chelsa even let them use her bed.  Ezra only had a a twin bed which made woohooing a bit complicated and painful.

He was saving up for a bigger bed, because honestly the sunflowers were a bit creepy.

Sydney let Ezra sleep since he’s been working over time to save money.  She had a big urge to dance so she let loose in his room.

Sydney hit up the gym a few days later.  She’d been feeling kind of sluggish and tired.

She thought a good workout would help energize her.

“I hate to break it to you sis, but you may be pregnant.  I felt just like you at the beginning of my pregnancy.”

She barely made it to the bathroom before she got sick.  After that she knew what Simone said was true, she was pregnant.

The first person she wanted to tell was Ezra but he was out on assignment.  So she went home to share the good news.

Snow was thrilled.  She loved being a grandma!

Bella wanted to make a special pie for Sydney to celebrate which meant she needed to tend to her garden.

Poor Sydney, this baby was doing a number on her stomach.

Ezra finally came over and it was time to tell him the news.

Ezra couldn’t believe it.  He was so happy.

“What do you think about me moving in here with you until the baby’s born?  I’ve been saving a lot and if I didn’t have to keep paying rent I could save enough for us to get our own place.”

It was Bella’s first day cleaning Dr. Facilier’s house.  She was so nervous and excited she had to tell someone.

When she got there Dr. Facilier was ready and waiting.

“Let’s get this started, the living room is a mess and then you can start dinner.”

Bella thought this wasn’t so bad.

She could do without the Dr. watching her every move.

She quickly finished cleaning and got dinner on the table.

She was extremely surprised when the Dr. asked her to join him for dinner.  They ate in silence but he still asked her to join him, that was something.

She took out the trash and her first day was over.  To her it was a big success.  She couldn’t wait until she could come back.  It was like the house had a pull on her, almost like magic.

We haven’t seen much of Dina, so her’s a shot of her drawing some pictures for her wall.

Also here’s the wall of pictures of the kids as teens (they needed to add one of Gigi).  They grow up so fast.

The only good thing so far about being pregnant was Sydney could eat as much as she wanted.  Being a foodie though meant she was very picky about the quality.

Florian and Snow were sharing a sweet moment in the front yard.

They were so enveloped with each other they didn’t notice Ezra getting abducted in the backyard!

“Ummmm, Sydney, Florian….anybody….help!?!”

Will anyone notice that Ezra is gone?

Check in next time.

One thought on “Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 9)

  1. Ooh, an abduction! What if he gets pregnant!? I love that your keeping up with all the kids. It’s nice to see their own fairytale lives even if they’re not the main focus.


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