Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 6)

Snow got a call from Harry, Smee had the baby!  Snow rushed right over to meet her grandchild, she was in such a rush she didn’t ask what they had.

“Congratulations honet, wow you look great for just having a baby”

Snow was overjoyed to learn they had a girl who they named Tasha!

It was love at first sight.  Snow got to thinking how much she missed having a baby in her arms.

Simone after being grounded and with John working so much finally got in some time with her boyfriend.  John wanted to meet at the spot their spot.  He seemed kinda nervous….

…that’s because he decided he couldn’t stand not seeing Simone for so long and wanted to see her everday for the rest of his life.

“A princess cut, about 1 and half carots, clear with a nice sparkle”

“Ugh Simone is that a yes?”

It was!

“I’m going to throw you in the river for leaving me hanging there”

They had wanted to get married at the museum, only problem was that it was only available right away.  So they decided why not get married right away.

Luckily the family was all available and had gotten their dresses back from the dry cleaners.  Oh and of course it wouldn’t be a Blanc wedding without Ramiro.

They were super adorable saying their vows, even if John messed them up a little.

Simone coulnd’t believe how lucky she was.  John was a good, sweet, kinda dorky guy who loved her more then anything.

Bella was thinking maybe her luck was about to change.

 However Bella wasn’t the one Ramiro wanted to get lucky with.

Once the cermony was over it was time to get the party started.  Hugs from the proud mama.

This time Ramrio sat Sydney down to talk.  He realized that he needed her in his life, even if it was just as a friend.  What game are you playing Ramrio, be careful Syd.

The girls were tearing up the dancefloor.  Such little twinsies!

Tinkerbelle was invited to the wedding, being John’s niece. Harry being a guy and not cathing on that Tinkerbelle was flirting with him was happy to see her.  Smee not so much.  She was getting tired of her best friend hitting on her husband.

“Dorothy, isn’t thie place amazing!  I mean have you ever seen such a beautiful wedding…oh I mean yours at your house that was nice too”

Of couse it woulnd’t be a Blanc wedding without dancing.  The family that dances together, stays together.

Sydney was relived that her and Ramiro could be just friends.  It was like old times.

Snow and Florian sneaking in a little kiss.

“Right over there is where we had our wedding, remember?  I wonder if it’s changed”

They took a walk over there to find out.

Looks like nothing has changed

SImone was worried when she couldn’t found her parents.  She found them down near the lak perfectly safe.  She couldn’t help but watch how in love her parents were.  She wished that her and John would have that same fairy tale love.

Back on the dance floor, Ramiro was focus on another Blanc for a change.

Bella didn’t mind the attention at all.

Simon wanted to get started on the fairy tale right away.

“Here’s my number like you asked.” “Maybe we should keep this on the downlow for now, it can be our little secret”

John had a surprize for Simone, he had bought them a house!

They figured they should get started on filling this new house! Another little bird has left the nest.  Who’d next?  Plus does Ramiro really care about Bella or is he just doing this to get close to Sydney, find out next time.

One thought on “Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 6)

  1. I have trouble trusting Ramiro. I think even if he’s not up to no good, he’s still kind of no good for the Blanc girls. At least not unless he changes.


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