Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 5)

Snow enjoyed a not so quiet breakfast with her 2 youngest girls.  She couldn’t help thinking how cute they were arguing over who was the better princess, Gigi said Anna and Dina said Elsa.

Sydney was feeling good after last night, so good she was able to wolf down a piece of leftover birthday cake.

Simone not so much.  She was ready to smash that violin into pieces.  Did Sydney really need to practice now.

A quick run on the treadmill was sure to get Simone feeling better.  Sweat out all the alcohol.

Guess what was Dorothy and Olivia’s wedding day!

Dorothy needed a picture of the only man in her life.  This was going straight to instagram, hashtag adoable.

“Dorothy told me Ramiro was going to be here today.  Are you going to be ok?  If you want me to run interference for you I can.  I mean if I have to dance with him, I will, for you of course”

Ramiro did show up, the way he’s looking at Sydney makes me think he’s not here to see the brides.

It was getting dark and the ceremony would be starting soon.  Mr and Mrs. Spencer-Lewis were more then happy to host their little girls wedding.  And they’ve come to think of Dorothy as a second daughter.

Here comes the bride and her entourage.

“Oh my god, I’m getting married.  I can’t do this!”

But the second Dorothy saw Olivia walk down that aisle all her nerves were gone.

“I promise to love and cherish you all the days of my life, and to always give you the last piece of chocolate cake”

Dorothy and Olivia have just started their happily ever after.

Of course Florian couldn’t keep his eyes off the vision that was Snow.

Hugs for mom are a must.

Speaking of not being able to keep their eyes off of someone, Bella wasn’t doing the best job of hiding her feelings for Ramiro.  Luckily Sydney was distracted by the chocolate fountain.

Once again staring at his wife.  Florian was admiring one of his wifes best assets 😉

Sydney tried to talk to Ramiro.  She wanted them to really try and be friends.

But he just ignored her.

Thankfully the bar was fully stocked.  She needed some luqiud courage.

Because she was going to talk to him whether he liked it or not.

Bella saw the determination in Sydney’s eyes.  Part of her worried that maybe she was going to try and get back together with Ramiro.

Ramiro was hoping the same thing.  Getting back together with Ramiro was the last thing Sydney wanted.  She just wanted to be friends or at least be able to be in the same room together.

“Sydney I miss you so much.  I think you’re the one.  I love you!  Give me another chance”

“Ramiro you don’t love me, you flirt with other girls, including my sister, and make out with a stranger right after we break up.  I’m sorry I hurt you but we don’t work together.  We never have and we never will!”

Once again Ramiro was heartbroken.  Who will help heal his heart this time, the Goth girl was out of town.

Another Blanc wedding and another great party.  The brides were knocked out.

Is there another wedding on the horizon and is Ramiro finally done with the Blanc girls, find out next time.

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