Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 7)

Simone sent her parents a special gift.  She had capture a sweet moment of them on the spot where they got married.  Snow and Florian loved it with all their hearts and proudly displayed.

Bella had gotten a gift, sort of, too.  Her parents knew how much she loved to cooked and thought she’d like her own garden to grow ingredients.  They set it up right off the kitchen.

She loved her new garden.  Bella quickly got to work.

But just becaue she had a new garden didn’t mean she’d slack off with her housework.

Florian decided to give fishing a try.  He had this great stream right outside his house he figured he should take advantage of it.

Snow was upset about Simone leaving, she gave a lot of attention to her girls that were still in the house.

Speaking of kids.  We finally had a picture of all of them.  It seems like forever ago when they were all kids.  Now 3 are married and one has a baby…

….actually there was going to be another baby, Simone was pregnant!

Sydney knew her parents worried about her, still living at home, not married while her brother and sisters were off starting families.  But Sydney loved where she was.  Her and Ezra were happy, she was first chair violin in the Sim House Orchestra and she loved this house.  Nothing needed to change.

Florian however was praying to the gods that Sydney would move out soon.

Bella finally had interest in her maid for hire.  She was meeting her first potential client today.

His name was Dr. Facilier.

Bella was very nervous, she flubbed her words and couldn’t remember the names of any cleaning products.   The Dr. was very quiet and kind of stand offish which made Bella evenmore nervous.

She tried to lighten the mood with a joke.  The Dr. didn’t laugh.

“I will let you know when I’ve made my decision” Bella left pretty sure she wouldn’t get the job and that she’d never see the Dr. again.  She was kinda sad about that for some reason.

Dorothy wanted to discuss something very important with Olivia. “I think we should adopt a child”

Olivia loved the idea and Dorothy got on the computer right away to find the perfect little boy (growing up with so many girls she wanted a change).

A few days later Dorothy and Olivia welcomed their son Arvin home.

Unfortunately the timing was awful because that same day both Olivia’s parents passed away.

Olivia pleaded that they be spared but Grimmy was in no mood to listen.

Dorothy did her best to console her wife.

And new son.

Bella was at one of her favorite spots gardening when she got a call from the Dr.  He said she could start Monday.

Someone had a bit of inspiration.

The new painting was perfect for the kitchen! So much more next time!

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