Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 4)

Simone got a call from her boyfriend, man she loved that word, to invite her to a date in the park.

“I picked this spot because it’s as beautiful as you are Simone”

Simone had really picked a good one.

They didn’t even noticed that they had been sitting on that bench for hours.  The only reason they got up was the park ranger telling them to leave.

Not a problem hanging out in front of John’s house worked just as well.  But they figured they should do something more then just standing there.

Did I mention they liked to kiss….

…a lot.

It was getting pretty chilly so John suggest they warm up in side.

“Wendy!!  Can you please get out of my room!”

No back to the warming up.

They fell asleep and Simone missed her curfew.  Florian was quite mad at her and grounded her until her birthday in a few days.  John would have to wait to see his sweet Simone again.

Things were hot and heavy for the other Blanc sister.

Sydney and Ezra were really liking this whole couple thing.  They loved the kissing and the flirting…

and the fist pumping!

They were both ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Sydney had experience in this area and to be honest so did Ezra.  But the two of them together was unlike anything they had ever experienced.

Right then and there they knew they were both in it forever.  (PS they are one of my favorite couples)

We haven’t seen much of the little kids, so let’s check in on them.  Gigi had become quick friends with her bear Grumpy even if he was never in a good mood.

With the addition of the backyard, Snow and Florian got the girls a jungle gym.  Dina and Gigi spent hours “monkeying around” on them.

Snow liked it to because it gave her some new inspiration for her paintings.

it was finally Simone’s birthday!

Snow and Florian may have celebrated a little too much.

Just because it was a celebration didn’t mean Bella slacked off on her cleaning responsblities.

Sydney realized that Simone was no longer grounded and of age so they should go out to celebrate.  Plus Dorothy was getting married soon so it could be like a bachelorette party.

Dorothy made it but it seemed she had been pregaming at home.

“Yeah drinks!!!  I’m getting married!!!!”

Sydney and Simone loved seeing this side of their big sister.

The Blanc sisters were ready to tear this place up!

And tear that did.

“John, John, John you’re soooooo cute and I’m sooooo drunk”

Look who made it out, big brother Harry.

“Hey there big papa you a daddy yet?”

“Not yet, Smee said I was driving her crazy and told me to come meet you guys”

“Harry, I’m DRUNK…shhhhh, don’t tell dad”

No one can say the Blanc siblings don’t know how to party.

Simone noticed Tinkerbelle was inching her way over to her brother.  She quickly let Harry know.

“Don’t worry sis, I love my wife.  Nothing is ever going to happen there.”

Harry wasn’t the only one running into people that night.  Leland showed up, once again trying to put the moves on Sydney.

But Sydney was 100% commited to Ezra and made sure Leland knew that.

The girls dance the night away and closed out the bar.

Happy Birthday little Simone!

Nothing better then grilled cheese when you’re drunk.

Sydney however went right to bed.

And then Simone still being drunk, forgot where her room was and wondered into Sydneys room.

Good night my sweet party girls.  I’m sure mommy and daddy will wake you up extra early to hear about your night.

We have another wedding coming up!

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